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The "Equitation" or officers' riding school in Hanover, Germany, is probably the most complete institution of its kind in the world, and it is mainly owing to its thoroughness tliat the liglit cavalry of the Gorman Army is so efficiƫnt in the field. The best rider in each cavalry regiment is, upon recommendation of his Colonel, sent there for a period of three years, and, being already a good rider when he goes, returns to his regiment at the end of that time a most acomplished one, and renders valuable servico to the riding classes of his corps. An ofiicer at the "Equitation" rides four or five horses a day, and, as these are continually changed, he becomes familiar with every vice known among horses. Particular attention is given to the breaking in of "romounts" or young horses dnstined to the cavnlry service, and tho offioers nsually find their rolaxation in steeple chases and "paper liunts," wherein Colonel Tfcoseuberg, who was in charge of the "Equitation" for a long time, earned the repntnlion of being perhapa the most admirabui horsoman in Germany. Riding is very well taught at West Poiut, but it scems a pity that officers assigued to cavalry regiments do not receive a special training that would enable them to raise the standard of horsemanship in tlieir braich of the servic. The lates Information about BImarck's plans Is that he lias 400,000 men within striking distante of the Holland frontier, ready at the eisnnl to march over and annex that country, with its colouisi to Qermanv.


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