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Late Fall Fashions

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The icy walk fall Is a very fine fall, A very line fall indeed, The earth slides out with mallce prepense In a way (,ulte llkely to cause hot offcnse, And the pavement receives an assortment of dents; Bnt lts a very fine fall- a fine one Indeed, And is useful to settle agentleman's feed. Xbe banana peel fall is a very slick fall, A very slick fall, indeed. A caieless step on the treacberoug peel And the pavement dances a Scottlsn reel, A concussion coucusses with palnful feel, It's a very slick fall, - a slick one Indeed, And excels in the items of bounoe and speed. The buil pup fall is a very qulck fall, A very quick fall Indeed. Havlng ímich of the quality known as "go. " A rush and a bang that laya men low, But yirlding a fine spectaeular show. It's a very iulck fall a quick fall indeed. A ud in niany rospeets it captures the lead. The malden 's fall Is a vey cholee fall, A very choleo fall ludeed. She drops witli a screan that's pieasant t ) hear; If hi'T bustle's with her there's naugh to fear. Though no joy to fall, lt's a joy to De near. It's a very cholee fall - a cholee one, lnded. And to help har arise, a rlght gallant deed. The reluctant fall Is a very Rood fall, A very good fall indeed. Clawing the air for elusive ald And pawing thagrnund till thereon lald Makes the man who never fall fear afraid, It's a very good fall - a good one Indeed, And the smoker who l'alls lt drops h!s weed. The soap on the stairs makes a very fair f all A very fair fall Indeed. This kimi of a fall gtves the surgeon joy, But the jov of the faller has some alloy And lt frequeutly renders hlui tlmid and coy. It's a very fair fall- a fair one Indeed, And tearhes a heedless old party to heed. The coal-hole fall is a very nice fall; A very nice fall, indeed, A step m the ilark and gniesome pit With considerable drop, but absence of wit Through a circular lióle of tightish fit Makes a very nice fall - a nice oue, indeed; As pretty a fall as a fallist could need.


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