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Real Estate Transfers

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Francia Archer to Mary f Archer, city, $900. Chas. H. Niles to Wm. Day, Augusta, $&io. Peter Frey to Louia Bruns, Sharon, 81,000. Albert Sorg to Juliana Sorg, city, 87,000. Mary Archer to Henry Cornwell, city, $1,800. Henriette Ottmeir to J, II. Ottmeir, city, f600. Wm. P. Groves to Albert Gardner, city, $500. Geo. S. Holmes to C.has. Kingsley, Salem, $1,000. Kachel Ring to Alfred C. Smith, Augusta, $400. Thos.IHighland to C. Highland, Salem, $2,950Rachel Ring to Alfred O. Smith, Augusta, $400. Jas. M . Ilill (by executor) to U. F. Hill, Scio, $1,500. Henry Steinbach to Jacob Steinbaoh, Lima, $2,100. Jno. Geddes to Thos. Martin, Ypsilanti city, $940. Phillip Seyfried to Ferdinand Winkauf, city, $400. G. and E. Luick to Fredricka Widenmann, city, $796. N. E. Sutton to Geo. F. Wurster, Northfield, $1,600. S. H. Adama to Mary L. Crookston, Ann Arbor, $7,000. J. D. lrish (by sheriff) to Geo. O. Page executor, city, $859. Eobt. George to Cornelius B. Carr, Manchester, $3,600. Emma E. Jenness to Ellen B. Tuttle, Ypsilanti city, $800. Lee L. Forsyth (by admin.) to Chas. H. Merrett, Augusta, $525. Jas. McManon to .1. and E. Seckenger, Manchester village, $525. Burnett Bteinbach to II. and A . C. Steinbach, Lima, $2,100. Alice Donagan, guardián, to Ellen Donegan, Northfield, $1,050. Nicholas Cordary to Herman and Minnie Krug, Ypsilanti, $625. Jas. and Mary Hutchison to F. D. and Clara Rathfon, Ypsilanti city, $1,700. Jas. P. Bush to Burnett land Ada Steinbach, Chelsea village, $1,200. Susan A. Granger to Fred. J. Sohleede, property on State street, ci ty, $2,000.