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Dr. EJdy left for Floriaa tliis week. Dr tí. A. Jones was iu Detroit on ' luy. ; Juo. M. Oould is clerkiujffor E. Dully, , iu bis (froeery store. Gartluer Howard, of this city ia , ïuii a few weeks in Uantida. There seems to be quite au epidemie of '. sore throat throughout the city. The pnce of wheat is slowly udvunciDg. i Qood uews to tbose who liavo uuy to Bell. i Wedneeday, January 2" i the last day for hearing claims in the Jno. Fljnn tate. We again oali atteution to special , tice at tue bead of local columu ou third pae. Jno. Fogarty was thrown from his entter gome days ago and had his collar boue broken. Senator Palmer is endeavoring to eenre a peusion fur Mrs. Bridget t'oley, of thii city. Mra. Charles Kintner expeots soon to leave tor Soutuern lodiana for a few weeks' visit. Ann Arbor, No. 820, I. O. O. T. will hold nu anmversary aueial and eutertaiumeut Feb. (i. Wm. G. i)oty attenled a sessiou of the graud ooimuil ot R. A. Al., in (iritud Kupïds tuis week. lt is ahvays the case that after New Years, a dead calía coiné over the cummercial world. Tbere set-ms to be a big stnfe among the rival clothiuK merrbants, nato which conoeru shall sell the cheapebt. Bome 1" membeis of Auu Arb -r lode No. 3'0, . U. T., atteuaed a Odud pull iu ïpsilautl S.itiiiUaj uigbi . The Xoltdo and A.du Arbor railroad ghowtt au iiiurtxse in euruiugs uf $l,4'.)lJ duriug the last week iu December. There is some talK of esiabliBiiini; a creauiery iu tuis city. It uodoubtedly would ba a good pa ïug mvestmeut. Theo. T. Paok wlio was killed m a Biaanü up in Virgiui.i, was uot I heodore Paok, forinerly oL tuis city, au reportad. Öueh bargains as J. 'i. Jaoobs & Co., offer in tlie liue ot overooats to-morrow, is enough to aotouiuLi the natives. See cUauge o( ad. Now is tha time to purohas . a good unit of olothes or an overuoat at a gre it reduotion . Kead The Two öaois' ad in auother cülumu. Mrs. A. M. Fall, ot Albion, motber o( Prof. Uölog t'all, and I). U., ana Chas. Fall ot ihis city, oelabrated hor 7öth birtU d:iy lat Friday. The great reduction sale of clothing at Thu Two öauii will continue uutil Feb. lUth. 'l'heir aunouacemeut will be found ïuteresting rtading. Quite a number of tax payera are yet holding off. üuly a few days more of grace. Collector Aloore is anxious to üniuh up the business. Chae. Perrin who pleaded guilty to burglanzing a store in Ypsüanti tüe flrst ot the mouth, was senteuced by Judge Kinne, Monday, to two years at lorna. Foster the f amous book man, is growlídk liku a wouuded lion because he is nut permitted to sell bis books at auction without paying $500 every day lie sella. Wm. Shakspeare Corselius and Geo. Leonnrd, left Tuesduy tor üukey iiuke, where they expeot to remaiu the balance ot the wimer hunting, flahiuf( and trapping. Jobnson& Co.who have rented the store adjoiningthe Ar{U8 office tor a grooery, have put in a new front, and otherwise improved the appeurauue of the plaoe. It is stated by oue who claims to know, and who wtis in Cleveland a portion of the time during the Pope-thltlretli trinl, tuut it co.-t the former dominie $800 tor mtuawet and other cxpeniea. A . Moore, of Thayer Btreet, is quite ill Oratiot county will vote on local option Feb. 13. Jackson is to have tbe Btate fair again this vear. Rice's Evangeline next Wednesday evening, Jati. 25, :it the grand. The Toledo railroüd bas two wires running from Toledo to Dundee. Frederick Pierce of Saline has a broke.u nose caused by falling from hissle.l. Monday mormng was the coldeat ol tbe season. Kleveu degrees below zero. The iiew sobool house at Dexter bas Mie ömted system of heating and ventilation. A Miobigan forestry convention will be held in Graud Bapids next week, January 26-27. A. WiUey has re-opened hm musió store with a full lino of piauos, orgaus, and musical goods. Wm. Geer of Superior, bas been eleoted oue of the directora of the Plymouth National bank. Mr. MoDowell, of the oounty house, is talking of purehasing a farm near Ypsilanti, in the spring. Saturday, Jan. 28, there will be a total eclipse