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A Change In Date And Place

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Holders oí Beaeom tickets tor Uie V M. e. a. Lyceum course wiU piease noto that a cbange lias been made in the arrangétfaents. This liaa been oeceesttated by circumstenees. The nexi entertainment wlU be held on Tueeday evening Nov. 26th, Instead o( WedneOday evenlng Noy. -7, and vil! be a lecture iy 'u%. .). M. Barkifj, of Dotroit. upon bis experlence ae n and entltled "One JTear in die Rebel Army." Those who have hearc' thls lècture, are warm In praise ol it, and one gentleman said to the rfter, "It s the besl lecture thai is Icing: dellvered on the American lecttire platform to-day.'1 Tlu trustees ót Uanis Hall liave kindly consent ed to the oí that !;ar. for the evenlpg, and the lecture wil! bC held there. ThOee interested and evei-ylxidy shem'd be intereslec! in the work of the Y. M. C. á.. wUl please note these hans Öere are a oouple of notlcea of tin. lecture we especlally aek youto teaC : 01 Mr. liarkleyV second appearance iu l'lint in the V. M. ('. A. Star Course. th?ï Journal of tliat city s.-iys. among other thlnga : "For nearly two tioura the eloquent speaker held the audience in elusest atteutlcm. It WOS a most pathetlc recital of wrongS Uoue Indltiduals, families and states :o proniotr thu Sflorj of Southern leaders. Tlu. humerous sido was hoi omltted, 611(1 the audienee was eonvulsi'd w itli luughter by the speakers Inimitable niímlcry. The eloquent, passages w ere vociferously applauded. Hls splendid tribute to Lincoln, and his piaist ol the Sileiit Soldier, Grant, vore recelved nrith greatest lemonBtratlons t' approval. The i:oncluK1011 oï the lecture, whero Mr. Barklej describes tiie battle tleld, .vith its attendant sutferings and excltements the breaktng up dl tiie Bouthern army, ud(í the homegolng, (vers passages of Oiatory that shou!d be lieard to be appreclated. The whole léeture i Iniiittructive, taking the ■tudieiiee to, the other side of the fray and introducing ecenes of privation :md tuffoiing ■whoHy unknown to those of tiio NOrth living; in war linies." The Cleveland Herald says : "The wholc lecture, bemj; from the expericiice of a man whq saw the struggie of tho Bebelllón from tüe Btandpoint of a Confedérate soldier, v;ik liiiiquo and pecullarly Lutereetingfroin thal cause. The closing efíort, a giaphlc descrlptlon til a battlefleld, th ond of the war, and Bhe return of the soldier, uns a fftting -lose to tli'; locture and was loudly applauded '


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