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The day sfir sliines upon the hlll, The valley-i in the shadows sleep; Iu uowl au i thicket, laik and stil], My . omn.d s Ie in slumber i!eep, Far in fhe east a phauto.n gray; ilowly up the night's black pall, Aud. Uera.'d of the coming day, The dl tunt bugle s soft notes cali - "I eau 't get 'em up, I can 't get 'em up, 1 can 't get 'em up in the mornlng; I can't get 'em up, 1 can't get 'em up, I can't get 'era up at all I" A thought of molion at the sound - As thoagh the forest caught lts breatn, And belted sleepers on the ground More restless, like lile in death, And Blumbeiing oehoes, livre and thera, Awaken as the chiillenge Hoats, And louder on the morirng air Rinjj out the cherry bugle notes - "I rn't ge' 'cm up in the morningl I can't get 'em up in the morningl I eau 't get 'em up in the moruing! l can't get 'em up at all !" And as the sh illing strains p o'ong, Flames into rose and god the day, Aud springing up, with shout and song, ach so. dier welcomes march or fray, Through wooded vale, o'er wind swept hlll, Where camp fires gleam and sbadows fall, Louder and clearer, cheerily stlll, Eings out the merry bugle cali - "I can't get 'em up, I can't get 'em up, I can't get 'em up in the mornlng ! 1 can 't get 'em up, I can't get 'em up, I can't get 'em up at all !"


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