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Keep ng a dlary notwhatit is cracVert u] to i e. i hirty days of aocuracy is uliout tl ie .unit o! I h enlur nee b t Dr. Buli i o gh biyrup has never vet disnppointed any on wi.n ns il t. "Uy son, when you go to t e city, eet yon a Hicycle, somn tipht pants, some tooth-picfc si. oes nd a sien Ier cine, but with all your geltings don t rail to get a bottle of a " ation il. lor Lpride lyou know gnetli beiorea fall. ' A "cunniiiif" ink-well is a si ver tobo pan, whoie ,'irl occupint slide ba k in the most life-like manuer, nt the touch of a conoealed spring. l'rr vftil Ion vtTMIIK M'll(ines. Hygienic treatment anl care of health has I. eróme very nerous among our intelligent pu'ip.e and uow science bas toiio to theiescue in the Bhape of n lo enge which prevenís th j bad eifects froni sudden changes oí tem]eratnre; and a p6rffOQ going into a ro.d or damp air in a perepiration is ub protectea by di solving oue on the longue. tiluKtrs, lecturer, clei'Kyni"ii, aod epcially womon, use large uantiltes. 'i'heir use ioes not increiBC your tinbility to take cold after tbo e ects are pone: this ia of great value. The drnggUts cali them "Moxie l.o.enge-. ' Very ïheap. Miss Travis - Doctor, my head troubles meterr.biy. It swinu a.l the time. Doctor My deur yoiiug lady, you read to se;iido norels. A LETTER From the ïntlor t the M . l: t'hurch. Fraxklis, Oakland ('o., Micii. I I 'e ■. -, 1&87. j Rheumatic Syrup ('ompany : l) ■ iH Hut 'Mr A. A. Kust, of this place, furnished me ono bottle of your Kheuniatic öyrop. i uve taken about twothirds of it. Ue'ore takitiï it the slif;hte-t ehnnge in the wether aftected me very ínuch. i ain now iilmost entirely free from the awfnl twinges of rheumatism, and chances in the weatber do not atleet me. fci. A. Ij ISO, Fnstor of Methodist Cha cli. Iranklin, Mich. Kngland expects every man to do his duty and Ame ica expeits eery woman to pïiy hers - but she woa't if there's anv chun e of stuuLging. Xc S: fer Kemedy can be had for Coughs i nd Co!d , or a'nv trouble of the '1 hroat, than "1 rown's lironehia Troches." hrice "cent-. Bold on!y in boxes. "I thought you took nn unusnal interest in my welfare.' remarktd au antucegsful lover. ".No. indeed," she rep. ied. ■onlyin your farewell." statk en oiiio. City ok Toledo, i I v IA8 ÜOI Nn, SS, i l'rnnk J. Cíe ;uy niiikcH oath that he ti Uie senior j [lartner of the ïlrm of F. J. Choney & C '.. t ness tn ihc cily oí Toledo, coanty anJ state i iii.i, tui I ili:u snld lirm 111 [iy ih! ram of une ' iindred dollars for eauh and evory caso of catarrb ' caunot be onred by the use of Hall s Catarrh Cure. IIIANK J. CIIENBT. Bwoni to hof.iro me and subscribe in my presruco, tbis i;th day of Ueuüiutier. A. lx '8 i. , j A, WGLBASON, SEAI, Nutary Publla t ) Hall'? Catarrh Cure Is taken intcrnally nnd act I irecily uuon tlio biood anl mucm suna.ei of the h. ti'ui. Seud