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Special Council Meeting

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The rcading of the minutes of the last meeting were dispensad with. E. E. Beal, !ity treasurer elect, presented his bond in the Bum of $80,000, with the following sureties: Ilere a kink occuned, and the bond was referred back to Beal for correction. By Aid. Wines that the Ann Arbor Savings bank charge up interest at the rate of 5 26-100 per cent. on daily bal anees for all moneys advanced, and deduct the Bame f rom whatever money that may be due tbe city from said bank for interest due upon city balances. Carried. By Aid. Herz, that. A. J. Sawyer, agent, be notifled to lay the sidewalk, 13 feet in width, in front of the opera house in accordance to our city regulations, which requires stone upou that portion of Main street. Carried. City attorney Kinne boïv made bis appearance, and being called upon, stated that the bond of E. E. Beal was not drawn in accordance with the statutes, and advised the council not to accept it. This sally brought Mr. Beal tn bis feet, and he attempted to show that he had complied with the law. The city attorney retorted, and then read the law bearing ou the subject. II F.HE IT IS. Public acts, session of 1885, and approved June 10, page 244, sec. 179: Ilereafter no bond required by law to be signed by suretey or sureties, shall hereafter be received and accepted or approved by any offlcer or other nerson or board whose duty it is or may be to accept or approve of any such bond unless the surety or sureties signing such bond, sball flrst have justified their pecumary responsibilities, under their signature, in writiup, endorsed on said bond or attached thereto. And before any such bond shall be received and approved or accepted, the justification of the sureties thereof, shall, in the aggregate, equal the penal sum of the bond, and show that the sureties thereof are worth on unencumbered property not exempt from execution under the laws of this state the penal sum thereof, after payment of all just debts, claims and liabilities. Sec. 2.- Such oatli of justifloation shall be administered by some offlcer, authorized by law to administer oaths, and any person knowingly or willf ully making any false statement of hia pecuniary responsibility in such justiftcation, shall beguilty of perjury, and liable upon conviction thereof, to the penalty of per jury. tíeo. 3. - Any person or persons receiving and accepting or approving such bond, without such justification, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall further be liable for all damages that may be sustained or incurred by any person, bv reason of such detective bond beiug accepted or approved. The recorder was instructed to draw a warrant for $500, payable to Peter Cary, when he complied with a resolution regarding the old O'Neil property. NOTES. It will be seen from the reading of the law that the council of 1886 were guilty of a misdemeanor, and oan be held responsible for whatever shortage there may be in the funds of the city.


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