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Mohammedans as well as Jews are bei ag turned out of Russia's po3aessions. The number of eggs annually imported into Great Britain exceeds 500,000,000. In Switzerland a society has long been formed for the preservation of wild flowers. Over 7,000 varieties of microscopio sea shells have been eniunerated by naturalists. The largest clock is said to be in Buffalo, N. Y. lts dial pĂ­ate is twentyfive feet in diameter. During the last two years the debt of the dominion has been increased by the Ottawa administration $11,318,432. The people of the United States use on an average 12,000,000 postage stamps of all kinds each day of the year, or a total of 4,380,000,000 per annum. Professor J. J. Kimball, who for the past twenty-five years has been instructor of music in the public schools of Manchester, N. H., was recently rendering Raff's cavatina on the violin with cxceptional feeling and power, but when he reached the last chord he made a discord and feil forward dead. The year of the Frenen revolutionary calendar began Sept. 22, 1792. It had twelve months of thirty days each and five days at the end, called the "Sanecullolides." The months were dlvided into three equal decades. There was a four year period called a "Franciade." with a six days' feast at the end.


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