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Democratic County Convention

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The Demócrata of Waan tena w county will meet n (Jonnty Convention at the court house, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Wednesday , Sept. 5, 1888, at 11 a. m., to nnmiiiiue candidates for county offlcers. Under the above cali townships and wards are entitled to delegatesas follows: Ann Arbor City- i Pittsfleld 3 Ut ward 5 Salem. 4 2d " 4 Saline 3d " 4 Seto 6 4th " 4 Sharon 3 Bth " 8 Superior 4 6th " 2 Syfvan 7 Ann Arbor Towu 4 webster .3 Augusta 4 York 8 Bridifewater 4 Ypsilanti Town 4 Dexter S Ypsilanti City - Freedom 4 Ist ward 3 Lima 3 2d " 2 Lodi 4 Sd " 3 Lyndon 3 4th " i Manchester 7 öth " 4 Northfleld 4 JACOB F. SCHUH. Clialrman, J. R. Bach, Secretary. Dated, Ann Arbor, August;i7, 1888. We think it is about time that the presa of the state should organizo and form a society for mutual proteotion against the dead beat, for ono is sadly needed. All newspaper offices know bow miioh they have to contend with, aud it seems to us that something ought to be dono. Everybody knows a eountry editor is always a poor devil and bas to work bard, and try as he may be will never get rich out of his Bubscnptiofl list, as there are hundreds who think the price of the paper is so small that his dollar won 't amount to much, but when you put the prioe of 200 or 300 subsoribers at one dollar together you have quite a sum, and how many there are, who tbrough carelessnesn neglect to pay for their county paper year after year. We know our subscribers mean well euough, only it is neglect. But when a man takes your paper for years and suddenly you receive a card from the postmaster saying: " Your paper addreesed to Mr. is not taken out but remains dead in the office. Reason refused . " Now this is not right, and by newspaper men banding together to protect tberoselvee from the dead beat a new issue might be brought about. Every man has the privilege of stopping his paper but let him go to the office and square accounts, if he is in arreare. About the best thing we can do is to adopt the cash in advance system which a great many newspapers have begun to do. The editor of The Demoobat is indebted to Mr. S. C. Taylor, of Cleveland. O., for a very neat and handsome Thurman hat. It is of fine brown straw, trimmed with a red silk bandanna, elegantly lined and containing an excellent portrait of Hon. Allen B. Thurman. The bat bas been muoh admired. We understand that Mr. Taylor was at considerable pains to have this hat manufactured expressly for the editor of The Democrat, who returns thanka therefor. Mr. Taylor has an entensive business, we understand, in the manufacture of Thurman hats, which ought to become popular headwear. Wb have received No. 4, of Vol. 1, of the Plankinton Herald, published at Plankinton, Dakota. The editor is an old Ann Arbor boy, and was one of the first graduates of the homeopathie college, of the U. of M. If one oould leave the homeopathie profession it is to go one step higher in the seale of lifo and run a red hot democratie paper wbich Editor Hogers proposes to do. Here is success to your enterprise, and if your paper pleases the majority as undoubtedly your little pills tickled the palates of your patients you will become one of the rising and wealthy young democratie editora of the west. The citizeus of Jaokeonville, Fla., are ia a state of great alarm on account of yellow fever prevailing. Business is generally suspended and the people are leaving the city by every possible means of exit, which are few, and it ia possible that the inhabitants of that fever stricken city will be shut in on all sides. It is feared that the epidemie will be as great as a few years ago, unless they have oarly and severe forsts. The sonate, without opposition, has passed the bill to place telegraph companies under the operation of the Interstate law. The bilí provides for just and reasonablerates, against discriminations, drawbacks, etc., etc. Jüdge Habriuan bas been charged With writing the artiole in last week's Democbat in regard to stone and brick masons. This is untrue. Judge Harriman never wrote it and never saw it until it was in print. Why. would not our genial Jno. J. Kobison make a good state senator.


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