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Dull, duller.dullest. Ann Arbor is very quiet. Harvesting is about over. Wm. Herz ia in Cincinnati. Prof. Elisha Jones is very 111. Mrs. John Dewey is in Fenton. MisB Mary Jaycox is at Petoskey. Prof. Perry bas gone to Bay View. Dr. W. B. Srnith went east Monday. F. G. Schleicher Sundayed in Chclsea. The woods are f uil of them- campers . Miss L. Marston is in Detroit tbis waek. John Lawieuce was in Detroit this week. Wm. Oaspary has a new sigu on his bakery. Miss Miuuie Kempf is visitingSnginaw friends. Mr. L. Betz is eutertaining Toledo friends. Miss Lulu Craig bas returnedfromCincinnati. The dirne circus this week drew big crowds. Miss Kate Mooro spent Sunday in Wayne. Mrs. J. C. Watts is visiliug relative in Iludson. Dr. llendricks returned f rom Detroit Tueeday. A. Dancer of Dexter, was in the city yesterday. Ed Hatch of this city bas been granted a pension. Eli Mooro Jr., is speuding the suramer in Albion. Mrs. Dr. Hoff is at Mountain Lake Park. Ind. Dr. J. G. Lynds, medie, '88, haslocated in Chelsea. Mrs. Win. Noble is visiting friends in New York. Miss Eliza Hosrner is visiting friends in Chicago. Mrt. Prof. Rogers is visiting in Frenchtown, N. Y. Miss Virginia Lañe has gone north for a few weeks. Prof. Knowlton was qnite sick the first of the week . Mrs. C. S. Millen and children are at North Lake. Mrs. Tom Leonard bas returned home from Detroit. Mrs. Vi C. Vaughan gives a tea party this afternoon. Elmer Beal spent last week with relatives in Dexter. Willie Caspary is spendiug some weeks in the country. Mrs. Prof. Demmon is in Grand Rapids for a few weeks. Capt. Manly is attending the Cincinnati exposition. Miss Ilill, of Liberty street, left for Matquette Tuesday. Mrs. John Keenan is very sick and not expected to live. Miss Carrie Watts, and Miss B. Koyce are at Bay View. Wm. Jolly and family are camping at Strawberry Lake. Miss Ada Gilbert spent a few days in Cbelsea this week. Mr. 0. Wining, dent. '80, is visiting friends iu the city. Miss Mary Ashley, of Toledo, was in the city last week. Walter Mack left for a trip to Mackinaw last Salurday. Moses Seabolt'a faniily retuiaed from camp last Saturday. Lew Clement went to Detroit with the boys Wednesday. Mrs. Laurence Hughes of Denlon's.was in the city last week. H. J. Brown'sfamily areependiuitsome time at V uit more Lake. Will Watts visited the metropolis Tuesday on his way cast. E. M. Sontbard bas bad screen doora made for bis barber shop. Laurenoe Ilughos, of Kulamazoo, is visiting relativee in tbe city. Mr. John Martin, of New York city, is visitiug Postmaster Duffy. Prof. C . B. Cady bas tendered bis resignation to tbe univereity. Don't forget the business men's meeting next Tuesday eveninR. Mr. and Airs. John Miller of Detroit, were in tbe city yesterday. Ilarry Hall aud August Boebm are at Whitmore Lake tbis week. Rev. Wm. öalpin preacbed in St. Andrew's cl 'ircb last Sunday . A number of Aun Arborites attended the Detroit races thia week. Hepublican county oonvention next Tuesday at the court house. JIrs. G. P. Williams is retnoving from N. State to 33 E. Ann Btreet. Mr. Thomas Hayley is on the road selling his new furniture polish. Rev. Dr. Earp preached in St. Paul's church, Detroit, last Sunday. Mrs. Wm. Wagner gave a bonnet roeeption yesterdny afternoon . Miss Augustine Sondheim of Detroit, is visiting Miss Pauline Birk. Mrs. M. A. Foley has removed from No. 28 to No. 22 Thompson street. Thomas Hayley niakes a first-claas furniture polish. Give it a trial. The Mis8es Edith and Bena Seyler vigited Detroit frienda last week. N. G. Butta has gone to Chautauqna, New York, to visit his mother. Knoch Dieterle took a wagon load of furniture to Alilan Wednesday. U. fiandall is handsomely decorating the interior of the observatory. Miss Nellie Latson, of Webster inlends entering the uüiversity this fall. Mrs. Drake and danghters are spending the aiimmer at Whitmore Lake. Prof. Calvin B. Cady has accepted the position oflered liim in Chicago. Gaspar Einsey and family are stopping a few days with Detroit frieuds. 