of uie mouu visible in this country, weather permitting. The Michigan grand lodge of colorad masons will bold lts annual meeting at Ypsilanti, Monday, Jan. 23. Geo. W. Crops' y feil on the ice. Satur ilay, and faotured four of bis riba. Ue is coming out all nglit though. There will be a oonnty Sunday sobool oonveution held in ïpsiianti ut tbe Congregatioual cimruh Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. JosepU Brooks, manager of Bobson & Crane. sava: Kalamazoo. Mioli . oontainH tü mout cntical uud.euces in the world. Airs. Anna iVrhuup, of üarbor Spriugu, m expeoted soon to spend se', eral weeks witU Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Terhuue of tüm city. The semi-anuual Episcopal misaionary society of the diocese of Michigan will bold a two days' session ia this city next luesdayand Wtdnesday. Major G.Wilson aays the toiioggan slide is in liue condition, and that now since he tías tbe eietno hbt notbing more eau be asked to make it a popular wiuter aniuseineut. Tbe ladies of St. Andrew'e oburoh will entertain ibe rlergy and lady delégate to tbe temi-annnal misaiouary meeting uext Wednesday noon witb a luuob in Hobart ball. Wm. H. Bideing will complete, in the coming uuiuber uf the Ainurio iu MhhHzme, lus aocouoi of Boston Artista and their Studio, witb reproduotiona of charaoteristic puiutius. Two Presbyterian deaoous tpent Ban day in Detroit. Xbeir object was to beur some eminent divine preaob, witb a view, tbat if hked, of extending bini a cali to tbe Preabv terian cbureb ot tbis oity. We are glad to see that Mat. D. Blo.-ser of tbe Manoiiester Enterprise continúes to make improvements in bis ofUce, wbiob is a sure fiign of prosperity. Mat is a bard worker and live newspaper man. Under the title "A Universitj Theatre," George Kiddle, widely known I y bis pnblio readiuge, will urge iu tbe next uumber of the American Magazine a Hornet bat startliog suggestion: tbat tbe dramatic art sbould be tuugbt at college. David W. Noyes of tbe ibird ward died last Friday in tbe 87tb yesr of bis ae. He was tbe latberot Miobael J. Nojes, of Cbelsea, and Mrs. Carrie Uodgemau, ot PinckurN . Tbe remninü were taken Monclay to tbe town oi Washington, Macomb county, for interment. Tbe oldest Protestant churob edifice in America will be desoribed in tbe February Amerioan Magazine, as well as what may have been tbe earliest eteamrailway; wbile Henry W. Austin will dip still further into our nutiquites by a poem on "Mastodon aaurus.'' On Sunday evening, January 22d a memorial service will be beid iu tbe Unitarian cbureb for some of tbe great dead of tbe past year. Six papers or addresses will be given, by as ïntmy members of tbe Unity club, on Henry Ward Beeoher, Dr. Wm. G. Eliot, Dirotheai)ix, lenoy Lind, Mrs. Dinah (Mulocb) C aik, and John B. Fincb. The Ann Arbor Schutz8nbund elacted ;he following oflicers laat week : l'resilent, Jno. Walz; vice-president, Dr. G. Seorge; eecretary, Chris. Martin; treasïrer, Fred Graf; schuetzen maaters, Jno. Yrmbruater. The follón ing executive ommittee was alao appointed: Herman Vrmbruster, Uhris. Sehinid, and Conrad Kriipf. Waehteuaw county sunday School ;cnvention. A convention of Sunday lobooi workersof Washtenaw county will je held in the lst Oongregaiiontil chnrch )f Ypsilanti, Wedneoday, Feb. lst, la8. l'hree nessions on Wednesday, with a preimiuary meeting Tuenday evening Jauuiry 31st. All are weieome. Prof. W. S. Porry, prea't; E. K.E. Cowell, seoretary. The Episcopahans of this ktate are to sdit a weekly paper c illed the 'Micliijfan LJliurohman." It will betheofficial Journal Ji the churcb, and among ita cou tributo will be Bishope Harria, Uillespie and Worthington and the rt-ctors of the vari ma ohurohes throuxliout the state. Bev. O. Mott Williams will be the editor, and tlie tii -ht issue ia expeoted to appear tomorrow. A phenomenal appearance of the iiin whh observed Tweaday afternnon bet ween the honre of futir and live. The extreme iower portion of the dialt looked vaporzed, white the central and upper portion vrere abluze witli Hames shootiug direoty towuivlH the zenith