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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan!

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30,000 WËAK MEN GÜRED! i STARTLING FACTS FOR DISEASED VIGTIMS. &CURES GUARANTEEO OR NQ PAY I 1 DC Vnil 0 Nrvona ?nd despondent; weak or debilitated; tired mornings; nonmAnC luLl i bition-lifeless; raemortpoor; easily fatigued; excitable and irritable: eyee snaken, red and blurred; pimples on face; dreams and nighs lossee; restless; haggard looking; weak back; bono pain: hair looee: ulcers; sore throat; varicocele: deposit in nrine and ilraiu at stool; dietrustful; want of conadencc; lack of enorgy aud etrength - WE CAN CURE YOU I RESTORED TO MANHOOD BY DRS. K. & K. JOHN A. MANLIN. JOHN A. MANIIN. CHAS. POWEKS. CHAS. POWEK& BEteitE TEEATMIST. AÏTEB TEKATBBNT. BEFOHE TEIATJIEXT. ATÏJia TBKiTJtKNT. 0 NO ÑAMES OR TESTIMOMALS USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. immnnAri rJohn A. Manlin saye:- "I wasone of the cotuitless TiC lAKICJtELE timo of carly igaoranoe commenced at 15 years of ago. I -■lArtrxVVfT ' tried BeTOU medical iirms and spent C'.OÖ without avail. Cm I SS ION O ANfc Igare ap in despair. The drains on my system were ■ nst vi- .- " ■ ' weakcninK my intellect as well as my sexnal and physlcal IMPOTENCY M' brother advised me aa a last reoort to consnlt _. . _ Drs. Kennedy & Kurgan. I commenced their New Method (JU R EL3 Treatment and in a few weeks was a new man, with now . life and ambition. Thia was four years ago, and now am married and happy. I recommead thcdü ruüa'ulo specialiste to all my afflictod fellowmen." CURES GUARANTEED OR NO PAY.-CONFIDENTAL. "Tho vicer, of early boyhood laid tho fonndation of my T 777, 'Z - ; ; min. Later on n "gay lifo" and oxposuro to blood VUnb IC rltiICCintiC 6ease8 completed the wreek. I liad all the Bymptoms of OJJJIilllO, LUIIOOiUllo Korvons Debility - eunken eyes, emissions, drain in urine, II ■ I rt ! nervonsness, weak back, otc. Syphilis cansed my hair to iSriGOCGIB fall ont, bone pains, nlcers in moath and on tongue, ■"mM) wnmm blotches on body, etc. I thank God X tried Drs. Kennedy & Kergan. Tiaey restored me to health, Tigor and ñappiness." CHAS. POWEBS. KW We treat and cure VaricoceU, Emissions, Netvovs Debiüty, Seminal) Weakness, Gleet, Stricture, Syphilis, Unnatural Discharges, Self Abuse, KidnfX aud Bladder Diseases. 17 VEARS IN DETROIT, 200,000 CURED. NO RISK. RFflnFRt Are yon a victim? Havo yon lost hope? Are yon contemplatinj mar- rsdrtLEri riage? Has your Blood bnen diseased? Havo yon any wenkneR? Onr New Method Treatment will cure yon. What it ha done for others it will do for yon. C0NSULTAT10N FREE. No matter who haB treated yon, write for an honost opinión froe of Charge. Charges reasonable. BOOKS FREE - "The Golden Jlonitor" (illnstrated), on Diseases of Men. Inclose poetase, 2 cents, ëealed, BP-NO NAMES USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. PRIVATE. No medicine snt C. O. D. No ñames on boxes or envelopes. Everythlns confldentlal. Questlon Hst and cost f No. 148 SHELBY ST. , DETROIT, NHCH.


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