lor ie tiniuntnis free. f. J. UilBNEY Uü., Toledo, Ohlo. fySold by I rii(ííist3, 75 cents. A correspondent asks how a gown of pilot clolh thould be made. As simply as ossibie, and nodecorationsbe3oudbraidíng, or a narrow bordering of lur. VVe cali your attention to the seed adverti ement of H. VV. buckbee, Rockforrl, 111. ll you intend to p : rehuse seeds, planta etc., you will flnd this a fir-t-class, reliadle lio .so. lllustratea catalogue mailed free, upon appiication, to all read era of this paper. '1 hefiísliionnb'.eoveniím toilet can scarcey have t ;o many jewels oa „ewel ornaments in the liair. the ears, on the neck. the anus, the fingers. and on the dresa itelf. If affilcted with sore eyes use Dr. Isaac Thompson's Eye Water. Drucists sell it. 25c The latcst fancy in ball gowns is to trim the open ." ol tho bodlce. back and front, with u carland of fine llowers that termínate in lino points at the waist line. rnniimptlo i Surely Cured, To the Editor:- Flease inform vour reader-i thit I hará i positivo veme iy for the above named liisease. By its timely u-e ten tbousands of hopeHess casns have heen permanenïiy cure i. 1 h'ill be gl d to send iwo bottles of my rsmedy free to any of your readers who have consumption if they ill send uie tlieir expres and f. O. address. Hesiiectlully, T. A. Sloccm, il. C., lsl l'earl St., New ' York. "No man knows himse'f iintil he has Miffereil," ays a Fren;h author. l times a man who hassuffered trom a night : out with the boy loóles in the glass the next morning and doesn't know himself. Mknsman's Pei-tonmzei) B'-fi Tonic, only preparation of beef contanint; its ent.ire ! utritious proporties. It contains ! making. torce generating. invaluable for i indigestión, dyspep-ia. nervnus ! tion. nll forms of general debilíty; all I enfeebled cor.i'itions. whetber result of exhaustion. nervous prostration, overwork, or acute diseases; particularly if ( ie8ultin!r from pulmonary complaints i Ha-'ard, Hazard & Co., Frops., New York. I bold by druggists. ft ' " ■ ■' ■ j hl? standar J ÏVYfSéWS'Jfii jj "reparatlon lüvvw i?V I oaliar merIt j . t ? I umi It won 'jy V derf ui curen COHPOÜND EXTRACTyV oa the contin-, . vA.. lence of the i A vJZxff "eiple' ttndH y6x '"Ot popular U tfwfeJkS' "lood purltlo Lfrfffi an(l strengthA.]W ■ ening medly OJfci . A line. Itcuru fí&Lj%r A ■'■rorula' 8alt rÊXr A rllc!llm' dr9 ie in-P', liesd' XT#' VVV and IItct oom O"n'"r7; '"'"' '11 ''ln"tciUrrh, Vi. .-...■.....■. ............ .1 tr to iCscif. Hooil'sSnr-nnnrllla oM 1T !' 'x'or B. Prepared by C. L Hoon A Co., Lo0"' Ms5IUO iwooc viio LOila.r. A BIG OFFER ! AI9WASHINO MACHINE PREE lut yer we vlaoecl npon the mirket tlie grtgtlbor-MTirm invintion of the ]9lh cnturr. It wal a self oppraíing ""rashlnr Mnchm. It wart" thfclotlilne citan vílTHOUT THE WASHBOARD OR AKY Itl BBINO WHATEVER. Wailirlis-ct afewhundred free to introduM them und through these free amplei iold OTr 8O ÓOO On lidy in Clücaro (Mn. McDr(not't, 333 V. Uth SL,) wm o ell pleaied with her laraple tiat ihe Wratne an agent and aold over laW In four roonth. W. C. Hamill, Box S57 Toronto, Out, ordered OTer 00 aftr ttIni bil ampie. We bare orei of Ju iuch nniplei ai thi. It pa7i " to cast Tour bread "n the watert." OÍ' R OREAT Orf KR ThU Tear we IntrntS to Rpll not leu than ONB HILLIOS WASHKR.