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Special I' xpoaltlon Features. Those desirlng to yisit Cincinnati and the Ccntcnnial expositioc during tho hundred doys' festiyities, boginning July 4, Minuld bear in niind Yhat a Department, of [DforuatioD lias been ostablishrd, to wbicb 1 all iiniiivics pert.aininfj to ratos of trans lortation, board, and such othcr matten, j should be directed for a sure and speedy answer. The Expositiou will not onl.v afford a practical review of the progresa of the last , century, but will also afford niany fi:ature9 of acknowledged interest in addition. The Electric Display, the Góndolas, the ! tains, tho Music Hall entertainments, ! dramatic, Bpeotaoular, musical, operatic, literary, and other attraotlons are, any one, ' uurtli the prlce of admission to the whole ' Kxposition, iucluding everything. Customer (to barber) - "I s'poso that. in your ])i'ofession it is rather difficult to achieve great wealth !" Barber- Well. I dunno; it's like all head work; thcre's plenty of room at the top. Have your head sandpapered, sir i" An ugly comploxion made Nellie a fright, Her face was all pimply and red, Though her features (rere good, and her blue oyes were bright, "What i plain girl is Nellie!" they said. Hut DOW, as by magie, plain Nellie has grown As fair as an artist's bright dream; Her face is as sweet as a flowor new-blown, Her cheeks are like peaohes and cream. As Nellie walks out in the fair morning light, Her beauty attracts every eye, And as for the people who called her a fright, "Why, Nellie is handsome !" they cry. And the reason of the change is that Nellie took Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, whloh regttlated her liver, cleared her complexion, made her blood pure, her breath sweet, hor face fair and rosy, and removed the defect that had obscured her beauty. Sold by druggiBts. Striped Man nel tennis blazers with hats to match are worn by lady playera in the country, n ■ to Select a Wlfe. Good health, good moráis, good sense and good temper, are the íour essentials for a goodwife. These ai e the indispenaables. Aftorthem como the minor advantages of good looks, accomplishments, family position, etc. With the lirst four, married life will be comfortable and happy. Lacking either, it will be in more or lesa degree a failure. Upon good health depends largely good temper and good looks, and to some extent good sense also, as the best mind must be affected more or leas by the weakneaaes and whims attendant on f rail health. Young man, if your wife is falling into a state of invalidism, first of all things try to restore uur utriuui. ii siit; ïstrouuiea wita aeunitating fcmale wenknesses, buy Dr. Pierce's Pavorite Prescription. It will cure her. Dark colored India silks and pongees aro liked for hot weather traveling govvns. Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets Possess Powerful Potency, Pass Painlessly, Promote Physical Prosperity. For dressy white wool costumes Bedford repped wool is used with the cord running froni selvodge to selvedge. The Secret. It is three years since Lieut. Moxie flrst sent the rich South American nerve food plant called Moxie to Dr. Thompson, in Lowell, Mass. Since, over 8,000,000 boules have been sold, and to-day it is undoubtedly the most popular beverage and nerve support in the world. It has become the ordinary drink of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. This business has grown like a mushroom. When it was discovered to be a rich nerve food, theré was a strugglo to possess it. When a woman is trying to write a letter on a half sheet of paper much may be said on both sides. If afflietcd with sore eyes use Dr. Isaac Thoinpson's Eye Water. Drugglsta sell It 25c Pretty geaaide toilets arca oomblnation of the national eolors, red, white and blue, artlstlcallv iutcriningled. Statï of Oiiio, City op Toleijo, l.l TAS COL'NTY, SS. i KitANK J. Chknkv luiikc oath that he is the senior partner of the nrm of F. J. Chkney 4 (-o. rtolng business in the City of Toledo, County umi State aforesniil. and ttnil aaltl tlrni will puy the urn Of ONK IllNDIÍKI) 1JOLLAKS for each and every case of Cata kkh that cannoi be cured by tbe use i.l 11 Al. l.'s CaTAKKH CUKK. KKANK J. CHKNKV. Sworn tu b'!'ir.' lue and mibsoribed ta my presence ihis titu üu' of December, A. I). 