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The New Hampshlre savlogt-banks har $11,000,000 Invcsted In western (arm mortgages. Wllllura Jack Haines eclebrated tb hun ilrnith year of LU Ufe at Clnclnoatl Chrlstiims day. He U etill active and Uronjr. Tbe Ohlo society in New York city bas Miree lmmlrcl incinbers, and will oon erect a tlub-hoiise. Wliltslcr Ried l tbe leiding pirlt of tbe assoclation. It Is reported tbat the elevated roadi ol New York bare practically abaudoned tb Idea oi an electric motor, and are cousidtriug tbe advisabtllty ut trying tbe cable systeiu. Lark on stuffed tomatoe, oxtall ragout with truflles, and wild duclt wltb itew, celery wcre new dlsbea to ome Amiricau guetts at a dlnner In an Engllsh country house. It Is noted by a Washington correspondent that most of the diplómales rrpresentlng Turkey at tbe capital bave been Oreeki, and neaily all of tbe Mexican repretentatlves art Spanmrds. A Connectlcut farmer wbo dled not long slnce left, amone otber proper ty, $1,200 lo ailrer. It was mostly In half -dollar, all oi nl'l dates, many beiug of tbe colnage oí 1829 and tbe eurly '30's. A s'one weighlug five or slx tona, whlcii had npiiari'iitly recently fallen, bas been fouud in-ar Hearbrook, on tbe line of tbe Canada Atlantic railroad. It Is almost antlrely bencatb tbe surface of the clay aoll on wblch It struck, aud the ground around shows signa of great disturbance. Tbe stone Is of a dull gray. An African traveler says tbe Intoxlcatlnir liquor now chlefly exported to África fresa Breinen and Hamburg is a polsonous dlstlllatlon from the potato, and produced rerr oheanly. Cbemlsts state that thert I' mor fusel oil lu It tban in any otber known spirit. Tbe nativos gire It tbe approprlate name of deatli. A Callfornlan says tbat In August, whll diiv ngnear Fomona, one of bis party pointtd out u great masa of tarántulas crawllaff by tbi roadside. The party shot scores of thero, and tben succeeded in getting fifty or sixty into a n-ater-pail. Tben besan a tremendoui flgbt betweeen these big spiders, which ended only when every one In tbe pail was dead. Over five bundred hominz plgeons ar on exblbliiou at the annual show of tbe iederailon of American homlng-plgeou lunciers at Ncwark, N. J. They come from all parU ol tlie uu ion, and are the most Taluable and wonderful lot of filers ever seen. Tbere are sTn blrds in the collection wbich (500 could not buy, while the cheapest oí tbem would bring W. A. Johnson, who dled recently In Lisbon, Conn., at an advanced age was a wagon-maker, and one of big last jobs wa to repair an ox cart whtch be built in 1833 and wblch had been In constant use for fifty-five yeara withuut repair. Hls tlrst Job in Lisbon was to make a set of wheels. They bave been used on a {arm wagon tif ty-six years, and are just as good as ever. It is believed that Mrs. Nancy Coley, of Eastom Conn., is tbe olduat native-born whlt American living. She was hom on Greenfleld BUI, Conn., lu the fall of 1779, and was ao llttla that the uurse could and did put her lato a pewter tcapot and closed the lid. But, ns the old lady aars, "I lived and grew nicely." She bore twelve chlldren, all but two ot hom are dead. The Lincoln family now residlng at Dallas, Tex., Is the wealthlest party of colored peopl in tbe world. Fortúnate epecuUtions la Nfexlcan ïninlntr proper ty made tha graudinothiT of tbc Liucoln family immentdy wealthv, and she deposlted all her money Ia the Bank of England. A year agro tbe money was divided among tbe erandchildren, slx Isv Kil, wboare now wortb $io0.1.000 each. Wblle trylns lo ünd out tlie leak of (ratpipe on strect in IUrrisburg, Pa., tb othw 'luy, a laboier struck a plece of Hint wltli bit Dlclc wbleb iirnited tbe leaking gas tbat permeated throueh the llmettone