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The ment anclent known colm art of tbe j flf ih ceutury B. C. uil ro Macedonlan. Otorga Washlujttnn dled on December 14, 1799. Uil wlfe lurTlved blm abou two years { and a taalt Tbe Alharubra at Granada, tbat wondroui ! archltcctural tnonumeut ol MoorUta dominion Ui Spain, wat built In 1360. George Clinton wu tba lint üovernor of tb Stite of New York, and beid tbat posltlon from 1777 to 1793. Ia 1801 be wat re-elected and Mired untll M04. The lamber from whtch tbe gallawi wai conttructed on wblch Jobn Browa iu executed U owned by a retident of Ilirper's Ferry, Wbo 1 wiltlnz for tome relie hunttr to coma and take It off big banda, Tbe modest ium of 11,500 U asked for It In a recent French murder trial tha bonet of tba murdered man wera brouffht Into court and placed before the accuied. Tbe man turtied pale, but orer the (tUattly relict raltarated hl proteitatlou of Innocence; nr Ter'belín he wal conTlcted. Ona of the flneit collectlom of colm In tba Boath li owned by Captain Baicom Myriclc, of Amerleus, G. He itarted tt a namber of years eo from bag of old Spanlih and Frenen colm that he recelred orar the counter whlle eathler of a bank at Fonyth. Una handred bottles w beer were dellrercd by mlittlte at the hooia of Mn. Trarara, a prominent member of tba Women't Cbrlitlan Temperance Union hl Detroit, recentlj. Mr. TraTert proroptly imaihed tha bottlet In tha jatter, and a talt at law 1 the retalt Tuero li quite acolony of well-to-do colored men la Atlamla. O., namberi of wbom hare mada imall fontanas lince the close of the war. Tba mtjorlty ot tbem wcre tlaret and ■tarted Ufe poor, but pluck and preiistenca hare gtYen them a flrm standlnj flnancially. Mn. John Drew, wbo appeared al tbe Aieh Street Tbeatre In Pblladelphla a hort Mme ago ai Lady Teazle, hu been on the board! for ilxtj-ooe reara. Her ttage career bat been loncer tban tbat of any other actor er aetreii In America, wltb the posslble exceptlon of John Gllbcrt. Rer. Kathan Smith, of Ackwortb, Ga., bas preiched the pnpl for more than flfty jeari. He 11 ■ welt-preaerred old gentleman of serentj-flTe. He hia a anlque cara for dya-pepila. After aufferlng from that eomplalnt tor a namber of yean ha cnred hlmielf by kwallowlnc a mouthful of bran after each pnMl Charle Primean, the iged lnterpreter at the StandtDg Bock Afreoc; In Dakota, wai in earlj Indlan trader among the Sloux In the Kortbweit Be bad manr periloui and exclttac adTentures, lometlmes barely eicaplng wltb bli Ufe, and once bad 1100,000 of property deitrojed In a twtnkllDg by the Taget In one apartment of Wlndior Caatle, callad the Gold Room, tbere Ia ttored away gold I plato to tbe Talua of 112,000,000. Ooe pleca i alona, a lalrer of gold, U wortb $50,000, and ', tbere It a pold caodelabrum In the room : Tilued at rally ai mncb. It U io beary ai to reqolre the comblned ítrenth of two men to lift It Engllib tllrenmltbi are manuiacturlDK old plata bowli by Uklng old platten and convertlnjr, them Into bowlt, whlch they lmpote apon amophlatlcated collectora. Eiperti dlacorer the trlck by tha hall mark, wblcb the remodellng of the platten brlngt np into the ilde of the bowl, wbare It would nerer hare been put by the aiiay officen. Tba corDer-itone of tbe White House, or Extcutlre Mamlon, at Washington, D. C, was lald Octuber 13, 1793, and the building wai fint occupled by Preildent Adami In 1800. It wu burned by the Brltlih In 1814, aud reitored and re-occupled In 1817. The orlt'Inal coat wai about $335,000: tbe total coit up to dte hai beau aboat $1,900, OüO. 8eabrln Storke, an eccentrlc old cobbler Is Jeffenon, Ga., who stlU keepi at hls trade, altboDgh elghty-nlne yean oíd, U a Tetaran of three wan. He beat a drum In Jaikion'i army at tbe battla ot New Orleant, fougtt In tbe Maxlcan war and lerred wlth credit throogh the war of tbe redelllon. Desplte hli adranced age he makel ai Kood a ihoe ai any ihoemaker In the state. Llllle Lehman Kalitch wat broken op whlle tlnglng at a Wagner telectlon at the gaeucerfest In St. Louis laat Thuraday, and she not only told the musical director that he wal a musical lgnoramui, but notlfled tbe preildent of the ttengerfeit that the would not appear acaln. Upon leamlng that nelther the nor Herr Kalltca woald get a dollar In that cate she rereried ber desjlilon.


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