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A Heroic Treatment Like This Year's

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state tax will probably prove the very best way to cure those Demócrata who roted the Republican ticket last fall, oí all affection for the jr. o. p. The princely gift of John D. Rockefeller to the Univorsity of Chicago has made many a fríen'! of the L'Diversity of Michigan long for a similar benefactor for our own institution. There is a crumb of comfort, however, in this remark of the Detroit Journal:- The University of Michigan has no Rockefeller to back it, but it has something better - a good reputation and no corporation handicap. The Standard oil company cannot elect the faculty oor díctate the course of study. The report which waa published in Our Man About Town in Tiik Demo crat for Uct 25 was perhaps mislead i íg in some particulars, which we are glad to explain. The management o the long distance telephone compani hare assured us that they were in no way responsible for employing men who would use profane or obscene language, and will discharge those who can be proved guilty of such misde meanors. We have referred the mana gemeut to those who reported the inci dent to Our Man, and we hope that the guilty ones will be brought to light The flrst annual convention of the Michigan Federation of Women's Club was held in All Souls' church, Gran( Rapids, last Wednesday. Delégate and visitors to the convention crowdei the church to overflowing. Beside the eipht women's clubs of Grane Rapids, who attended the convention en masse to welcome their sisters from over the state, there were delégate from sixty two clubs in Michigan Friends of womau's advancement wil rejoice that the federation is in suc a prosperous condition, as this larg attendance indicates. All Michigan magistratcs will here after be obliged to keep a record of a' drunk and disorderly persons brough before them, because of the new ac of our legislature, whiph provides ■entence of two years for such offences. All persons convicted of being drun more than twice ln a year must b sentenced to two years1 imprisonment These sentences are to be passed b the higher courts, where the accuse is brought after it has been prove fiat he has been twice convicted in on jrear. We cannot too strongly com mend this law. Designed as it is, t prerent habitual drunkenness, it wi doubtless prove very eílicacious i oorrecting the liquor habit in ita earl stages, before it is too late to reform Such a law is far more desirable tha one to punish drunkards who are to deeply enslaved to the liquor habit t be reformad.


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