rock. No Uu tlmn a lmiidivil flamea could be teen all aloog tbe road, and the ttreet wal at llgbt at day. It wat DOt untll a trencU wat dug ud tb pipe resched tbat tbe lire could b extiaLuished. On the 2Oth of last June tbe tono of Morehead, Kv., lia-I a populatlonof ouly three hun.Iri'il, and one of tiie worst bands of deiparadoes Keiitueky bas seon In many yeara. Tbe band was defeated In bat.tle by a beriCt't posse, the leaders wcre killed, and tbe nert ilay tbe town bogan to grow and boom. Now it bat a populatlon of over five buudred, ■ n-nl-entate boom, and a receutly discovared coal Teln. A resident of Mansfleld, Pa., bas leased Br tbousand cres of coul lands In tbe townsblp of lVtcrs and Cecil, Washington county, anJ upper St. Clalr and South Fayette, Allegheny. He pays cash 5.) cents au acre and from $35 to, 145 per acre on tbe lst of July, 1S-S8, ccordlnjr. to locntlon aa reearda rallroad facllitles for shtpplng. Besldes tuis he pays over $100 pr acre on an optlon on tlie turface of two or tiiree plecet of land at Boyce't and Hill't ttatlons, on tbe Cbartlera Vulley rallroad, la Allegbeny county, wblca optlons extended ouiy into February. Barnum's elephanta, when "dead and tiirned to clay," secm to posten a scltntlüo ndrantage wblch makes tbera a dctlrable addii Urn to all Instltutiont of leirnlnjf. Dr Wil der at Cornell Unlversitj Is bard at Work ttudyine tbe braln of tbe big elepbaot, and wül probably add to hls fame br a treatlt upou lts peculluritlei. Now It It sald tbat the unlyersity il to purebase the complet skeletou of au elephant, to be mounted and placed in tbe museum of anatotny and xooloify. Tbe wliole animal wlll be well known to Cornell studeots. Kvcr slnce lust July a raluable young mare belonglng to Sylrester Camp, of Plke, Pa.. bad been frradually looiinicfletb and ttrength. No cause for tbe tteady emaclatlon could b dltcovered. Tbe least exertlou would tbrow the animal Into Tiolent fits of cougblnir. Mr. Camp ipent nearly $50J In efforta to learn what ailed tbc mare, but the best Teterhiary surgeons could lócate no dlsease. Last wrele tbc mare was killed to eud ber tufferlng. Tbe animal was dissected and In her throat tu found a hemlock splinter, nearly elx Inchet long, an Inch and a half tblck at one end, and running to a sbarp polnt at the other. The sbarp polnt was Imbeded deep In one tlda of the mare's throat Sarah S. Cbellls, a teacher In Watertown. g. T.i aired about 33 yeart, brought sult agalnst John B. Chapman, aged 74, for damaget for brcHoh of promisR. Mr. Cbapman II a wealtby resident of Kodinan, Jefferson county, and owns a uumber of farms located about tbe county. He is lame, aOlicted wllh rbeumatlsm, bowed down by old agr, and in otber wayt unattractlïe. Tbe marrlage day, It Is clalmed, ai set si'vrral times, but on eacb occasion was postponed by Chapman, tilt at last ta patlence of tbe would-be bride beetma exhausted, and she commenccd sult In tbe tupreme court for $5,000 damaget to ber heart by bli refual to curry out hls agreement To tb charge ttiat be broke hit promise the defendant sets up a novel autwrr. He denlea tbat be ever promlsed to marry Mint Cbellls, and tben states tliat he Is 74 rears old, wan nersr marrled, and slnce tbe date of the alleged promise set forth In tbe comptalnt be bai been and slill Is In feeble liealth more or lest, preventlng lilm from carrylng on hit ordlnary buslnett; tlmt be is afflicted wltb rheumatltm dlsease of tb kidueyt, hat fltt, fallt down uncontclous, aud remalni In tbat condltloa several mtnulei at a time; tbat he hat beeB at times unable to stand erect, aud to rmaln for a long ipace of time, and that ht now Is and believes tbat he wlll be permanently diaabled physlcallf.


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