-i, and to do tliii we wiU ñrt tart off byíilVINO AWAY IO00 lampUl. All we ask of those who receire one It tliat tbty wlU rire It a rood trial, and if tatltfactory refotntnend It to tlielr frlenda. Aeenta are coininr money. We have teveral who are nikin 110 per day and upward. " Firit come, flrtt terred.' So lf jóu want one from the lot w are joint to rive Rwnr tend your name and addreal at oaoe. 1 AdJreai; MONARCH LAl'NDRY WORKS, (20 Wabaali aTe.,Chlcago,Ill. (Memlon thla ptper). READTH1S! The New York "Christian at "Worfsays : 'We have pertonally cxninlncd n ffreat many letters received trom all sections of il country frora ihose who aie uaiig uiis wonderful Waihinz Machine, and all unite in coratnei.dineit In thehiiiheit terma." Wealsohave timilar rcference from the "Fam and Firesidc," Uio "Home and lrann, ' and icoresof othcr papert. MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY. Wholly I'nliU" Artificial .yMtcntn. Any Kook Learned fn One Kendtnar Recoramendert by Hakk Twais, Ric-hakd Prootor. tho Scienil'it.'HoDs. W. W. AsTort, Judah P. BKXjAMiN.Dr. Minor, ere CUtcs(.f MUK'niumbia Uiw Btudents: 'lï at aieridcn ; '50 at Norwich JSO at Oberlin Oollegei two Cliissos of 200 f ach at Yale 40Uat ünivt'rslty of Fenn.. Phlla. ; 40) at Wdlrslo.Collogf, anti throe tarfr.-1 Classes at rhntauqua üniversfty. etc, Pro8pect8 porr fiïktc frozn Prof. MISF.TT ? - ■ - Vi-'.-. om wm _TO- .CALIFORNIA, TIA TBE Great Rock Island Route. CHEAP TICKETS, First ClassAeconimodations. ■ m Leavinff Chicago February 15, 1888. MATE. Eiglity Dollars SüRoDnd Trip, Keg u lar round trip tic kets on sale every day lor One HiMdred Dollars from Cbicap For f ii 11 particular?, sleeping caraccommodatlous, etc, addrcss C. II. Hoi.DitinoE, Xortheastern Tassenger Agent, Cor. Lamed and Griswold Sts., Detroit, Miel)., or E. A. nOLBKOOK, Gen'l Ticket and Passenger Agent, Chicago, I1U Neuralgia, Hcadaohc, Scre Throat, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Wounds, Lame Back, And All Pains Of An nflammatory Nature. oíd ly IruElata, GOc. uuil Sl.UO. SON BOOS HAILED FRÍE. .. Address WIZA3D OIL CO., J- B-!,, CHICAGO. m,Mtf?fk Cleanses theSffffAM RMW5 Ñas a I Pas "■i&'SeS00 sages, AllaySM[EÁNDJ Pain and JuivrFvrDii!2 & k H e a I s t h eK $fñ stores theHL_ tl S e n s e s o f HS5 3S I,S.iÍ.' a"llïM3 TET 116 CÜBE.'iAY-FEVER A partiële H applleil Into fnch nostrl' and II acrei-ablo. Prlcu uo ctnM nt rtr'Kelts; br malí, reiíl!erel 90 cent ELY BKOTHEUS. 