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... Case Ir Somnambulism Has Come

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to llgbt In WilUeibarre. Pa. Mr. C S. j rldge ! the gust of a wldow lady who on three different occasions last week arose from ! kar bed and walleed In her sleep. On toe fint nlght she was leavlu tbe bouse dressed only ia her slgt.t-elotlies. A nlght printer, who was ntornlng home from worlc, asked Mra. Eldrldge where she was eolojt. She sald tb was on her way to church and mast kurry, u she was late. The next nlght the woraan got out tbrough a trapdoor on the rooi of the dweiling and walked over tbe roofi f a bloeit of bouses. X pollceman was almost seared to deatb at the sljrht of tbe white fifrar on the root Mrs. Eldrldge was floallr rescued. Monda; nlht It was thought that the nerroui ezcltement was orer, bat tg matte sure that the woman should not make her wcape agaln her daughter was placed in tke same room wlth her and the door locked. ▲bout four o'clock In the mornlng tbe daugh. I ter dlacoTered that her mother had left the house, the pólice wcre notlfied, and after a looit aeareh the woman was found wanderlnf arooad amonr the tombstones In Eollenback cemsUrj. She waa last aaleep, and dreased ia her Blght-clothes. Bhe was almost frozen to deato, and U aow rerj slck at her homo. Tfc MM la sald to be without Dreetdeat.


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