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Italian Marriages

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From London Society. They ar proliflo people. To be ohildless ia regarded an intenso calamity; and no matter how shallcw the purse, no new corner is welcomed other than with smiles and gladness. Now, is it possible that a people so honie-loving, so aflectionate, so fond of offspring, shonld be so depraved, so immoral, aa we habitually depict them? We hare too long looked upon oue side only ol the Italian charaoter; it is high timo wo learned to know the other. Another favorito idea of ours is that the Italians never make love marriages. No doubt their marriages, like those of tho French, are often arranged by the parents;but, nnlike those of the French, as a rule a veto of choice is left to tho young people, and if we could collect seatistics upon the point, I am inclined to think that we should find that the proportion of these marriages, founded upon a groundwork of leason and social compatibility , which turn out well s asgreat as, if not greuter than, that of our marriages founded on youthf ui caprice and unreason.


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