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The terrible storm whichswept over tha Northwest, blockading railroads in flve states, is dow over and th victims of its fury ure being oouuted. Tho pitiful list is growing atniost every hour. it is not improbable vs hen the record is complete it will show a hundred and fifty live sacrificed to the awf ui fury of the blizzard. Next to tbis the worst blizzard that the Northwest ever experienced occurred January 7, 8 and 9, 1373. In that storm 70 persons were frozen to death and. thouxands of dollars wortu of property destroyed. The present storm promise to be eren more terrible in its results. It came without warning. The area of unusual cold has been general, extending f rom the extreme northern line of telegraph communication as far south as Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. Extreme suffering is reported from all directions, especially in Minnesota, Dakota, Montana and Nebraska, where the greater number of lives have been lost. In Kansas thousands are sullering for want of fuel and food, and in soms counties aid ís needed to save many from actual starvation. The storm, while of course less severe in Arkansas, Texas and other southern statea, still found the people tuere unprepared for it, and much suttering resulted. (Jrops and live stock have every where suffered more or leas. The death list includeï stroug men and helpless women and children. urmörs nave gone trom the house to attend to their stock, and botli men and beast have Eorishel. Teachers and helpless Uttle ouei ave tried in vain to reach a place of safety, while mothers have gone in search of tneir little one-i only to perish in the mghtful tili..ard. in (.'hestor, Miuu., six school children are ainong the dead. In many cases the victims have been overeóme by the storm and cold when within a few rods of shelter, but owing to the blinding force of the storm were unable to make their way. The reports that come from western Kansas are appalling. The blizzards that raged tbrough that section a few weeks ago lef t the people in such bad condition that they were unable to stand the severe storm and iuten-e cold, arni a large number of deaths from cold and starvation are knowu to have occurred. A carload of provisión was started from Wiouita to Aanland, Clark couuty, but the storm stopped tbe train. It is stimated that ii.OUU people in Clark county are in a destitulo condition, and unless immediate relief is allurded tliem the number of deaths will be fearful to contémplate. The pastor of the Presbyterlan church in Hartland, Kearney county, writes to the aid society imploring asalstance for tbe people of that section, saying that it relief doe uui soon come hundreds must die. Tbe casualuies among stock have been greater tüan ever Kiiown in the statu of Kansas. Horses and cattle have perished in their stalls and the owners have been badly frozen while tryiiig to care for them, Some of the stories of suffering are pathetic in the extreme. Mary Connell, a little school teacher uear Cavour, started home with twu of her pupils, a boy and a girl. The boy left her and perished. Miss Connell put her dress folds about the little girl and made her walk all nigut sheltering her charge with her body. They were lound the next morning alive, but horribly frozen. Anotber teacher, Miss Jacobson, near Bt. ülof, started home with a little girl, but buth perished. When found Miss jacobson was crouched in a little hollow in the ground with her anus about the littie girl, and her dress skirt was wrapped about her. Her owu bonnet w.ii oll her head and her hand clutcbed her dress at her tliroat, but tuere was a smile on her face. Two children, a boy and a girl, of Joseph Hutchison, near Oary, were lost Koin home from school. Twenty-five men at once started on the searen lor them, and the mother could not be kept from goiug along. The poor woman was with the party who found them. They were lying close together and the boy liad h . sister'8 hands between his own. Bessic Stansüeld, a pretty 1Syear old teacher, three miles distant from Aberdeen, left school during the storm to go to a farmer's house thirty yards distant. Her dead boly was found nearly a mile from the school house. Four children froz to deatb in a school house at Meilette. The teacher left them to get assistance and her body has not been found. Miss Steubierner. another teacher 12 miles northeast of Aberdeen, was out a.11 night in the blizzard. When found she waa b.arely alive aud died ahor(ly afterward.


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