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Electrical Disposition Of Garbage

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An experiment is beiug tried in London which will be watched with keen interest by municipal authorities in this country. Here the disposition of city garbage is oftener than not a source of perplexity, but in England they 3eem to have made up their minds that the proper thing to do with refuse is to make money out of it. Many towns are deriving much of their electric current supply from the sweepings of the streets, and the vestry of Shoreditch, a district of Londoii, is about to show that this utilization can be turned to more varied uses than have yet been considered. The vestry, prompted by the knowledge that the furnaces In which the refuse is destroyed may be very advantageously eroployed for the generation of steam or other purposes, has bought a piece of iand upon which t is going to erect a dust destructor on the newest principies. It will make the destructor do treble duty- it win üestfroy useless refuse, genérate steam for lighting the parish electricaiiy, and supply electric power to those who need it, and at the same time it will afford a supply of hot water for public baths and wash houses. The smokestack will be 150 feet high. Around the foot of it will be the electric light and power station, the baths and wash houses. As showing how little objection on the score of noise and dirt can be raised to the installatlon of such a plant as this in the heart of a crowded city, it is worth while to mention that a large nnd handsome public library is to be erected on a corner of the same plot of ground.


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