235 Greeuw.cli St..Ncir York. Onr New Store, hkh we now occupy, na abnnt 3 acres of Floor Space. O The BUYERS' GUIDE ti luned Sept. and March, eachyear. - 3G4 pagea, a'A "K 'clie,ltli over 3,5OO tllualratlona - o wbole Picture Gallery. GIVES Mliofriale Prieta direct to eonsumer on all cnmt for personal or family me. T.llslioiv to orüer, and glvea .ia( con of ererythtng yon nse, eat. drlnk, wi-nr, or llave fnn wltli. Tlire INVALUAIUjE BOOIiS contatn Information gleaned from the marketa of the tvorld. A copjr. nit PRBB pon recelpt oí 10 ct. to defrny expeuce of mailing. MONTCOMERY WARD & CO. 111-114 Michigan Avciinr. C liicao, III. The Blue Grass REGIÓN OFTIIE Fl'TlRE. XO lll.lf.YA HUH. The only renlly une Blue-(rrv9 Jrnd haviniran F. rrllf .11 H l'a-Hi.T ( maT, wliith uan nowbe bouKlitutmo'IrrKteijiíres, a tlie Mulatta oil land of Moiilhwrat Mlotirl. It ís in tlie Hume lutilud th fnmoiis Blue lira It.-ulou of Jí-nliiek.v, and huí a limentone soil heavilr charrert with pr.osphato. ('lover. II Arua, reliuid (Irn.innd Tlmothy do ejcceí-flinffly well, whüfit isa Rood Kraln.and an excellent fruit country F.T lul! ...i-tl.iilariapply to T. S. FBOST, Cusrllíá lio.l J. M. PUKDY. Noho. Mo.: SANUKIt WEIB, Spring! tlíld. Mo.: 0K0. A. PUilUY. Pierco City I L. i. 81DWAY, US Darborn.St., Chicago. ' .tfriBflllhw I T prwrribe nnd fully en9 dome l;it; (; ai tbe ovtly #FCvmli ■B pperinc forttiecertaiDCure Vl TO b DATO.I C( tlils distase. g muíame ■ Amuterdam, K. y; ES vra.íiybj ík. Wi hnvf sold Ule G for lMllnei..ilMi mnT year, nd It ha lBf _ ,iLeiTi th best of atisWt OiaclBaatl.HH factlon. ■k. Obio. J& I. K. DYCnE A CO., p_-r CbicaRO. ltl. TnulMa1.00. Sold by DrugglaU. QPjlHOTGUÑ Inlist npon pcttlnf thfl ' ( hitniplnn " t íf your '■'"I" hain'l It, d 10 un. .- . I Se. In Uirop, for llln.lrntíí PK l'ftlalotn. „f UunB. tíití, ., Rcvolvm, Ivoict Goodi. ta. JIIIIX P. LOVKLL AR1I3 CO.. Sanurr. Bonon, Mau. MORTHERÑ PáCIFIS. II LOW PRICE RAILfiOAD LANDS 1 I'llJCi: Government 1,A!Í. rVMTLLIOSÜ of ACRKS of eaüh In Mlniasota. North IMkota, Montana. Mano, IVmhlnjítoii ni Oreiru, CCÑn CO i Publition wlthMapsdcfcribincTlllS ÖCnU FU" BKRT AKríouMural f Iratnirnnd Tjrnber Lantls now opín !j Sfttli-rn lt.T KKKK AildraM C AS. B.UMgORM.'sT-VAuu.'TNA:: WORK SHOPS El WITHOUT STEAM POWSB JfS) BT USINO OÜTPIT8 OP J J-Q 1 BARNES" PATENT FOOT POWER i . _jLLL machinery can compote witli imSfK-ffk ■team power, sold on trial. SttUÉpHf Mptal and woodwiirkr-isend for J7tïb prices. IlluBtr'd catalogue f ree. Mft ■ W. F. & JNO. BARNES CO., LL1 ROCKFORO, LL. SHblLU Addreas No. 641 Ruby SU W"iiJa 9 11 .NEWJIVENTION . 