and of high altitnde. It liad uothing like the uppearunce of a uu dog. üli oitizeus say they never obi'erved the like before. W# hare juet received from J. O Grouue& CJo , their latest song called '■Huugry at Somebody's Door," by ('hurles A. Davies. It is a beautiful gong and will beoome as popular us bis last, " i here's no one like Mother to mi-," which we uoticeü ome ïnontüa axo. A.ny oue of tlie songs will be tent tor aleveu 2-o. etamps Addresa J C. (Jroene &, Co., 30 and 46 Arcade, CineinDati. O. Dr. Charles G. Clark a highly respectad and influential citizea and a prominent homeopathie pliysic au of Truy, N. V., died at bis residenoe in tbat city, Deo. 15tb, after a two honra' ïllness. Dr. Clark was a cousin ot Mrs. Julia Del] Clark, and had inauy friends in tbis city who wiil regret bis untimely deatb. He leavea a wife and one son, who, unfortunately, were buth absent f rum home at the time of bis deini-e. The Rev. Mr. Talmnge wonders thaf newspaper men believe anvthini;. Tbey see more ut the sham and meanness ol the world tban ibe membera of any otber profesBion. They are bored by eran ka raoek moralistg, and peatilent humbugs every day in tbe week. and tbey aee the follies and shame of the world througl digui8(! that are aa. open a3 tbe day t their praoticed and diaguated eyes. Al thia ia true, bat Mr. Talmage ahonld no forget that tbe truly good mortal obeya the njunction: ' Know Tbyaelf." It ia this that euables the newspaper man to bear up nnder ao many adveree ciroura alancea and lo rest with unabaken faith on the flublime truth that human natur ii not all bad. The semiannual migsionary meetingof the diocese of Miohigau will meet in St. Andrew's parishthta city on Tuesday nnd Wednosday of neit week. At the game time and place the Michigan branch of the voman'8 amilliary will meet. The folio wing is the general order of exercises, Tuesday, January 24, 1888: at 10 a. tn., service in St . Andrew's church, with sermon by Bihop Gillespie: at 3 p. m , a meeting in Hobart hall - Topics with discussion; and at 7:30 at the hall an address by the R v. Dr. Bunn, of Brook lyn, N. Y. Wedueaday, Jauuarv 25, 188 at 7 o. m., nervice in St. Andrew'a churcl and at 10 a. m., a meeting in Hobart hal Topics witu discngBion; at 3 p. m. at the same place a Hunduy school instume. The public is invite;! to attend tbeee meetiDK8. The new law firin s Bobison & Miner. Evangeline, the burlesque Evangeline at the grand Jan. 25. The city baud clenred $110 by their masquerade last week. Thos. McKernan and Miss Annie Butler were marned on Monday. Juo Sweet and family will rnake Detroit their home in the tature. Rice's Evangelioo is very fiiuny. At the grand, YVednesday, Jan. 23. A meeting of tho Cocker league llonday eveniugat tlieM. E. cliurch. All anouymous Communications find their W8y into our waste basket. Bice's Evangeline is well worth s-eeing. At the grund, VVedneaday, Jan. 25. Mrs. Ed. lviuuo expects ht-r daughter next week to make her a short visit. W. V. Watts will attend the grand lodge f. and A. M. in East Bagioaw next wc ek B. F. Watts was ekoted Grund Higb Priest by the G. C , U. A. U. Aloulay. Among the list of Miohigan pensioners Weduesday, was ooe to John Uabbell ui Lodi. Kice's Evangelne is very. very fnnny. At the opera liouse next eduesday Jan. '5. W. l. Harriman and Geo. W. Bullis have beou eleoted trustees of the Uuitanau cburoh. (Jhauncy Oroutt eutertained the Unity olub last Fnday uight. A ui time is reporto :. lioe the 3-year old dauchter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Petersou, died Weduesday of diphtheria. Judge Cheevdr lectures in the Congiegatiuual church tuis eveniug on "Miues ïu Norttieru .viiclug.iu." Quite a number of our citizens are laid up with bruises received by bad f all upon the ioy sidevvulks. Miss Lizzie Rice, a sister of Mrs. J. M Stafford, died Monday at her home ia Vkroo, O., of coasuiuptiou . O. W. Mellor attended the annual sesión of the ëtiite society of eneiueers auu urreyors in Kalamazoo this week. The alarm of flre on Monday was causd by the takiug tire of wood plHced in n oven to