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The People of Lake Coanty Wild With Excitement Over the Disoovery af the Eighth Wonder of th World. T. HefTernan, Bala win, llich. : I have had rheumatism all overmy body and limbs for two years. Havo doctored with sorae of the most eminent phvsicians in (rand Rapids :also snent three months in ' the Reed City Hospital: during the time I ■ was unable to go up or down stairs most i of the time. 1 sufïered terribly. By your ! advice ] began taking Hibbard's ' matic Syrup, and from the first it seemed to touch every place in my body, ; effectiDg my hole system. I at once began to improve; have taken four bottles and am entirely cured. I believe it to be the greatest medicine in the world for a family ruinedy. Yours truly, July 20, 1SS7. KOwx. Every word of the above is trne and the man is never done talking about your medicine and the wondert il cure it has efïeeted. Yours respectfu ly, T. IIeffkrnas. Hibbard'8 Rheumatic Syrup is put np in large packages and is tho greatest Blood Purifier known. lts peculiar combination makes it a great Family Remedy. Kor a dyspeptlc, bilious or a constípate! person it has no equal, acting upun the stomach, liverand kidneysin apleasant and healthy mauner liead otir pamphlet and learn of tbe gre t medirinnl value of the remedies which enter into ita composition. 1 rice $1.(0 per bottle; six bottles f5.00. For sale by 11 druggists. "Don't you sup;.o.;e," snid a member of the pólice forcé, "that a poiiceman knows a rogue when ho soes himí" "No doubt," ! was the replv, -'but the trouble is that he does not tei.e a rogue when he knows hini." Biliousness, Dizzinesi, Nan?ea. etc., Are relieved by Cart er's Little Liver Pilis. Queeu Vic.oria is not a rapid ' pondent. She has just answercd President i Cleveland' lettor of May "t!. (Jrover wlll not have to write ngain for tluve months. ITCHINC and irrltationa of the skin and BCalp, burns, scakls, piles, ulcers, polsons, bttes of inserís and all skin illseaseB, quickly cured by Cote' Carbollnal v, the great skin remedy. 25 and 50 cent?, at Druggists. Lieut. Seliwatka says he has seen In ■ Alaska huge mamnioth tusks of ivory In ' the curve of which n man could stand straight. Pi re Coi Liver Oii. made from aelected ' livor, on sea shore, by Hazard, Hazard & ('o , N. Y. Absolutely pure and sweet. Putients pre 'er it to all others. Physicians have decided it superior to nr other oils in market. CnAprED Hands, Fack, Pimples and rough skin cured by using Juniper Tar Soap made by Hazard, Hazard & Co., Nw York. "O, no, ma'atn," p'eaded the tramp, ' "you may thiuk my Ufe all sunshine, but , it ain't. Wherever I go I am beset by i dangers. In short, ma'am I carry my Ufe in my bands." "Ah, 1 see," exelalmedhis temporary hostess, ' thit accounts for your not washing yonr handa. Y ou don't care to do it for fear you'U drown yourself." Common-senso to drnnkards in a nntahellThe nervona system ia the seat of animal He. and ils o til e is to furnish intelligenoe. sensation, andgovernlhefunctioni of the body. vVhen we are tired from any cause, a stiinulant is vory agreaable to the nerves. Vou get to repeating this agreeable sensation, and in due time you are a drunkard, because you have educated your nervous system to rely upon it, and soon you ure in torment ir you stop it. This is why you are a drunkard. Now if you can get a harmless food that will give actual support to your nerves, without irritation," stitnulation, reaction or harm, and relieve you from that hunkering for li mor, and make you a man again you would take it. W11. the Moxie Nerve Food will do it. DruggUts have it. It U cheap, too. __ Proud VWcome back to th old farm, my boy. So you got through college all right: Farmer's son - Yès, father. P. F. - Ye know I told ye to study up on chemistry nnd tilinga so you'd know best what to do with different kinds of land. What do yon think of that fiat medder thero, for instance! V. S.