1 he Ampbion club will give a concer at Mackinac befare their return. Mrs. Dudley Loomis and Mrs. J. L Stone have returned from camp. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Minnis visited Mrn E. C. Freer m Detroit last week. E. Stevens, of Chicago, 111., is visiting hia brother, Hon. Wni . N. Stevens. Dr. J. S. Campbell has beeu up tbe lakes taking a rest of a few weeks. Mrs. J. J. Robison is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Wni. Bowers, of Sharon. Mrs. S. N. CJement, of Colon, Mich. , is visiting lier son, Lew H. Clement. E. Krueger has been entertaimng this week Mr. (jleasou, of New York city. E. J. Morton, of the Argus, bas beea to Mackinac and the Soo the past week. Missea Ada and Bessie Stevens go to Groen Oak next week to visit friends. Mrs. W. W. Tozer speut last week with her sister, Mrs. A. V allace of Dexter. Major Stevens and son, Collie, spent a few days this week at Whitmore Lake. Misa Elsie Hadley, lit '80, has accepted a position m the C'oldwater high school. Monday Justice Freuauff fined John Muller $5.00 and costa for drunkenness. Mr. Edwards of Lima, spent yesterday with Charley Edwards oí the opera house. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Morse, of Toledo, O., were tbe guests of Mrs. Medaris, Tuesday. ín another column of Tue Democbat E. B. IJall has something to say about coal. Don't forget tbe excursión to Whitmore Lake to-morrow over the Toledo reod. Mrs. J. Wile, of La Porte, Ind., is visíting her fatlier, A. Hammond of the fifth ward. Airs. Fletcher, of the Cook house has a sister visiting her from Clifton Springs, Antón Brehm's restaurant on Depot street, ís a god placu to get a square meal. The Tpsilauti saniturmm has been leased to J. SI. CUidester fora termof three yuars. Eugene Oook, with Mack & Schmid is taking a week's vacation at Whitmore Lake. Miss Amelia McLaren, of the Kegister office is taking a vacation of a couple of weeks. Jfrs. Fullerton of BuíTalo, N. Y., bas been visiting lier daughter, Mrs. Wade Hogers. D. C. Gifferd and Wm. Steufer, of West I'oint, Neb., ure tlio guests of I). F. Schairer. 0. Lilly, of New York city, is visiting bis youug daughter, Christine, at J. M. Wheeler's. In Ishpeming tramps are given so many minutes to get out of the city. A good idea. Schuch cfe Muehlig have two large contracts for pluming iron, in Milan and Charlotte. Miss Ella Brush left Tuesday for an extended visit with friends in Amsterdam, N. Y. Judgeand Mrs. Mclutyre gave a large roception Tuesday afternoon. Hangsterfer catered. The Amphion club lett for Bay View Monday, where they are to give a series of concerts. Ann Arlior may have a street railway. Parties were here Monday looking over the ground. Mrs. John Burg returned last week from a visit to Cleveland, Star Island and Detroit. J. Baumgardner ha the contract to lay the fla? stone walk in front of the opera house. Miss M. Hall of N. State street, lias gone to Cincinnati to via;t her sister, Mrs. T. McDowell. Hon. C. R. and Mrs. Whitman, are expected back from their western trip tomorrow night. Mr. James Hobsou, who bas boen in Texas for a number of mouths, returned home Tuesday. M isses Emma and Carrie Boyd.of Grand Hapids, are spending a few weeks at Israel Kuehnle's. Mrs. Mozart has returned to Washington accompanied by her daughter, Miss Jistelle Mozart. The Dbmocrat and the Ypsilanti Commercial were tlie tirst papers to publish the state ticket. Arthur S. Clark, of Saline, haa patented a wind entrine, and John W. Williams a eider purilier. C. Eberbach furnished ail the belting for Ueinzman & Laubengayer's new elevator building. We. Us & Co , a society ia this city, gave a d:iuce at Smith's hotel, Whitmore Lake last evening. Mra. II. Bovee, of Grand Bapids, is spending a few weeks with her