dry, in a bakers on State st. Edward Dulï'y aunontn es anew an iv 1 of ohoice teas au J coöl-es. He ulso carnea a f uil line of groceries and crockery. Mr?. Wm. Galpin aud Miss .losie HatiibüUö entertain their infant Sunday aoboül classes this afiernoon iu liuburt hall. The Mioliigau Central oompany bas sbipped 550 car loada of ice f rom this city in the pa-it two weeks, to various poinis ulong their line of ruud. Next Monday evening the Unity club of the Umtarian cliurch will renew lts weekly eutertaiuuieuts. A delightful program may be expected. On account of the Missionary meeting beiug lei in liobart hall next Wednesday the regular monthly motbers' meeting will be postponed until ihe laat Wednesday in February. Mrs. Elizabeth Winegar, of the third ward, died lust Tbursday of cáncer. 8ue was the wife of exöherill Wiuegar and nold pioneer. Thedeceasedleavesone n, Emmett. The funeral was held ui'day and was largely attended. The Argus bas entered upon its fifty öurth year. This, of itseif, is enough o indícate the success and prooperity of ie paper. Under its present rnanageient it ie gaiuing friouds every day. ay it live to celébrate lts centennial. Rev. James F. Dickie, of Detroit, will deliver two lectures before the Tappau association of tlie Presbyterian itircli on Sunday morning and eveniny Jan. 29. öubjects "The Power of Prayer" and ''Savanola, the prophet preaclier of Florida." Kice's Evangeline is so well known that it is uuueoessary for us to say very mucli about it. It is replete with funny sayings; is f uil of charmiug musical genas and is well-worth the price of admission Do not fail to hear t!üs pleasing coinedy ■ian. 25, at the grand. That dreaded scourge, cáncer, is alartningly on the increaee. Can nothiut; be done to stay Ihe dread disease? lts vioiim8 in our midst number more than we thick, because nll who have it, for some rea8on or other are averse to revealiug the fact until necessitated to do so. The beautiful aud entertaimng Evageline will be pluyed here on Wedoesday evening Jan. 25. It is a very f uuny bur lesque and is thoroughly enjoyed by its audiences wherever pro luced. The custnmes are moat elabórate, the scène ry fine, m fact, all the appointments are in thorough keeping with the performance. Ifyou want a g( od langh go and bear Svangeline at the graad Jan. 25th. Ata meeting of the Michigan fu'niture ompany Friday night, the following dieetors were elected: W D. Harriman, doge Seabolt, L. Gruner.C. E. Uiscock, i. E. Beal, Paul Snauble, nnd A. Y. iamiltoD. The following offieers were fterwards ohosen : Presideut, W. D. iarritnau; yice president, L. Gruner; ecret8ry and treasurer. 0. E. Hisjock. 'he compacy is in a most prooporous oüdition, and dnnuK the year tlie biisie8a bas iucreastjd over previoua years. The initial presentation of Evangelme t VVheeler's opera house last eveuing was welcmed by a larue and thoroujili y appreciative audienoe. The very best lans of tlieatregoer were to beseen, and F prolougeJ applause aud B peted euores of every specialty preseuted, were uy critenon of approval, theu Tolfdo as uiimiKtiiUiibly eadomed the praiseR jestowed every where on tlns most uniqne and musical of comedies. - '1 oledo Bee. At the rand Jnn.25. Rice's Beawtiful Eran ge lm e Co., apears at the grand opera house, Aun .rbor, on Jau. 25th. Of Evangebue, bnt ittle may be said. The cast is better han ever before Mms Alioe Butler who takes the part of Evaugeliue in the popular ex ravagauza, was formerty. i member uf U'Oyley Caite oompauy, Savoy t heat re, London, Eng., and has ken part in m;.nv of the original prpductions of Gilbert & Sullivau's operas, n that city. .Misa Butler has a fine soprano voice, aud is an actress of ibility. Evaneline will only be been íere once this season, tle eugagemeut eiug limiied to the performance on Jan. 25th. All thoFe fond of preety music, jriglit stní{ picture, nuJ with dialoge should seo the fumous bur'esque. - C'oiirier. The tiokets for the Dunte lectnres by Dr. Ecclestou are now for sale at lirown's drug store or at Hobart hall. Of the high order of tuis entertainment there eau be do doubt. It is highly spoken of wherever delivered. Rey. MorgHU Dix recently wrote au unsolicited testimonial to the lecturer in which he ussd these wards: "I had great plousure in listeuiog to ihe firet f the three lectures ou the Divina Commedia, aud regrettedvery much that I oould nut break off eugugeraents aud haten to the other two." Last iveek's Uhurchmau contaiaed anotlier fiattering endorsement of this cour-e of lectures. These lectures it will not be forgotten areto beillustrated withuearly 200 views from Dore aud other maaters. The dates assigued for Aun Arbor are Jan . 