- Cracky, what a place for a ball game '. The man who sits down and waits to be appreciated will iind bimself among uncafled for bagt;uge after a limited eipress train has gone by. " Use the Frazer Axle Greaee, 'tis the best in the world- will wear twice as long as any other. If you had taken two of Carter's Little Liver Pill.-i bafore retiring you would iiot have had that coated tongue or bad taste in the mouth this morniug. Keep a vial with you for oci-asional use. It is annonnced that a new paving stone called quartite granite has Úeen found in Dakota. It is supposed soinebody has struck a batch of douehnuts baked by a young lady gradúate of a cooking school, and dumped over the back fenee by her mother. R. W. Tansllt _ Co., Chicago, ia. Your Tansill's Punch" 5c ciears are getting lots of friends. Tra veling men say to us every day. "Why, they ar better tban most Hm cigars." Uur trade has more than doub'ed since we commenced to sell them. P. & A L. M'I.lab), EUlsbnrgh, N. Y. To the novel colors invented for women'i clothes of "crushed strawberry" and "whipped cream" has been added the color of ' slapped baby." If afflioted with 6ore eyes use Dr. Isaac Thomp6on's Eye Water. Druggists sell it. 25c. Prohibition doesn'tkeep the lawyers of Atlanta from throwing law books, bibles and ink-pots at one another in the presence of the court. These proceedings smack very strongly of turrptitious rum. The Bicbest Man in the World would be poor without heilth. The dy ing mlllionaire consumptive would exchange all he is worth for a new lease of life. He could have bad it for a song had he used I)r. Pierce's 'Golden Medical Disco very" before the disease had reached its last stages. This wonderf ui preparation is a positivo cure for consumption if taken in time. For all diseases of the throat and lungs it is unequaled. All druggists. A good American wine needs no bush, All that isro juiied is a popular foreign label. "-Word to the Wise is Snfficient. " Catarrh is not simply an inconvenience, nnpltasant to the sutlerer and disgusting to others;- it i an ad vaneed outpost of approaching diaea-e of worse type. Do not neglect its warning; it brings deadlv evils in it- train. Before it is too late, nse Dr. Sage's Cntarrh Ueinedy. It reaches the seat of the ailiuent, and is the only thing that will. You may dose your9elf with quack medicines 'till it is too late - 'till tiie streamlet becomes a resistless torrent. It is the matured invention of a scientiflc physician. "A word to the wise is sutticient. There is no chango in the style of fish ing this year, except that the juchas more body and not quite so much neck. Delicate diseases of either sex, l.owever induced. promptly, thoroughly and permanently carea. Send 10 cents in stamps for large illustrated treatise, suggesting sur means of cure. Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association, C&3 Main Street, Butralo, N. Y. The States of Indiana. low, Kentucky, Lonisiana, Michigan, Missi9ippi and Tennestee employ women as librarían. If a cougli disturtisyoursieep, take Fixo't Cura for Ci umptioiijind restjwell. During thv past winter no less than on hu-dred chUdreu have burned to death. Pa ' Arniea O.. The best s"!ve in the world for Buroa, Wounds and suro, oí all kinds. Boils, Keions. Chilblains, Krozen Keet, Piles, Barber'i ltch. Sor Kyea, Chapped Hands, Sor Throat, Scald Haad, Pimples on the Face, and all skin diseases. For T.Iver Cemplnint, Sick Headache, Constipation. use Face' Mandrak Pilis, Above remedies so'd by drugBlst or sent by mail for 6 cents by C. W. Snow & Ca, Syracuse. N. Y. ■ TREATED FREE. Haretreated Dropsy and its compücatlonn with the most wondorful puctvs; use remedie en ' ]y h arm lest. Remove all symptom of dropsy tneight i to twenty days. Cure natlt-nts proïiounctd