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Real Estate Transfers

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Ellen Hasomau to Jane Vannatter Dexter, $100. John Boyce to Geo. S. Barnes. Ypsilan ï, $2,500. BurkSpenci;rtoPhebeA.Spencer,YpBianti, f300. Mabel L. Jewell to John W. Loveland, York, f350. FraDcis Stofflet to Mary A. Stofflet, .nn Arbor. Alva Keep, by ex., to George llauser, alem, $760. Sarah L. Simmons to Mell Barnes, Mian, $325.00. Wilson & Warner to Cj ral L. Forman, lilan, $100. Lucy Ann Clark to Wood & Cooper, Clielsea, $83. Maty C. Richards to Amanda G. Back, Ypsilanti, $400. Emmons Spencer to Phvebe A. Spencer, Ypsilunvi. $300. Daniel Spencer to Phoebe A. Spencer, Ypsiiaiiti, $300. Herman Feckheimer to Geo. C. Bichel, 'psilauti, $500. Keuben Colé and wifeto Dan'l O.Gates, Ypsilanti, $1,000. Bussell Hastinjfs to William Moore, .'psilanti, $1,450. Edward A. Gott, et al., to Louis Noli, Ann Arbor, $200. John Burns, by heirs,to Jethro Maybee, Ann Arbor, $100. John S. Kider and wife to John D. Bobrts, Salem, $500. Bridget Barry, et al, to Daniel Barry, Northtield, $1,500. Edward A. Gott, et al., to Ollie Noli, Ann Arbor, $200. Nelson Bogers and wife to Albert Sauer, Nortlifield, $262.50. Lydia A. Spencer to Phvebe A. Spencer, Ypsilanti, 1300. KateLi. Frost to E. S., & A. L.Tate, Bridge water. $3,200. David B. Hammond to Irving J. Hammond, Lima, $3,000. Solomnn II. Üstrander to Jasper N. Colby, Ypsilanti, $100. A-ldison Osborne and wife to Wrn. Torranee, Angustí, $1,500. Samuel N . House and wife to Mary A Bigg=s Ann Arbor, $1,000. Pliilander C . Frost, et al., E. 8., & A. L. Tate, Bnd(?ewter, $3,200. Addison Osborne and wife to Weimore I. Losee, Augusta, $1,200. Joseph II. Colby and wife to Wm. II. Oetrander, Ypsilanti, $100. William Allison and wife to Sidney Ilarwooil, Pittsfleld, $1,500. H. H. Cocker and wife to F. E. Yale, Anu Arbor, contract, $4,500. Christopher O. Millnian and wife to Mich'el Schneider, Ann Arbor, $300.