2(i, 2 7 aml 28th, in Hubart hall. Peterson's Magazine for February ia befóte as, as varied and intereeting as ever, and we hardiy beetow higher praie. There is never auy falling off in tliis favorite periódica!, no show nnmbers, and do uufulülled promiaes. lis seriáis and short stores are of the flrst order of merit, its fasliion department always presente the pretuest and freshest of l'arisian noTelües, aud it numeroua steel aud wond engrnviDgs uro invariably artiatio in design and üuish. Ko bousebold fond of the best li temt ure, and no lady desirous of posseBsing a thoroughly reliable guide iu regard to dress, needlework, and the household, should be without "Peterson." Terms: 'Cwo Dollara a ear, witti great reduclions to clubs. Addrees Petoruon s Magazine, 306 Ghestaut Strt, Piiüadülpbi, Pa. I f you loseyour breath, dou't run to catcb it; you o;in catch ït sooner by standii'g et til. One of the most useful articles tha we know of is tbat faraous üouseholc remedy for the baby, Dr. Buli's Haby Syrup. It costs only 25 cents a bottle No one can auequately describe the sufferiusi nnposed by dyspepsia. It durkens life's pathway and an exiatence afhtoet uubenrable: bnt Laxador wil notoDly alleviato the tortures of !yapepsin, but will cure the dieane. Pnce oniy 25 cents. Ilaving asked bis girl for a kiss, as a tonif, Hbo replied tint ihore was such a tliing as being ton tome. "There was a sound of revelry by niibt" and she had a card but cuuldn't o, all on nccouui of iieuialtfia. Her favonte dude, bowever, bad a level head, and, iustead oí a bouquet, brought öalvation Uil. I bey weut, and were happy on' e more. The propnetors of the Tarboro' öoutberner, Tarboro, N. C, write: -'Dr Bull's Coub Öyrup (?ol's so fa6t uur drugtfists can't keep supplied. Yuutitf ladies wbo wish to have small raoutüs are Bdvised to repeal tuis ut Frequent mtorvals during the day: "Faun Fi ich fued fiveflouuderiugfiogs for Francia Fowler's father. " Tbatia gold whioii is worth gold Health is worth. more thaii gold. Don't uegleci a coují i or oold and let ït remaiu tu irrítate the lungs whon h üfty cent bottle of Dr. Bigelow's Positive Uure will promptly aud safely oure any recent oongh, ccilil throat or lung trouble. Buy th ■■ dollar bottle of Eberbaoii & Son Aun Albor, Ge. J. Haeusaler, Manchester, for chrouio oases or family use Endorsed by pliysieuuia aud drugists. Pleasaut to take. The best short stop in Cliicaso is the father who prevented a base bail catcher from runniusr away with bis daujjhter. Ur. Jonen' Red Clover Tonic is not a stimnlant Lnt a nerre food, restoring uerve f o ree lost by sickness or excessive ment d work or the use of liqnor, opium, morphiue or tobicco. It supplies food for nerve tissues and by lts eutle aperitive action, removes all restraiut from the secretive organu, henee, curinsr all diseases of stomach and liver Sold by Eberbach & Son. Ann Arbor, Oeo. J. Haeiissler, Manchester. Nowadays it is impossible to listen to the conversation of half a dozen younff "society" people without feeling that the American language should be more appropriately called the American sluuguage. The beet on earth can truly be_ sald of Griggs' Glycerine Salve, which isa sure, Bafe and ppeedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, wounds, and all other sores. Will positiyely cure pilea, tetter and all skin eruption. Try this wonder bealer. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Only 25 cents.


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