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Real Estate Transfers

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Delora O . Baker to E. Eddy, Augusta, $1,100. itJ. W. Wiloox to William Hooker, Mllau, $225. Krescenz Schefold to F. .1. Schefold, Dexter$800. - . fej_ - ''m 'mW."Kelsey to Wm. W. Goocíiing, York, 62,000. William Bacon to Anna M. Stabler, Chelsea, $400. Byroa W. Forbes to John P. Wood, Saline, $1,800. James & Henry Belan to Tbos. Hawkins, Scio, $130. Paterson & Bowen to Guy E. Davis, Ypsilanii, $300. Edward Tabor to William llawker, Augusta, $2,600. Lois M. Bacon to Anna M. Stable, Chelsea, $1,037. Carlton D. Hendrickson to Carrie Kose, Ann Arbor, $300. Geo. Bosier and wife toL. C. Rodman, Dester town, $1,200. Ferdinand KrauRe to Martlia F. Stewart, Ann Arbor, S175. Thomas Herrón and wife to Gebhard Hummel, Lodi, $580. O. R. L. Crozier nnd wife to B. J. Conrad, Ann Arbor, $625. Geo. H. Olds, by adm , to Charles vv. Albans, Augusta, 3600. B. J. Conrad and wife to W. V. A. Crozier, Ann Arbor, $625. Chas. A. & Geo. B. Martin to William Martin, Webster, $2,000. O. K. L. Crozier and wife to Arthur A. Crozier, Ann Arbor, $625. Henry A. Wienman and wife to Henr J. Wienman, Ypsilauti, $150. Chloe A. Clark, by sheriff, to Richmond & Treadwell, Ann Arbor, $300.77.