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WHAT ■ l.n,r-,BCKAGHEWARNER S BLADDER TROUBLES 11 RHEUMATISM, -ja a SAFE CURE 3 } neuralgia, TOMrc ounc )HEADACHE( CURES NERVOUSNESS x INDIGESTIÓN, - There is no doubt of this great remedy's poteney. ltisno New Discovery, unkown and mayn&p worthleSS, bnt is familiar to the pub=S? ' lic for ycars as tbc only reliablo reinedy for diseases of" the Kid3f neys, Livor and Stomach. To be well, your blood must be pure, and t never can be pure if the Kidneys, (the _ only blood purifying orgaus) = are diseascd. DIZZIHESS, .JH OUREÖ DYSPEPSIA, _áEi ï ""n f FEHALE TROUBLES. ' WflRNFR'S BADEYES, _aai flftnwtno MPOTENCY, „&i ca re pimr dropsy, VoAht LU Kt ' Ask your friends and jora what j..-! WARNER'S SAFE CURE las done for ihem. lts record' 9 beyond the range of doubt. It has cured 1 llonS and we have millions of iestimonials to prove our gj tion. WARNER'S SAFE CURE tvMcureyouifyou -, wiii give it a chance. "Where are you going this summer. M r. Cashbox;" "To Canada." -'Why 80 far}" "It is cooler there than at Sint.' Sing. " Among serviceable petticoats oothing is better than those of biscuit calicó, witb threo liouncos embroidered in self color. Blouse walsts vvith yoke and short sleevesj whlch leave the arma freo tor swimming, are best liked for bathing snits. SKIN and BLOOD DISEASES quickly and permancntly cured by usídsj B. B. B. (Botanie Blood Balm) the wonderful Blood Purifler and Tonic Large sized bottles $1.00 ü for $5.00. All Druggistsor sent fife on receiptof prii:e. BLOOD BALW1 CO-, Atlanta, Ca. $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 Securesyou one large bottle of 11. II. It. (Botanie Blood Balm) the Bure nnd speedy remedy ior all Skin and Blood Diseases. Trj it anti lx; 'onviiu ■!. Is uio nest medicine for all dlseasesincident in chüdren. Ii regnlajU s the bowels; assista di m it ion; cures diurrhoea and dysenteryin bheworoi forms; cures canker soremputh; is n certain preveutiveof diphtheria; quiets all pain; invigoratea the Btoruach and bowels; corrwts all acidit.v, and frives euerfjy and tone lo the entire system; willcure griplng in the bowels and windcolic. Donut fatigue yourseH or child witta sleepless nifihts, when it is wit hin your reacb tocure our child and save vour-uvn strongth. Prepared only by Kiumert I';iry Co Chicago. III. Sold by all Drugfjists at 35 ets. per BotUe. Prof. torvas' Electric Cure ! For H 4-:iit:ichct Rheamft( Ism, Neuralgia, Dyspepslftf Mervonsneas. Ast l.imi,oiit,.ftc. j7" - - Al c n iucc ss uliy be tr-a:od E 'm by anybody. A lian sume Kiec#, I ie l"i't ov, and ii boulc givlng J?E? I ÍUl1 particular !iow t treat W J&v a'n ui ni dUcaKes, by the best I -t -v'a rnrailve k ■i..n, The battery ia i iáfeinr"" _a constiucted in thfl niostscleiULflo I3fid L lL inanner, na nolinhfd wn'jd box ■QUHKOK rHt I. by 5 In. x f, in. hlti. AH Êi i I metal parta nickel platea Book I 5i) ia-ji'N clotli buunil. lllmtrated Bl I i ƒ witii man y wood-cuta m Úe nJ f I reasly -ur thif worS. Hoük and fr==iW , .iHitcty wili be acnt on rvt.pJptol " T_J $5.00 l'v F. G. OTTOft SONS, "■ 4 k ks "'iil ci Nt'w York. Eatabüihcd Sfi ycars. UftHífiíct.on kü trlclty, passod rbrougti the I n nan b d . strengt hem the Dervei, cauf th1 ni ti Boles r :c. fr-rly, and preatly aldis the lieurt Ín rlrculutlnjrtne tt.rough the entire ayitvin. Imme Maie n-Hrf In i I v.wvu troubles and beneflcial lu ui troubled with a weale circulación. J JOSEES PAYStheiREICHT 5 Tou AVacon Scale, O "'ÏÓ-ilS i)FPítOHIITlS? UI N t.HAMTON. N. T. MBB n i rí ítíp'1 im] fnUyenjmHM" #km 1:; ' ü "■-' l Uct only AWCarm In U íUfl ii "Tüu n-ruiill cure SgWl TO 6 DATB. V i,f t i.L.i 1 AfcOa.rnted nol UQ (,. 