daughter. Mrs. Paris Bantield. Somebody broke into Will Hatoh's house last Sunday and helped himself to something to eat. Mrs. Olivar Downs, of Oscolosa, Iowa, is visitiug her mother, Mrs. C. Goo Inch, of South Stata street. Mre. James Clemeuts and daughter, Mrs. Ida Whoat, are visiting Mr. Will Clements of Bay City. Mrs. Helen Reynolds, of E. Washington, atreet w;is taken to the Pontiac asylum lastFriday afternoon. Miss Grace Swindler, of Kalamazo, is visitiutf her grandfatlier, Mr. l'elog .Marshall, of William street. M rK. Mattie Whetmore, of Jonesville, Mich., is spendinsr a few days with her father, Judge Mclutyre. Kr. Fierle is in Sandwich. Ont., this week, on a retreat. together with ur pnests in tnis diocese. Mr. Bice who bouglit John Koch's resideDce od División street is having it decorated by H. Kandall. Miss Eppa ClarkFisher, a teacher in the iDdian school at Carlisle, Pa., is the guest of the Miases l.aUU. Junius E. 13eal entertuned about 200 bioyclers at the residence of Mrs. R. A Beal, Tuesday afternoon. Jack Johnson is table waiter oa the steamer " City of Alpena," which rum from Detroit to Mackinac. Do not forget the meeting of Clevalam and Hendricks club at the Germaaia uo tel next Tuesday evening. Last week's Dexioobat contained 212 Jota by actual couni, together with considerable other local news. Prof. Winchell and family left for Bay View Tuesday. The professor is to deliver ueveral lectures there. Mrs. Mary Butterfield, of Gosheu.Ind., is the guest of her sister, Mrs. M. V. Culver, No. 18 Maynard street. Mrs. Hendry, of Saginaw, bas purohnscd No. 53 E . Ann street, one of the late Mrs. Chamber's houses. A. A. lleuth left this morning for a pleasure trip to the old country. He will be abroad some months. The Nu Sigma Nu boys have rented W. E. Walker's new house corner E. '.Yashington and 12th streets. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jay, who have been visiting relativos in the city returned to Emporia, Ks., Tuesday. Mrs. Otto, of Saline, and sister Miss Eunice Schairer, of this city, have gone to Buffalo and Niágara l'alls. Miss Minnie Grant of Detroit is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. R. S. Smith and other Ann Arbor friends. Godfrey Wagner, of Chioago, was called to the oity on account of the death of bis brother, John Wagner, Jr. Mre. Haviland and Miss Hattie Haviland left yesterday for Concord and Grand Bapids to visit friends. A. J. Sawyer was called home Wednesday from Oavanaugh Lake on business connected with the opera house. Mrs. A. E . Gregg, and daughter, Iva, of the postoflice force, leavo for Albion next week for a two weeks' visit. Burglars attempted to effect an entrance into W. K. Child's house last Monday night, but were frightened away. The fronts of the stores occupied by Mack & Schmid and Martin Halier have been brightened by a coat of paint. Gustave Hídz and Gustavo Wynkup each picked 64 quarts of raspberries last Tuesday. Who oan beat this record? Judge E. F. Colburn, who is connected with the Utah exposition car is a sonjn-law of Mrs. A. Dygert, of this city. Dr. C. E. Klotz, returned to Si Cathaine, Ont., Satnrday. Mr. Ottmar Eberjaoh went as far as Detroit with him. Mr. Henry (iilbert and family have renoved to this city from Clielsea and ïave taken a house on East Ann street. A 12-years-old son of E. E. Herbert accidentally sliot himself through the hand ast Saturday while fooling with a pistol. Mrs. H. Soule will not visit Topinabee his Bummer, but will go to Minneapolis, ilinn., to visit her daughter, Mrs. Clark. Our colored brethren are making great preparations for the laying of the corner stone of the 2d ISaptist church next .Sunday. The ladies' decoration society will hold business meeting this eveniner at the eeidence of Mrs. S. Barkham, m the fifth ward. An operating room haa been added to ie homeopathie college, and new grates lave been put in both wards in the hos)i t al . Miss Emily