hopeleas by the best of phyalcians. From the flrst tlosc the symptomn rapidly disappeur, and in ten days at least two-third of all symptoms are removed, 8ome may cry humbutr without knowln anythlng aboutlt. Remembertt tkxs nt eost vou anythüurtp realizo the merit of our tr -atment fwr yourself. we re constanlly curinif oum of long utaotlinic- & ths.t have been tapiwil r numbt of tltnea and the patiënt dedared nnable tollvc a week. Oive a fullhistory of ca-ie, name, aK. wï. how Ioníí RnUrted, Ac. Send for I free pamphlet. contain(n(r testimoniáis. Tendaystreau ment furnished FREE l' mail. If you onler ttialsend ; IO cents in stampi to pay poötapc. Epilepsy (Fits) ! Uveü cumt h oREf;N, ESTKf"' ' 2,'iOW Mm-UrttJi St'-f.'f ATLANTA, QA. ' Cures Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Catarrh. Croup, Sore Throat, RHEUMAT9SM, Lame Back, Stiff joints, Sprains, Bnises, Burns, Wounds, Old Sores and All Aches and Pains. The mïiny testimoniáis reeelved by ub mor than prove all we claim fnr thts valuable remedy. lt cot on) y relicTeB fue must severo pama, but lt Cures You. That's the Idea! Bolil by 5 " f"NO Bikk malIM free. ' Address WÍZARO OIL COMPANY CHICAGO. The trcattnent of many thousauda of eau of those chronic weaknesses and listresinc ailments peculiar to femalea, at the Invalida Hotel and Surgical Instttute, Buffalo, N. Y., has affordcd a vast experlence in nicely adaptIng and thorouglily tèstingr remedies for the cure of woman'g peculiar malmücs. Dr. Pierce's i'avorite PrcacriptlOA Is the outgrowtn, or result, of this great and valuablo eiperience. Thousands of testimoniáis, recelved from patients and f rom phyticlans wlio have tusted it in tho moro aggravated and obstinate cases which bad oafned thelr skill, prove It to be the most wonderful remedy ever devised for the relief and cure of sufferinsr women. It Is not recommended ai "cure-all," but as a most perfect hpeciflc tot woman's peculiar alimento. As a powerfnl, inv lirorntlng tonic. lt Imparta strength to the wbole yeten, and to the woinb and lts appendages in particular. For overworked worn-out "run-down," debllitated teachers, millinen, ilressinakcrs. seamstresses, "shop-Rirls," bousekeepers, nursimr mothers, and fceble vomeo generally. Dr. Pierce's Favorito Prescriptlon m the grcatt'st carthly boon, being uoequaled as an appetizinir cordial and rostoratlve tonta A a sooiiiine a nd slreugtbenlng norviiie, "Favorito Prescriptfon " is unequaled and Is invaluabln in allaying and subduing nervous exeitablllty, irritablllty, exhaustion, prostrutlon, hysteria, epaems and other dlstressing, ner voua symptoms oommonly attendant upon functional and organlc dieease of the womb. It induces refreshing sleep and relieves mental aniiety and deepondeney. ür. Piercc'a Favorito Preicription is a legitímate medicine, carefully compounded by an experienced and sklllfu] phygician, and adapted to woman's dellcaU oriraaizHtion. It is purely vegetable Ín id eomposition and nerfectly harmlcss m tti effects In any conditlon or the eystem. Foi morning sickness, or nausea, from whatever causo arising, wuak stomach, indigestión, dypepsia and klndrcd symptoms, its use, la smal] doses, will prove very beneflcial. "Favorito Preaeription " is a po. tive cure for the most complicated and obstinate cases of lencorrhea, excessive flovring, painful menstruation, unmitural supprcusiona, prolapsus, or falling of thu womb, weak back, '■female weakness," antevereion, retroverslon, bearing-down sensations, chronic conpístlon, inflammation and ulceration of the womb, uiflammation, pain and tenderness Ín ovíuies, accompanied wlth "internal heat." Aa a regulator and promotor of func tional action, at that critical period of changa from frirlhood to womanhood, "Fávoritc Prescription " Ís a perfectly safe remedial agent, and can produce only good resulte. It U equally emeacious and valuable