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3VL. efe S. HOYELTIESEXTRA NOVELTIES -IK- SUMMER DRESS GOODS A big bargain in lace, pique and Swiss embroidered flouncings. A cali will show our customers all that is new in Slimmer goods, at prices froni ten to twenty per cent. lower Uien any of.her house in the city. Mack & Schmid. Amelia B. Edwards is interested in a project to transport to Enfjland some colosaal sculptures discovered in tho ruine of the Temple of Bubastes. ITIIYTHKB llfl WWL fMirni 9EbKI I W. C. SNOW'S LIVERY STABLE ! Best Turnouts in the City Funeral Attendance a Specialty. No. 21 N. Main street, Telephone connectíon. MARY F. MILEY'S, ART AND STAMPING ROOMS, AU Materials for Fancy Work Constantly on Hand. Zephyrs, Yarns, Germantown Wools, Canvas, Feite, etc. Agent for Boston Comfort Coreef, French P. D. Coreet. Huron street, one door west of Main, Ann Arbor, Micb. PleYsilS The Ilangstorfer Ice Co., will furnish Ice delivered to any part of the city for the Season of 1888. SS Ib! daily exoept Sucdays $100 per month. 11 " 4 times per week - "1.75 " " " " :i "1.50 " " " " 2 " ■' ' "1.00 " Hotels, Kestuarants, Butchers etc, will be furnished by the ton or hundred. Company EBtablished 1875. E.V. HANCSTERFER, MANAGEK. Office No. 28, S. Main Street. Anxious To Sell. On account of oíd age and poor health. I wish to sell ray shop property aud Stock. Either seperately or together, but prefer the latter. I have a complete stock, of AcriciH Iiilgieiti including a limited number of Tiger Sulky Kakes. The New Superior Grain Drills. My Improved Five Tooth Thill Cultivator. The Steel Frame Plunct Junior Cultivators. Lansing Wagons. Hay and Stook Haoks. A good chance f }r some thorough going man. Will take in part payment aome L0od rentable property in the city. Ann Arbor May 15, 1888. M. ROGERS. RINSEY k SEABOLT, No. 6 & 8 Washington! St. Have on hand a complete stock of everythinK in the Crocery Line. Teas, CofTecs, Suüars, In large amounts, and at Ca,sIbL Prices And can sell at Low Figures. The large invoice of Teas they buy and sell, is good proof that In Quality and Price they Give Bargains. They Roost their own Coftees every week, and none bui prime artlcles are used. Thelr Bakery turns out excellent Bread. Cakes and Crackers. Cali and see thein. fTV) the Ladit-s of Ann Arbor and Washtrnuw J. County. If you wish U get your OLD SILVEB WAKJS Keplated and have the wnrk waU done and guaranteed for 6 years, Please cali on THOMAS HAYLEY, Either foy postal cari or otherwise at 34 E, Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ag't for Mieh., Plating Works. Best ofsatisfaction guárantela. The Southern Timber Land Investment Co. 196 LuSalle Street, Chicago. DIUVCDC FIRSt NATIONAL BANK, Chicaco. DHHnCIlO BANK OF CAMOEN, Camoen, Ark. Otters the sarest and bent lnvatment.s for Bmall orlarle sume. Pamphletg RivinK Inll infiirinaticu furnighod on applicatioii toth(i nbove. H will pny'j'ou well toread unilcostByou nolhinu. I Brown Chinese Plant On Ivorv A Stock Pattern wlth U9 and can be nad in sep arate pieces as well as sets and matctied for years to come as readily as Whlie Ware. ■ - - J. D. STIMSON &SON, China Crocker, Glassware, 'Lamps, etc. ANN ARBOE, - ? MIOH. D. W. AMSDEN Of the late lirni of Uollins & Aiusden is doing business alone at the old Stand, i No. 33 EAST HURÓN IST., WKere he will be pleased to receive calis f rom all old customers and as many new ones as want FEED, VALED HAY AJíD STBAW, COAL AND WOOD. 1 also kcep Linseed Oil Meal, an excellent Ceod for stook of any kind. GR EETING ? We come boforo the people with the largest and FINEST STOCK OF ALL THE LEADINC and Fashionable Styles of Cloths and Suitings Entirely oo numerous to mention for the outflting of tii' flne dressers. And as we have the services of one of the best cutters, and also our coat makers are smons the best, enables uu to please the most fashionable dressers. Now all we have to say is come in and we will gu&rantee jou the lowest prices in the state for flrst-class goods. No trouble to show goods. Rememberthe place, No. 6 East Hurón Street, four doors west of he Cook House W.C. BURCHFIELD. The Palace Livery THE Finest ani Best Tnruts IN THE CITY. HACK1S, LIVERY AND SALE S-ba"bleJAS. W. ROBISON, Prop. o. 21, South Fourth St., Ann Arbor Mich. Telephone No. 31. HENRY RICHARDS, Dealer in all Kinds oí iardwood Lumb O!, Fenoe Posts, etc. Also all kinds of tove and Cord wood. Terms oash. I in alao agent for the celebrated C H A. M. 1? I OJÜV BINDERS & MOWER9. And keep a full assortment of extras for the same. No. 9 Detroit street, Ann Arbor - Mich. 'alace Grocer ! I havo just received a fresh new sto k of ota Foreign and Doraestic, whicb, I can sell at GREAT BARQAINS. My Fine Teas and Coffees ARE UNEXCELLED. have the rtnest and most complete stockof STUDENT, LIBRAR5T, HALL and STAND 3L _A_ :]VH IP S f auy one in the county._Also a largo line of Crocker, Glassware, and Decorative China. ome and purchase while the selection is comlete and convince yourselvea that I jfive the JEST BARÜAINS of any other atore in Ann rbor, 3O Bars of Soap for SI. OO. FRED T. STIMSON. No. 9 North Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. LIVERY AND FEED BARN. T UST Opeued by HIRAM KITREDGE, In the reai ot the Duffy Block on Ann Street. Ampie accommodations tor 75 Ilorses. Patronage Soliciied. H. KITREDGE. ANN ARBOR. ----- MICH. CEORCE COLLINS DEALER IN STONE LIME, WATER LIME, Cement, Calcined Piaster, Plastering Hair, Brick, MASONS' SUPPLIES and all kinds of WOOD AND COAL. Office. No. 3G East Huron Street Ann Arbor, - - - - Mich. M. P. VOGEL, Eight yearswith Henry Matthews, has oponed a Meat Market AT No. 18 Kast Huron St., And will keep on hand Fresb, Salt, and Smoked Meats, Poultry, and Game when in season. M. P. VOGEL, Ann Abbob, Mioh


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