'tt'. (-", A. W. Ul.KASON, sk a i. j Notarj Public. Ihill' ('itarrh Cure Is taken Internally and anttt directly upon the blnau mul mucus surfaceu of the RTSteni. Send for tetlmonialn, free. V. .7. CHEMKY 4 CO., Toledo, O. fW Sold by ])ruuKlbt. Ï5 cents. One Fact n worth t column of rhitorlc, Id in AmerlcM f !f iinnn. It Ib a face, r grtlillalird by tlie teitlmon of tliousands of people, tliat llood'i 8raparlU doei cure scrofula, uil rlicum, and ulher JUeaiM or afïectlons artslng f rom fmpure ttate or low condltlo of the bluod. Il alao overeóme tuat tlred fee. tï, croatesagood appetüe. and nivel itrenstb to trtij par. of the system. If you need a (ood blood purtfier, tonlc or appetlzer, try Hood'i barsaparilla. It uill do yon good. "My daughter recelred much benefit from ÏIood" Sarsaparllla a an eicellent tonlc after a protraotad lackof bronchlal pneumonía. Kit. Y. H. Adaim. A'ew Hartford, Conn. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all drUKKlats. tl; elx for #5. Preparifl onl by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apotharle, LoWell. Maat, IOO Doses One Dollar Tan-colored shoos grow in favor. English blouses are quite the rage. Floral designs are rovived for carpeta. Sweet peas are the favorita corsage lower. LoiiRthwise tucksare used on the upper part of apron draperie. Folds of canvas or bolting cloth are still svorn in the necks of dresses. Colored out-of-door jackets and wraps ire undoubtedly superseding blac-k ones. Large whitti erabroidered uiuslin collars, uch as wi re worn thlrty years ago, are shown on imported dresses. A great many women buy umbrellas for their haudles, and the more unique and conspicuous they aro the better they like theni. Tailor-made parasols to match gown and bonnet are among the last suggestions of the euemy- of wüich good dressers will beware. It is not necessary to jump up and leavc a room becauso a young lady says she will sing "Some Day." She may not sing immediatcly. Nainsook dressing jackets are short and Jaunty. They are profusely trimmed with Valeneiennes lace, or adorned with line embruidory. 'l'licre is a rage at present for fancy )ewelry in flne gold and solid silver, both plain and oxidized. The dainty patterns aro wholly novel. In Pennsylvania the other day a cat was instautly killed by lightning. Manufacturera of the bootjaek should at once apply for an injunction. "How can wo keep the girls on the farm?" asks an agricultural exchange. About the only way we can think of is to hire a dude to hang around and look sweet. A Baltimore man has patented a device for ineasuring ice cream. You can now know to a dot Just how much ice cream your best girl is capable of holding. A boy may groan, and from sickness moan, from church or the school to stay ; but there's no pain so deep him from circus can keep, becauso he ain't built that way. A little French Canadian boy in Oldtown is credited with onc of the shortest and most comprehensivo compositions on record. The teacher told him to write about anything he could seo, and this was theresult: "Thestove. She is cracked." Scientists are wrangling over the question of whether monkeys can throw stones. Whether monkeys can do anything of the sort is still an unsettled matter, but a walk of three minutes on any principal street will convince anybody that they can and do smok cigarettes. The llomrllent Mun In Michigan As well as the handsomest, and others are invited to cali on any druggist and get íree a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs, a remedy that is selling entirely upon its merits and is guaranteea to relieve and cure all Chronic and Acute Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis and Consumption. LargeBottles 50 cents andtl. Colored net dresses Increase in popularity. When Baby waa slck, we gare her Castorla, When ihe waa Child, the crled for Cutoria, When the became Mis, the clung to Cutoria, When th had Children, she gare them Castoria, NERVES! NERVESÜ What terrible vliioni thit littU word briaft brfure th eyes of the nervoui. Htadache, Neuralgia, Indigeation, Sleepleaines, Nervnui Proltration. All liara them in the face. Vet all these nervoua Uoublu can be cured bjr uiing ((.Rines (omjDound For The Nervous The Debilitated The Aged. THS GREAT NERVE TONC Also conuins best remedies for diseawd con ditions of the Kidneya. Liver, and Blood, which always accompany nerve truublea. lt ft a Nerve Tonic, an Alterative, a Laxatlve, and a Diuretic. That ia why it CURES WHEN OTHERS FAIL. $x.oo a Bottle. Send for fult particular. I WELLS, RICHAROSON & CO., Proprietors. BURLINGTON. VT. "You can't fooi tho voters I" shouts an es teemed contomporary. Well, no; it isn' necessary, auyhow. About the time th oampalgn bejiins to pet red hot the averag voter is liable to make a fooi of himsel without any assistance. You're going to join a marchiiiff "lub, of oourse. So be we - HJUUlL DR. PH. D. PAUL, m ptheEYEaSpecialty 5f WM -) f Kl.lnLNt. fullow 3 BJf illt' C'rtI)ultt-d lldt, ell o t&jjW (idd lea with stamp to ?4 Ty Korlh CUrk SU, Chlca(ro, 111 - Artificial Ei ei furnlihwil


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