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The Colorado Farmer advises bloonier dresses for working costumes. A sensible suggeshon. In Germany a man was granted a divorce from hiB wife becau&e she "did not know how to oook." The flrst Art Club in Texas has been established at San Antonio. It is oflicered entirely by ladies. An effort is to be made by the women of Portland, Oregon, to secure the appointment of a police-matron. Jadge Thurman's daughter, who lires at Richmond Iliil, L. I , buit her own house and had it made to Buit her own ideas. Mre . Julia Noyes Stiokney goes ■with the National educational association on ita California trip as a newspaper correspondent. Miss M.ary A. Rice, a gradúate of the Kansas state umversity, is said to be the flrst wouian in that state to receive a license as a pharmaoist. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps' first literary venture was a story written when she was thirteen years old, anti published m the Youth's Compamon. Miss Clara Conklin is professor of English at Ohio Wosleyan university. She was principal of the Urbana, Ohio, high school from 18(59 to 1874. Several cbaritable ladies have organizad an "ice mission" in Nashville, Tenn. They hunt up poor people who are siclï, and give them ice and lemons. The announcement that Louiia M. Alcott's home at Concord, Mass., is to be sold, leads to suggeshon that it be bought by subscription and converted into a home for poor ohildren, as a memorial to the author so well beloved by young readers. The great prison at San Quention, Cal., has 1,400 inmates, of who only twenty are women. Yet the California papers continue to talk about the danger there would from the votes of bad women ïf women had suffrage, as if the vicious and criminal class were larger pmong women than among men. Mrs. Leonora M. Barry made a good point in her address at the Fcurth of July celebration at Rockford, 111. , when she said she did not believe that a motber would be any the worso mother, or a wife any the less a good wife, where she granted the right to vote. Rather she believed she would be a better mother and a wiser wife if she understood the political, economie and social conditions of life, and conld transmit her knowledge to her children. Mrs. Hanna Neilson is the manager of a successful dairy school in Denmark. She traveled extensively, learning how to make the finest kinds of cheeae peculiar to each country. She now bas hundreds of pupils, including counts and barons from all over Europe. öhe has taken a nuniber of premiums, and at her silvor wedding she was presented with a silver cup by the Royal Danish agrioultural society as an acknowledgment of her share in the progresa of Danish dairying. Mme. Edouard Andre, the French painter, who lately gave all her jewelry for tbe foundation of an asyliim for the poor in Paris, is generally known by her rnaiden name of Jacquemart. The jewels were sold last month at auction and brought 400,000 francs. Among the articles was a necklace of twelve rubies encircled with diamouds, once the property of the last Queen of France, Marie Amelie, wife of Louis Pliillipe, which brought 80,000 francs. A pear-shaped black pearl was sold for 32,000 fand.


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