Comstock, of ï'psüanti, has jeen tho guest of her cousins the Misses Stevens ol North Ingalls street the last week. Schuch & Muehlig are putting in the leating apparatus into Wm. Bnrke'a ïouse corner of División and Jefferson streets. Mrs. Bisele has jast bad placed in Forest Hill cemetery an elegant monument n memory of her late husband, Anton ïisele. Dr. and Mrs. James Htevena, of Che)oygan talk of coming to this city to ive. Mrs. Stevens was Miss Ella Hangsterfer. J. W. Maynard nas anewdelivery wagon, and will have a new horse and a ucw harnees aa soon as Cleveland is reelected. One of the women performers at the circus Wedneaday evening feil a distance of 20 feet or more and was quite severely )ruised. Mrs. B. F. Granger went to Manchesier last week to attead the funeral of íewman Granger, a hrother of her late ïusband. Mr. Jaines S. Mitchell, of Lima, who lied last week, was an uncle of Mrs. A. ieForest and Miss Hannah Gregory of ;his city. Robert, a young son of Herman Hutzel vho has been ill with a carbunclo on his neck, is improving under Dr George's ;reaiment. Mrs. Lizzie Tuttle, of E;ist Saginaw, and Mr. Will Tuttle with Park, Davis & )o., of Detroil.spent Suaday withfriends n the city. The families of 1). lïinsey and J. Kea)olt are camping at Oak Grove, Rush ake. 22 took dinner and eupper there Wednesday. ffin. Frank Bluni, of the sanilary poice f o ree "Detroit, and Mr. Conrad Kirn, of the sanie city, are the guests of Pbilip Mum, of Lodi. Hiram Kitredge has his sister, Mrs. S. A. Armstrong, of Dakota, and his daugher, Mrs. Jas. F. Sdow, of Kausas City, Mo., visiting him. The city schcol board has given pernission to connectthe high school bmldngs with the university aewer without expense to the stato. Mrs. Garrigues is writing an article discriptive of Ann Arbor and the university for the Woman's Journal. Illusrations by H. Kandall. Sunday morning at the M. E. church lev. Dr. Ramsey will preach on "the ieauty of Holiness" and in the eveniug on "Christian Heroism. Our reporter made a great mistake lust week in reporting the death of Judge N. W. Cheever's mother. It was an aunt of jis who died in Detroit. Stephen O. Merihew has applied for a divoroe from his wife, Candaoe Merihew, on the charge of extreme cruelty. The jarties live in Superior. Fifty or more photogrphs of Mra. Laura Ormiston Chant, the lady who spoke n the Unitarian churoh a few weeks ago, liare been sold in this city . A number of masonic brothers from this city went to Ypailanti laai evening to asaiat in the dedication of the lodge over the new savings bank. Winana & Schleicher have 20 acreB of onions. The wind storma have ruined about 5 acres, but the balance looking finu and a big erop is expeoted. The Ann Arbor lodge, No. 320 1. O. G. T. will give an ice-cream social at James Toma' floral lawn at 7 o'clock thia (Friday) eveniug. Everybodyinvited. Mra. O. H. Stone of Flint, who has been viaiting relatiyes in Illinois, ia apending a few duya with Miss H. M. Gregory, No. 18 Bowery streel, upon her return home. Miss Lena L. Moloney, of Fountain atreet, returued home Tiiesday after a month's visit with Detroit friends and Mr. and Mrs. Will Purcel), of Toledo, O. The Ypsilantian haa been removed into one of the flnest buildings in Ypailanti. This ahows progress, and we congratuláis the Ypsilantian on its new quarters. Mrs. C . Biscomb, a teacher in one of the sohools in Grand Rapids ia spending her vaoation in this city with her husband, who ia a student in the univeraity. A. Wilsey has rented the second story of his block on S. 4tli street occupied by Steffy & Servias to J. 8. Barcus, of Louisville, Ky , who will enter the uuiversity. Eberbach & Song have some microscopes in one of their sliow windowa just received from Europe. Two costina $200 and $100 respecüvely, are for the univereity. An eight-years-old son of Geo. Walker, oarriaere maker, feil trom tho top of a freight car which was standing on