in 1U effeetí wben taken for those disorders and d rangementa incident to that later and most critica] period, known as M The Change of Life." "Favorito Prescrlptioii,whcn taken Ín connection with the use of Dr. Pieroe'i Qolden Medical Discovery, and cniall laxativo doses of Dr. Pierce's Purgativo Pellets (Little Liver Pilis), cures Liver, Kldney and liladder dideaaes. Their combined use also removea blood talnU, and abolisbes cancorous and scrofulous humors from the system. "Favorito Preitcrlptlon is the only medicine for women, sold ny druggists, under a positivo Koarautee, from the manufacturera, that Tt will glve satisfaction Ín everjr case, or monoy will be refunded. This guarantee has been printed on the bottle-wrapper, and falthfully carried out for many years. Kiars;e bottles rioo doses) $1.00, or slx boules for $5.00. For large, illastrated Treatlse on Dlseases of Women (160 pages, paper-covered), seud ton cents Ín stamps. Address, World's Dispensary Medical Issoclatioo, 663 Mata SL, PUFFAIX, N. Y. hhhiMiiTiIwi'1i iWHA PMÊg Colda, !ffits4V Coughs, BpB"4Í Hoareeness, U.fc Stlff Neck, yyyfflfPiV. Bronchitis, B Xflin t iffir Catarrh, iVtj&BP Headache, Bl JtffyJI Toothache, láa v Rheurr)atiarn P4lPV Neuralgia, Asthma, Brulses, II Spralna, qalcker tban any known remed. It was the flrat and ís tho only Pain remedy that ïnntantjy topi th must eicruciatiiiK puiu-, alluvs latlanimaticn ftnd cures Congentionií, w hethur of the LuDgs, Stomaob, Bowels.orotherKlundHororjzans. No matter how violent or excruciatlnp tho païa the Rheuraatio. Bedrldden, lnflrm. Crippled, Ner Tous. Neuralgic, or prostrated wlth dlseases ma7 ulier, RADWAYS READY RELIEF will afford instant eao. BOWEL CÖMPLAINTS Thirty to aLxtr drops In half atumbler of water will in a few minutes cure Cramps, Bpasma, Sour Stomach, Nausea, Vomltin. s'alpitAtion of tb llcart, FaintncH, Heartburn, glck lieadaeh, Dtarrlie, Dysentery, Colic, Wind In tlio tíuwelí, and all internal palns. Tbere Is not a remedial aent In tiie woria that will euro Kever and Ague, and all other Mulartnu, Bllious and othur fevers. aided by Kaüway's iÜl, öo quick na Radwny's Kwidy Itellef. t'iíiy cents per Bjttle. 8old hj drogglsta. DR. RADWAY & CO., N. Y. Proprletora of Radway's Sarsaparillian Resolveot and Dr. Radway's Pilla, Horse and Stock Ownerf - - TKY QainquiniaTcnic " Co&ditica Fowdsn tor homes out of con tltton, Loss if Appotlto, Topid l.iver, MunibüiiK Gait, Oistemor. Ktc. Put u4 ■t lotro.t Velerinury Fuuruiacy, 27 i.afayette avo., IX'lroil. Mich. iM vcturiuary tiuppllei luw pnce. 7lPB ' f"'v' ler'1 a lr'dical tuffCfífiU RAlï' frrrr from Iau Fersr rince ■ cuRrcC-?! "r "immer of 1879, and, B3Éí?a hEÁn unta fecl EW' Cr" RivrrurDöi I?l Kaïn, 1 ■" neotr Mt to lr'"wWg &M liwl tmg relief. I tan tay mt UWi fl"t r''""n Bitm atred nu. y nHH !■■ V ■ Otorgia, BinghamWpsS - Apply Balín Into eaca noatrtv [JDSEPHCILLOTTS STEEL PENS GOLD MEOAL PARIS E3CP0SITION-I878. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS risu'a Remedy for Catarrh is Ui H ■ Bost, Easiust to Lse, and Cheapeet, Sold bv drag(rist8 or fnt by maiL ■ 50c. E. T. Hazeltine, Warren, Pa. DETECflVlS WkBtl i trary Ccunty. Bhyw4 mn t met uadr ■ irr .n!.ti!frprti-l.n. OBANNi BIT1CVI BUBBAU, Arcad, Ciaeinnati. O. ■K a "T" PUTA "" vean' ex psrlencp ; 4 yeut' PATFNlX ixamlner In (J.S. Patent OHlc f H I til I O Seml model or sketch tor fr ooi nion whether patent ivin he ecured. New t)OK DAY NO MORE MONEY TO QUACKSH nLWn1.UfioernanyONUervioÍí1'cfríu5Uaí.''ÍÍUu1i:ír stamps. ..j Wll st viwnultee. Wíl. KIPPERS PA! aSSïS ■jpqBBBIIHHHBctrictwK,iia ■ ■rr By return mail. Fnll Daserlstloa EBfeh MdT'i Nw Tallar 8j il1 Una rllkCi CutU.. MIX 'ST CO., Ciaainuti. O. W.N7Ü. D.--5-38 TO A DAT. Sampleê xcorth 9 FRSE. Lines nol undtr the horu-êfeti. Vyam JJrcuiltr Sa feta Sein Hokttr Ce. !, Mc.'


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