7K Crd f Bth k bfn wed br n mo la I boort. Hiaiirtdi k&r iwcd SaadScorda dil. "Exattly" kat Try Pr tná Wnod Choitrr wim, "irw errfr frm Aiiiw JOLDLNU flA'iVl.NU HACIIIMC CO., 303 S. Caual 8tret. Chicago, 111. I GURE FITS! When 1 ay curo I do nt metn merely to stop them i tor liiue-Ritd ihpn have them returnnain. I man & ! radical ture. I havo made the diaoMfl of RÊTS, EPILi KPSY or FALLINí. BICKNB88 Uflonv tady. I I warrant my rumcdy to cure tht worst cases. Becauw ot-harshave failed isnoreason tor not now receiving ft cure. Bendatonce iur n treatiso and a FroO Bottl of my infalliWf rcniedy. Give Kxprew id Iut OfBcft. II. U. KüOTi .vi, C. Iö3 Fearl st. New York. SUPPLIESë LowMt Wnolaaaia PHcm. For Oompletí Frca Cataloga. "d " lreM Western brpply Company. 157 KlnMe Stioít. CHICAOO. lLLRfer to Lincoln National Bank. Kfl I rN I oxnmlnpr In C.S. Patent Offl iHI LI1 I W Si'inl model ur sketch lor l're opinión whetherpatent oan i' aecared. Sen !k on pateiHR free. Referpncei:C'mmiBsioner of Pt entoor any other nfflrlalof tlie U. S. Pt.nt Oftloe. E. JJ. STOCK l.NCJ, Attorney. H 1 1 FS: W ashiiiïtou. I. C'. - - Kre-h, KiMianle. U.ily i and 3 CCCIIv c-nt por Ihtc piC';ii:-r. Jtl.ím AP UaS Novnlty Pn:ent Kkfe. Mam'■' motï Beed Karm. One Acre of Or. W?iiiill"iil Om-den KIIF.E. II W BUCKHKE, Iii'ckiord Seed Knrtn, Itiokford, 111. ■ m m m ma 0 KnirM's (Evillsh) Steel and I WZ I'ennyroyal Pilla for irrira KM I I P %!ar montlily ii-iods, are Mtfd. I MV I ■B#rrf:iutl nnii the only pnnin. Sent aiit where t aipt of 1 t)t by Ai.viüt P. Kinonr. DragM, 3:üW S:ate S', Chicago. 111. mnflllARCPEB DAT with DnnÍI UULLAnO nlng' Farm dediter and Hl-t rlIVcal Aramnlam: Wu3 :K) pages. Complute account book a1 d encye opeli:t n one. No expo; ience neetled. utnt;clrculars free. Industrial l'ub. Co., Detroit. Miota. QB B33Cli4iicJtOWB,üa RFIIOinilO SO.Tru. Prac(lcelnPenlon lülp M VIIMSoldlerClalms. Succeu r fcllVIWISWornntee!. Send for new I lows. C. M. SITES & Co-, Atty '. Wanliinitton J.C m _ nH..HIA Procured by Kottcoe B.WheelOB .HTS"'1'1"1"''' .micii. rtüit H &M I rfl I business unly. Inlrinements ■ " " " ■ 'proaooiuea aiu ital oplulonsejittered lüTeuiord' Uuide íree. P(?C By return mail. ImiII Drxcriptlon 1M fel Moay'a 1'alUr .-.(. m of Urna rniib CutUñ. IICK1T CO., Cincinnati. Cl (jiP TO A DAT. Snmjiltt trnrlh SI. ÍSO Zkzl ' RE K. Ijvrsnnl untler Uit horsi's fe tl. WrIU WW Brtwtur Saftv Hein UuUtr Co.,'IoUv. ÜlcL CTCIICII Q Btamw8eaJ" T'rai . Cliocks. Burnlng OlbrlUILOf BraJMl Btvel Stampa. Rabbér BtamM House Nos. C. II. llunson.3iS. Bo.Clark S[. Chicago. ilL AaAA A JlO.XJÏl. AgtnlsWantt. sobestsoll W M 1 1 luKHrtic4es in Ltie wurkl. 1 niunple Free. ybWUAdda-ssl' JiHOSSOS,UctroU,Mic. pAl n iBworthlölJper ft. 1'ettil'siKyeSalvelswortU UULL H0uu.but la snij at aceiq a box by daaUfi tíiú'mm Mustang Liniment OtJHES Bciatica, Scratchea, Coatraoted Lumbago, Sprainh Muecle, Khenmatinn, Etrains, Ernption, Burni, Sütchcs, Hoof AU, Pcald!, EtiffJointi, Serew Etings, Backache, Worm, Bitos, Galla, Evinnfji Braisos, Sorss, Saadli O&lli, Bnnions, Epavin Files. Corns, Craclo. CakedBieftsU For MAN or BEAST, Rub it In ymnnnnaiY ! ! W. N. U. D.-6-6. VVlien wrltlnj; to Advertlgers piense say fousaw tbe advertlseinout in thU Paper


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