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Statistics Of The Yale Graduating Class

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Members of tbe Yale crailuatine class, sa.ys tbe New Haven J'a'ladium, representa theie state: New York, 3'J; Conneetlcut, 33; Massachusetts, 6; Oülo and Kbodc. Island, 4 each; Minnesota, Missouri and New Jersey, 3eacb; California, Michigan and Colorado, 2 ca eb; while Georgia, lona, Indiana, Malne, Vermont and Maryland have 1 eacb. Fourteen are from New Haven, and the claus numbers 121, bavlng lost tweutv-four manbers since euterins college. Elijbty-eight is the (list graduatlns class wblcli bas enjo yed ! tbe advautages of Yale uuder tbe uew regime, escapluir the dreaded auuuuls. Theoldest man lu tb class bas passed bis 27tb birtbday. Tbe "babv," aged iy ycars and lü montlis, Is Cari Mejor. Huslusky is tbe sbortest man In tbe class, being live leel two lncbos, aud be Is also tbe llglitest man ever to receive a diploma from Yale. II, a weltfht ís ntnety aud one-liali pounds. Tbe average age of tbe class Is 22 years 7 montbs and 7 days. Verplack and 1'resMein Cleveland wear collars of tbe same slze - No. 17. McCoukey of Ilarrlsburjj, Pa,, tbe atblete, Is voted the bandsomest man fu tbe class, aud A. L. Moore of New York eujoys the distluctlon of being tbe bomeliesL Tbe yearly expenses of tbe Individual members of the class have varled from uudcr $:W to over 1,500. Arthiir White of Brooklyu Is üaid lo have sitcut f 10,0 ü durlng Êeninr year. Fisber bas carned f1,000 by tutorlng durInu bis college career. Two-tblrds of the class are In favor of coiupulsory prayers and hazluir is uiianlmously voted a good tbing. Pulltlcally the class Is dlvided as follows: Kepul'llcans, 17; democrats, 13; I ents, 17; problbltiouhtts, 1. K')bt are uudeclded. Flfty-Blx favor protectlon and forty-two free irade. Kleven are for tarift reform. After graduatlng 31 will study law, 17 medicine, 6 theology, aud IS will enter a business career.


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