the Toledo railroad, Monday and was quite severely injured. In to-days Democbat will be found a change of ad for Geo. Wahr the book man. He 1irb jjiven his store a thorough overhaulingr and invites his oustomere to give him a cali. The expresa train waa so heavily loaded Tueaday afternoon that they would not attach the Utah exposition car, and so it had to reinain and go into Detroit on one of the night traína. Company A retumed from camp Tuesday afternoon. The boys came back with tanned faces and red noaes, but a good time was reportad, and Mackinac Island the " boas " place to camp. II. Kitredge, a good old democrat, bosaed the republican pole raiaing laat Saturday afternoon. You eee when you want a good tlnng done you must cali apon the demócrata to do it. A. Wilsey shipped a piano to Waahington, D. C, Vednesday, for Mrs. Mozart who purcliased it of him this week. He also aold one the same day to a gentleman on E. Washington atreet. The local paper is the beat advertiaing medium the country merchant can posaibly have. It goes right to the homes he wants to reaoh, and is read by tuose who will be hia bost patrona. - Ex. D. O. Fall was in town Saturday looking sligktly tanned. He said they are having glorious times out at camp. Of course he had to teil of the big fish caught. What whoppers they were. Geo. Newell Lovejoy and mother, who went east aeveral weeks ago are at Bergen, N. Y., Mrs. Lovejoy is very feeble and it ia feared she will not be able to return to Ann Arbor as was expected when they left. Sunday tho hotels at Whitmore Lake did a big business. There were several excursiona trom tho surrounding towns, and a great many Ann Arbor people there. Whitmore has become a great pleaBure resort. The republican ratification meeting last Saturday evening was addressed by J . F. Lawrence, A. W. Hamilton, and C. E. Hiscock. What a pity it is that such brightyoungnien should be on the wrong side of the fence. Harry Benham, Lawrence Sweeney, young Burkhart and Weitzel tried sailing on Whitmore Lake Sunday. They got stuck on a sand bar and Ilarry Henham feil into the lake. Kind friends helped them get tke boat off. Mrs. Parker and daughter, Miss K. Parker, mother and eister of Mrs. H. Soule, will leave for Port Huron next week, and in September Miss Parker will return to Kansas City, Mo., and resume her teacliing in the conBervatory of music. 1 teinzman & Laubengayer's elevator is now completed and they are ready for bnsiness. An elevator is something our city has greatly needed and it is hoped that tuis new enterprising firm will have all the business they can attend to. J. F. Schub, chairman of the oíd Cleveland & Hendricks club, says there will be a meeting of that organization at Germania hotel, on Tuesday, July 31, at 7:30 p. m., sharp. A f uil attendunce is rcqüested, as business of importance is to be attended to. Charles B. Davison, pressmau of the Courier office, while " wheeling" to Ypsilanti, Tuesday, feil froni his bicycle and had is iirin run over by the man following him, breakmg his arm. Chai'lie pluckily walked nearly two miles before he could reach a pbysician who set the arm. The Misses Annie and Lilhe Condón, daughters of Wm. Condón, gave an elegant reception to their friends at Germania hall last evening. A very large nutnber of invited guests were present. 1 he Houghton striug band furnished the music. - Mining Journal. The Misses Condon are visiting tbeir father in Marquette. Miss Emma Fuller, now of Caro, Mich., returaed from a vieit to her friends here this week, She bas been choeen auperïntendent of the schools at Caro for the ensuinfc year, having already served as principal about four years. - Ypsilantian. Miss Fuller is the daughter of Rey. S. and Mrs. Fuller, who have many frionds in this city. Messrs. J. R. Miner and Will Watts were at Strawberry Point last week looking for a good place to build a cottage to be known as the Kuights Templar resort. They