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It is reported in Topeka that Mayor Metsker will appoint Mrs. M. E. DeGeer, the well-known female lawyer, as pólice judge. Mrs. A. M. Holloway has been awarded the contract to clean the streets of Bufïalo, N. Y., for five years, for $447,000. Dr. Alice B. Stockham, of Chicago, ia making a special etl'urt to have a large exhibit of literary work by women, at the Interstate exhibition at Chicago. Mrs. C. L. Roddy is the inventor of many devices used in kindergarten work. Just now she is superintending the manufacture, at Springfleld, of 500 models of a kindergarten slate. Victor Hugo said: "The nineteeiith ceutury belongs to woman. In the twentieth centuiy, war, the scafïold, hatred, royalty and dogma will have died out; but man will live." Dr. Fanny Dickinson, of Chicago, is the first physician of the gentier sex to be admitled as a member of the International medical congress, at Washington. Her specialty is distases of the eye. Mrs. Ada M. Bittenbender was nominated by the Nebraska prohibition conyention as their candidate for district judge. Mrs. Bittenbender is a member of the Lincoln bar, and much esteemed . Queen Victoria has presented Miss Agneta Bamsey, the senior classic at Cambridge university, with her royal portrait, in nppreciation of the high honor gained by Miss Bamsey in the recent examinations. The Pennsylvania prohibifory convention, at Harrisburg, declared that "American women should be clothed with legal power, their rightful due, to practically and efliciently defend 'home and native land' with their ballota." The higher edncation of women Is not lessening their fitness to be mothers of the next generation ; it is furnishing the mothers of the race to be, with the education and culture whicli will make the training of the generation worthy of its origin. Miss Hcnrietta Brooke Davis, injthe Nineteenth Century, advises the establishment, by women, of a college in whioh the duties of the household, the art of cooking, etc, may be taught. The great advantage of tliis will be that it will raise the standard of domestic service. All the training-school sfor nurseB in Philadelphia are free. This is one profession for woman that is not overcrowded, and wuere women can earn good wages. The chief qualifioations are good health, good temper, general intelligence, and a fair commonschool education. Dr. Elizabeth Beat ty, of Indore, sent out by the Presbyterian church in Can ada as a medical missionary, has treated over 6,000 patients in the past twelve months, and thinks a hospital and training-school for Hindoo women would make thousands of converts to Christianity. Mrs. Fairbanks addressed the Conference of charities and corrections at lts session in Omaha, Neb. , August 29, on the subject of work among children. She presented a paper by Mrs. F. H. Pierce, of Davenport, Ia., emphasizing the value of kindness with children, especially young girls, and above all, working-girls. The new York correspondent of the Chicago Tribune sorrowfully admits that the prohibitionists will poll more votes in the Empire state than the new united labor party. The great bulk of the prohibition strengt h is made up of recruits from tbe republisan party. Out of over 1,000 delegates at the recent state oonvention there were only 134 exdemocrats. The correspondent of the Tribune frankly confesses that in his opinión the republioan party will suffer more from the temperance movement than the democratio will from theQeorge crusade. He says that the situation in the great pivotal state of tbe Union is not a whit more hopeful for his party than it was when Hill carried it by 11,000. Venly, the loud boasts of our over-sanguine republican friends are mere empty vaporings, signifying nothing. A mau who committed suicide wrote a letter to his wife: "1 am going to a country where red headed women are never seen." She was so mad she would not attend the funeral.


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