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He Secs A bout Evcrrthing and l'rints About Everytlilng He 8ees. When will t bis nuisance of skating and ooasting on the sidewalks be abated; I have aeen a number of nomen obliged to get oü from the walk to avoid belng run oyer. A laughable soene ocourred npon one of onr stroets Monday. A woraan was walkiug on an icy sidewalk with a baby in ber arms. As the feet of the mother ■went from under her the baby flew ont of her arms and landed in a snow drift a few feet away witnout injury. The mother picked up her infant and quiokly walked away. Perhaps when one or two boys are seriously injured from jumping on passing sleighs, it may be a lesson to others. Daring the past week I understood that a little fellow carne very near having a leg broken in attempting to " catch oo," and that another boy is now laid upwitna eprained rist in consequenoe of falling from a baggage wagon. I never realized until lately how hsrd it is for strangers to find their way on foot aronnd our city. One may pass corner after corner and see notbing to desígnate what street he is on. I have b ea accostcd a number of times lately by persons inquinng for snob, and suoh a street, ' Signsshould be placed at the inte rsect ion of all streets toguide strangers whither tbey would go, and not alone straogers but residente, many of whotn are linfamiliar with their own city. ít seemi that one of the bilis in the fourth ward is not icy enough for ocast. ing. So last Monday several boys were out vith kettles and paila pouring water npon the ground so tbe s'eJs would de scend more swiftly. These same boys undertonk to flood the hill last week so they could have a toboggan sude of their own, but it did not work. I have seen f rom thirty to fifty persons coasting down this hill evening after evening, sled after sled following eaoh other in rapid suocesgion. What a fine thing it would be íf tbose citizens who Lave icy walks would follow tbe example of the county olerk and have their wnlks snnded like those on the tour 6idn of th! court ynrd square. If sand cnnnol be obiained then use Tbey will keep pedestriaus from slipping down aud fewer cases of brokeu b nes will be reported in the pnpers. If every citizen woulj give this nwtter their earnest atlentioD, aDd either sand, salt, or put iu f ron t of their premisos, it would be a good thiug. Tuesday erening a younsc oouple drove to a certam house iu this city and ticd their horee, leaving him without oovenng for an hour or more with the mercury nearly at zero, and then proceeded to joiu a party of young people who were ooastiuü I na told by this gentleman that another time this was done, the partieu would find their horse non est when they carne for it, as he would not let his own horse stand without blankets such weath er, and he should certainly not allow BDy oue else's before his house, if he ooulo belp it, and ho thought he oould. Over two years ago I had something to say about the organization of a humane society in this city. If ever one was wanted, it is rigbt here, and I am mighty glad tbat steps are being takeu to briug about the result. It ia notorioua that horses are unmercifully abused everydny and it is high time a stop was put to it. Only last Saturday I saw a poor old crowbait, driven by a long, lank specimen of uumtmity, wüo does a little draymg, urged on by the dn ver who had a long stick with a prod in Ihe end, whioh he wonld punch into the horse very fiequently in order to get him to move off of a snail's paoe. I understand that about the flrst tuing a majority of the superintendents of tbe poor did after ousting Mr. McDowell, the county house keeper, was to " resolve" to pay bis successor, supervisor McCormick the same salary, $700, and this in tbeface of the fact that when tbeformer was flrst appoinied he ouly received $500 per anmim uutil he bad familiarized bimself with the duties of tbe office. I also understaud that a man by tbe name of Miller who is every way competent tofill tbe position, offered to do the work for S")ÜU. Besides himself is bis wife and motlier, to assist bim. ííow if tbe superiutendeuts can save the county $200 per eBr, they are in duty bound to do it. The question ie, will they doit? I was told tn amusing story the ottier day about two womeu who drove into tbe country severnl miles to purchase straw to fill a bed. When coming home tbey were so much engroased iu convursation that they paid no attention to the straw which the farmer had tied to tbe back of the cutter. One of tbe women happening to look back discovered that they had lost this boundle. The horsen were turned arouud, and once agaiu tbey started for straw. Upon goiug back a mile or more tbey found it in the road, when, after again 6ecuring it to the entter they started horrieward, one of tlie ladies holding tbe strap whinh bound tbe etraw to the cutter. This occurred on one of tbe coldest days of this winter. Postmnster General Dickinsou took the oath of office Tuesday It was admiuisti-red by Jamen Lawrence, wbo, for nearly tift v years bas sworn in all the postmaster-generals. JudgeKinne will decide next Monday whetber tbe county clerk shall be enjoin ed from calling an election in this county, for tbe purpose of submittiag the qncBiion oflocal option to the people. Soctberk C'pposition to the admission of Dakota into the Umon is now based on the objectionuble character of the Dakota bhzz ird. To show the uofairness and lack of magnaniiuity m tbis objection it is only necessary to recall the circumstance that Colorado was odmitted as a stf-.te at a time wben her celebrated potato-bug was oyerruoninj; tbe wbole blesaed oountry. The time for holding the next demornh nnMonnl convention will be determined Februarj 23. Last week'tt siunu whh ue of unuBual eeverity in the weet. Cbildren were frozen to death on their vrny to school. Stock of all kind perished from the excessive cold. In Dakota wliere the blizzard was most severo a great loss of life is reported. _8omb of the Eastern tanff-barons who profess redt sympathy for American abor sail away in their steam-yaohts to Jurope every year and load up with the roduötsof "panper labor" dutyfree. 3ut the Western farmer has no yacht, nd he must buy Amorican produots at xorbitant prices, artificially elevated by nenormous war tariff, and then sell bis wn product in free-trada markets in ompetition with all the world. We observe that the operation of tbe ïigh hcense law in tbe state is materially uttiuK down the number of the saloons nd materially ad ding to the funds in the ounty truasuries. - Hiiladelphia Record. Such is the oase wherever high lioense s tried, and isa believe it to be tbe true olution of tbe liquor question. Bat of ourse the law says that tbe peóplë'shall ave looal option, it a majoritv so says, pd they will_Jiave an opportunity_of votiug oñthe questioñiT'Febrúary277Ín ;his oounty.- If.


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