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Mrs. Maria Barton wil] not write any more booka except f or pleasure. Her claim to Mexican property worth $5,000,000 bas just been decided in her favor after 18 yeurs of bard lighting. Mr8. Quincy A. Shaw of Boston, daughter of Prof. Agassiz, has for eight years Bupported free kindergartens in the poorest quarters of Boston and Cambridge at a personal expense of as muoh as $50,000 a year. The Woman's National press association in Washington boasts of being the mother of all the flourishing women's press associations that have sprung up in different paris of the country since it was organi.ed in 1882. The reporter' gallery in the Iowa legislatura is frequented by three ladies: Mrs. Durley, of the De Moines News; Miss Burnside, of the Des Moines Leader, and Miss lióse Ankeny, representing the Sioux City Tribune. Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher has no indication of widowhood or bereavement in her dress, for sbe aliares her dead husband's disbelief in the propriety of monrning garments. She looks exceedingly venerable, however, and a little less austere than of yore. Since the mayor of Argonia, Kan., Mrs. Halter, has been so successful in keeping whiskey and gambling out of that city, it may be that Dover's new horse railtray president, Mrs. Dow, wil I be equally happy in keeping water out of the stook. - Philadelphia Ledger. If women are ñt to rule in monarchies, it is difficult to say why they are not qualifíed to vote in a republic ; nor can there be greater indelicacy in a woman's going up to the ballot-box than there is in a woman's opening a legislatura or issuing orders to an army. - 1 Ion. U. B. Anthony. Do the liquor-dealers want women to vote? No; they everywhere oppoae giring women the ballot, as they did in onr legislatura last winter, saying it meant prohibition ; and the liquordealers and brewers throughout the country have passed strong resolutions against giving woman the ballot, saying they fear nothing so much as this. - Our Message.


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