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Mack & Schmid's JANUARY Clisiii Sale. We've marked down our entire stock of WINTER GOODS, DRESS GOODS, SILK8, VELVETS AND PLUSHES. Plannel Blankets, Ladies' and Children's Cloalsis ïnit Gooda, Hoods, Toboggans, Nubiaa, Skirts, etc . , etc. iVe are offering the most marvelous" values ever shown in Ann Arbor. These goods must ;be cleaned out. The loss is oure. The gain is youre, „ MACK & SCHMID. Cali and Sce Tbcm. Ann Arbor, January 12, 1888. The Cocker league of the M. E . church five a reception next Monday evening, in the church parlors. TONER iBHBÏÏBR No. 16 South Main St. A FÜLL UNE OFFRESH GRO CERIES ust Opened, of TEAS, COFFEES SUGARS and SPICES. We also carry a full line of PIPES, TOBACCO and CIGARS. VEGETABLES In Season. WERNER & BRENNER. LEAVE ORDERS. FOB CE CREAMS AND ICES OF ALL KINDS. MALACA CRAPES, Bananas, AÑD FLORIDrORAÑCE8, Constantly on hand, at HANCSTERFER'S. No. 28, South Main Street. The Ann Arbor Savings Bank rga.iized 1869. under the General Banking Law ! tais stat r has now, inl nding capital Stock, c, etoOVER $500,000 ASSETS.I Business men, Guardians, Trustees, Ladies and other persons will find this Bank a SAFE AND CONVENIENT lace at which to make Deposita and do business. riterest is Allowed on All Savings Deposita f $1.00 and upward, accordlng to the rules of tae bank, and interest compounded seini-annuUy. Moneyto Loan In Sumsof $25 to $5,OOO. ecured by Unincambered Real Estáte and other ;ood securities. - - ■ DIRECTORS-Chrlstain Mack, W. W. Wine, W. W. Harrmian, William Deuble, David Klnsey, aniel Hiscoclf and W. B. Smith. OKFICERS- Christian Mack, President; W. W.Wines, Vice-President: C. E. Hiscock, asher. Jno. Eisele, Keeps AIIIKinds of Mi teries AND - - Ganned Goods. The JBc&t 5O cent Tea in tlio City. lo. 2 Detroit Street, Ann Arbor. JOHN MUEHLIG, UNDËBTAKER. ROOMS No. 35 South Main Street over A. L. Noble's store. BESIDENCE 61 South Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. JOK MARTIN, Late with John Muehllg, and still occupying the eaine rooms, is prepared to do all kinds of REPAIR I K G ., Upholstering and Finishing done on Short Notlce. Leaveyour orders for anything in the FURNITURE]LINE. Shop over A. L. Noble's 8tar Clothing House, 35 South Main st., Annl Arbor. SPOONERPAT. COLLAR Cannot Cnoke a norse. _ ík Adjusts ltself to any Horses Neck. }0 Has two rows of Stitchinir. W?Jmr,n Will hold Hame$ In place. B f ; None Genuine unless stamled AaÊW w r viitk our "Tradi-Mark." K ui KVOim MARNCtg. 44f ■■L NAKCR FOR THÏM. (jff J Qj Brown Chinese Plant On Ivorv A'Stock Pattern wlth ug and can be fiad in sep arate pieces as well as sets and matched foryearsto come as readily a White Ware. J. D. STIMSON & SON, China, Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, etc. ANN ABBOR, - 5 MIOH. GfREETIHSU We come before the people wlth the largostland FINEST STOCK OP ALL THE LEADINC and Fashionable Styles of Cloths and Suitings Entirely too numerous to mentlon f or tho outllting of the fine dressers. And as we have the services of one of the best cutters, and also our coat makers are amonn the best, enables us to please the most fashionable drassere. Now all we have to say Is come in and we will guarantee you the lowest prices In the state for flrst-class gooda. No trouble to show goods. Rememberthe place, No. 6 East Hu ron Street, four doors west of the Cook House W.C. BURCHFIELD. Palace Grocerv ! I have just received a f resh new stock oL ÖHüllilcI Goods, Both Forelgn and Domestic, which, I can ar sell at QREAT BAKQAINS. My. Fine Teas and Coffees ARE ÜNEXCELLEDi I have the flnest and most complete stock of STUDENT, LIBRARr, HALL and STAND LIMIIP S of any one In the county. Also a large line of Crockery, Glassware, and Decorative China. Come and punchase while the selection is complete and convince yourselves that I give the BEST BARGAINS of any other store in Ann Arbor. 2O Bars Babbit's Best Soap forSI.OO. FREDT. STIMSON. No. 9 North Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. CEO. OLP ! PR0PR1ET0R OF THE New Livery Stable Boardintt and ï armers' Feed Barn. A.t Baxter's Old Stuud, Corner Huron and Second Streets. rURNOUTS ALL. NEW' AND NEAT. Charges Reaaonable. Telephone Connection. H. LAUBENCAYER SELL8 Bottled Beer In Pints and Quarts and delivered to any part of the Cit Free of Charge. Corner of Detroit and Catharinê Streets, or kave orders ar' the Postoffice. The Palace Liverv - THE Int ui Best Tonus IN THEICITY. LIVERY AND SALE JAS. W. ROBISON, Prop. No. 21. South Fourth St., Ann Arbor Mich. Telephone N0.31. The Best Coal fn the City. For Both Hard and Soft Coal cali on M. STAEBLER, NO. 11 WEST WASHINGTON ST. Teiephone No. 8. HENRY RICHARDS, Is again in business. This time in the rear of Jno. Fianegan'a Agncultural Hall, Detroit street. ♦-ALL KINDS OF- HARD AND SOFT WOOD on hand, and orders taken for OOA.H.. I will also lay in a stock of HARD WOOD LUMBEK for the Spring Trade. Old f rienda and customers are invited to cali and see me. Henry Richards. RINSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 & 8 WashingtonI St. Haveon hand a complete stock of everything In the Crocery Line. Teas, Coffees, Suears, In large amounts, and at CasiL IP:r?oes And can sell at Low Figureg. The large invoice of Teas thay buy and sell, Is good proof that In Quality and Price the Give Bargains. They Roast thelr own Coffees every week, and none but prime articles are used. Their Bakery tun out excellent Bread. Oake nd Craokers. OaU and ee them.


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