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Through The Forest

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Oíd men live In the past. Psihaps it would be better for the youns men o. the present U t cy lived a littlebit more in the past, an t drtw lest on the future. ïhe log cablns of priuiitive times woulil ieem very eheerless babltations tothe people who live in the linely construcled iuriiaeu-heated tnansioiis of to-day. Lut 5ur grand-parents touk a great deal of comfort in these rude homes. They were n:gied and healthy. Tlie men had talwart and hardy frames, and the women were free from the moderm ailments that make tho sex of to day practi;ally helpleu slaves to hl red forelgn help. Wiiite haired grandslrea fre aeutly took their life parmers and on horseback rode i score of miles tlirougb. the forests to en)oy the lively pleasure of a troivicr IihII, lanced till dayllght, 10de home again in Ih carly morning, then put in a gooi ilay's wort. Middle-agtd folks of to-day couldn't stand tliat soit of a raeket To these mud-ehinkedlogcahinsdoclo s' vMN were a rarity. The Inbabltants lhed to a rugged and green oid nne. Sometimes ti.ese log cabin i.ld -timers nero taken ill. They were nol prooi aga 081 all the exposures to which they vi re subjected. They tound the e ective remede for these commo:i ailmrir. ■ n llie roots and herb.i wh ch gr w In the nelghbonng f resta and tieids. They had learned that nat re lias a cure for eve y ill. TIn se jioti'iit re.iK dies ass's'ed the.r sturdy f ia i es to ijiiickly'.v offdiveikse and lef t no poison 1 1 the system. The unpleasarit fea'ure of modern jiractce with mineral medxines is the injuii ous aftcr-e;teot on tlie svstem. May not modern phylcal degeneracy he due 10 thi feature.' A drug-fat1 ratedsystem Is not in a natural, conse-iuently not in a healthy, state. lf anv of the mainorgans arecloggetl wit tra es i f the mineral putsons use. i 10 urlvu out a paxtlca'.ar disease, the wh.ile ma ehinery of lile is derangedand tarly deca of natural i ow ere is the Inevl a le resttlt. There cante do questlon tliai cerned e from the lahoratory of uaturf are the leU. lf tl ey arj as efDcaciou ., they h.ive t e advantnge of leaving uo afin sin . Their efflcacy, if ]roperly compounded. and the proper remedy applied to the I roper dtsease, wlll not he doubted. The experience of ages iroves it. Their disusi; has como abo r principal!) throiigh the r put congregation of peoplf in ei. les and villages rende ing these natural remedes ditlirult to obtaln. l'ro gressive bus n ss enterprise luis lately lei: to putting these old-tiine remedies w.thi. the r ach of all classes. The proprietors of Wa.ner's safe reme dis, In the aiih that the . eo Ie f to-da would be benetittrd by usiiiji tlie siti ph remed es of log ca in day?, have causeo investigations to be made and secure l h formulas of a i;umber of those which Ion and suceessful use had proed to be th most valuable. They will we learn, be known mul the general tl' Ie of "Warner s Log Cabi Kemedies. " Among these medicines win be a "Sarsaparilla"forthe bloed and liver "l.o Cabin Hops and BuC.iu Himedy. for the stomach, etc, "Lo; Cabin l OUgt and Consii'ipti n Kemely, ' a reme;l called "Scalpine," for the hair, "l.o abln Kxtra-t, " for Internat and e -terna' use. and an old valuable disc very for c.i tarrh. calle 1 "L g i abin l.'ose Cream. " Among the list is also a "i ojí . abin l'las ter" and a "Log Cabin Liver l'ill.


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