propose to have a nice building surrounded by large grounds which they will convert into a sort of park and wbich will be for the exclusive use of the knights and their families. Hugb and Wm. P. VVbite of Oanasauraga, N. Y. are in the city looking after their Ann Arbor ïnterests, the opera house and Hill property, through whicb they hope to havo streets opened and sell off the land. The opera house is to be repainted throughout, the seats remodled and relcttored andotherimprovements made. New sccnery and a ncw piano are among the possibilites. The Hiinual and monthly meeting of the business men's association bas been adjourned to Tuesday July 31, at 8 o'clock p. m., local time, in the council chamber. The question of changing the oonstitution requiring 20 members to constitute a quorum, together with other important business, will come before the meeting. All members are very urgently requested to be present. .July 25, 1888. E. K. Frueauff, Sec. The following from the Adrián Press shows bow tlie feeling is in that town regurding removing the clinical departmen to IJetroit: "There is a great pressure brought to bear on the regents of the uuiversity to remove the medical department to Detroit. We believe in a university in the f all sense of the word. The university belougs to the state. It bas been looated at Anu Arbor, and it should stay tliere in intirety. Let there be no attempt to weaken the great institution of learning. We say to Detroit doctors, and ambitious or spiteful practitioners, "hauds off.1' " On Tuesday occurred the, yearly meet of the Ohio división of the league of American wheelmen. Nearly 200 bicyelers were here,10or more beingladies. At 11 o'clock they "wheeled" over to Saline, from there to Ypsilanti where they took dinner. At the MU climbing contest in the 5th ward in the afternocm tbere were 24 entries and the distance was made by G. O. MoFarlane, of Mansfield, O., on a 47 inch Oolumbia light roadster in 2 minuteB 52 seconds. The race was witneesed by a number of ladies and gentlemeD. After supper an impromptu race was made to Ypsilanti. The boys were well pleased with their reoeptionin this city. The political soience association of the university of Michigan has made arrangementa for a course of six lectures to be given during the next year. These leotures will treat of the American constituton as reflected in the federal aud the state courts, and will be delivered by prominent jurista of the oountry. Ilon. Stanley Mntthews, of tlie supreme bench ; Hon. T. M. Cooley, chairman of the Inter-State commorce commission ; Hon. Daniel II. Chamherlain, ex-Governor of South Carolina; and Hon. Henry Hitchcock, of St. Louis, have already siguified their willingness to take part in this course. As these lectures will be both critioal and biographical,. treating of the lives of the Chief Justices of the United States, they will be of interest to BtudeDts of American history as well as to students of law. The Rockford, 111., Morning Star has the followiug to Bay of Prof. George Bartholomew's trained horses, and which our citizens will have an opportunity of seemg next month. " The audience last evening in size, clmracter and enthusiasm was of Ihe kind rarely found within the walls of the opera house. It comprised many of our oldest and best known citizens, clergymen and strict oiiuroh members.and that all were interested and delighted is but mildly eipreesing the frequently manifested admiration of the audience. The entertainment grows in interest from the beginning to the end, and the audience departa full of enthusiasm for the noble qualities of the horse. To-morrow afternoon the horses will hold a recept ion on the stage af ter the performance, and we were requested last evening by some of the horses to state that they are passionately fond of lump sugar and candy, but abhor cigars, cigarettes and ohewing gum."


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