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One Way To Set Broken Ribs

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Buffalo News: A young woman physician who prácticos in knglewood teils of a (jiieer casi; ia surgery which she heard of a few weeks ago, or rather a case of mostunusualsurgical treatnient for a coramoD injnry. A j'OUDg man had suflered a fall from the cars, and on exauiination it was found that two of his ribs had been broken The doctor who was callcd to the case - a man doctor by the way - told the patient's mother to make a big bowl of ruush and milk, and to coax the wounded man to cat as much as he could possibly hold. 'lhis was done, and then tho doctor told the wondering mother to bring him on e of her old corsets, the largest one she had. The good wouian blushingly obeyed, and stood by with buiging eyes and watched the doctor put the corset on his patiënt and draw the stringscorafortably tight. , "Keep the boy iilled with mush and milk all ni;:ht, if possibly," was the doctors injunction, as he plcked up his traps to go away; "and be rare that the corset strings don't get any looser." than they are now. ril conïe again in the morning. " The next day tho iugenious medical rnun declared that tho broken woukl soon be knitted wull togcthcr, and straight as you ploaso. "The mush and milk on the inside aud the corset on the ontside is what did tho business," he sa d.


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