11. I.N U: I ' A M. M. D., Sy ia..icturt. AmtterdBm. N. Y. ■ ifrdoDlybjth We have snlrl Tïie G fo ■... v.Uai r muny years, nml "it lita M" ChialMl C. „!,.„' t.e ,)C5t 0[ Bali,. H CKnoinnatl.HEVM fnc;ion. Wtk Ohlo.Vw ! DYCIIK CO.. Tr.47BBUrkl'31.OO. Küld by Drugg'iaUL Ia5thívíabcüred IGerman AnthmtiCuro nevcryui7#totrivetmH ■ tncita.'e ri')!i theworut c;jM:.--,iunur!Kconifort-H H ablo Hleop : eflecta rurcu wbereail otüers f ail. H mtnal cantinees Ihê ioí skpi fea. I'riCf; Oc. and ■ ■ 91CMolI)raAVÍPtHnrli muil. St:nil KUKÈH ■EVlMSlJlSMlÍJíilíff.A&v AGEXTS %VATKI)toiifll (hcPKRISOVAL Memoirs oí Gen. P. H. Siieridan Üutrti now reaily. Agenta ■ . tuetr reoord on Orant'a ICemoira Chance ui „ Me time to inak money, Address (.:. Ií. BEACH A CO., Chicago, UL lAPfclO "cse t:h::e bkst. ll StíitioDtrskeep'hem. Standard íinalltr, ■ M !■ B W ;iü si y les. Soniple doz. lo cenia bv maü. rí.: ESTERBRQOK. DVHASJITC TI M''BI.AKTI. In loI IfHml I C cauties not kepi bv deslenwlllta tntroilui e ur Dynum t' ( trt ■■ BOllanddO Itrer :vt, prloes a'v raglng . i" :■ centa per stuinp ron;"', tí 1. Anx Torpedo A 1. tiumlte Worki, l.i.v Uv. Mleh. WAMEIrtLytTtm pEAlTH WAST V'rwt form. fitory of Featïierbono íreo. Addreu FKAIllKlUtO.NK, Ü Üaki, Ulchlvau. CAMI'ilIGlT BOOKS. AQBNTÖ WANTKDfi ranthorixed Edltlonsof tbo Llvoi ol 4'.iiiiiiiiiiitt oi tlu1 ItopubliCAnand Dernooratio pftrtle. Circulara midTurni! f ree. Completo Ontfltfl 60c eaoh. N i 1'n:. Co„ Chicago, III. rrNi'hr::x .!i Lan ís Si to G l ior Farmers. Snro inv-iuient for capitalista, l.onet me, va&y pnymontH, A íor lainiliU'iH, lon Bate. Kxeurion iHtes, etc., W. 11. MIl.l.KK, 1 ForBt.. Aurora, 111. ■HMHHHBHB9BBBB A nr R oíTiiní KIPPERS W8TILLE8,Scêj MEHHBBBBB3BË9B'''wvMaM. ímtro'lace,wlll tndp.r of filn-líl ftfxn toeh] ::.'oltr"4 IDEAL C RAYON-LITHO. PORTRAITS Cleveland-ThurmanorHarr i son -Morton ISuJ 3ú. fwr Lil uf l'uiii:u rt:jciu' . c J'-us H'iiti Ofl__.__ KKMF.nv rVepared o.ilyl.y MSIrSI C ,V M-mpill. ri.vnuM, l'lark IIUBH 9 ti Jliiili-uu Sí., Chlugo, III. K m Of"J Kfl A n"l ll.WslíEW o! si "ir drawlst or #%O I il Iwl # fu l'. ni.ul onrecvíptul prlcw H1TCUTO " 8. A P. LACET, UU CR I u Patent Attorneys, VVahlaK "■■■■■■ ton, D. O. Iimtructions ana D optnlonsou patentabllity puck. w yrs. exporleuce. U O M P STUDV. Bnok-keepliic, Ponmanahlp, ■ i wlwl d Arithinciii', Bluirtband, etc.. thorniiclily taiiiilitliyiniiil. r,ow ratea. Ciroulai WlVANT'a CÜJ.I.Ki; i:. ISl Malo .-ít.. llullalu, N. Y. Mñ? W, yu.rl(iifjriijin UUmi t aayihintelsr ni u.t! I Kütr oi (..!]-. .mtlit KIl. 'i'cruu fJCCE. Aüdrt-ss, llii c A tu, Augusta, Al.inr. P A TT?r Treatd ajid enríd without the knlfe. I f A Illlh K É001' on trei;::;:llt """' '''■'■ Ad.lre! VXliT VJUJLV . u. rONU. M. D., Aurora. Kintl Co,, 111. MTO ■ JL DA Y. Samplf trorth S1.5O FRES. Unes nol titule tie ZiorsCs fret. TlrlM Srwr Soe Aíin CV.. oílv. JTIcA. PAI It iorth(ó(Uper!b. PettlfsEyeSalTeiiwort UIILII HU.0,but Ís aolil al '& couU u box ty dealori W. N. U. D.-6-3'. Itfii wrltínff to Adrertifters ploase say I you ftaw iliumlu-tiisiiiMii n ihis r.iprr.


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