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All The Charms Possessed By Some Men

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ara wiiai uang íu iroiu ot muir veáis. ijr. Jcnea' Bed Cloyer Tonio is not a stimnlant but a ñervo food, restoring nerre foroe lost by sicknesfl or excessive mental work or the ose of liquor, opium, norpbine or tobáceo. It supplies food or nerve tissues and by íts gentle aperaive aotion, removes all rostraiut from he secretive organn, henee, curing all diseasea of stomach and hver. C. Eberjach & Son, Ann Arbor, Geo. J. Haeusser, Manchester, will supply the genuine tod Clover Tonic at 50 cents a bottle. A great New York paper notioes the soarcity of small bilis. People who have marketing done notice the same thing. That is gold which i worth gold. ilealth is worth more than gold. Don't leglect a cough or cold and let it remain ;o irrítate the lungu when a lift y cent jottle of Dr. HírcIow's Positivo Cure will promptly and safely oure any recent cougb, cold or throat or lung trouble. 5uy the dollar bottle of O. Eberbaoh fe ion, Ann Arbor, and Qeo. J. Haeussler, Manohester, for chronio oases of family use. Endorsed by pbysicians aud druggists. Fleasant to take. "What is patrimony?" asked the querist. "Property left by tbo father," answered the boy. "What would you cali t if left by a motber?' - "Why, matrimony, of course, sir." The best on earth can truly be said of Griggs' Glycerine Salve, which isa sure, safe and speedy cure for cuts, bruises, sea! ds, biirns, wounds, and all'other sores. Will positiyely cure piles, tetter md all skin eruption. Try this wonder tiealer. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Only 25 cents. l'nll many a rose is born to blush unseen, ana waste its fragrance on the leaert air; full many a nip is taken belind the screen, and cloves and coffee ;oo, are caten there.


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