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Council Chamber, { Ann Arbor, November 4th, 1895. S lletfiilar sesaion. Calleo1 to order by President Hiscoek. Koil called. Quorum present. Absent Aid. Allmendinger, Taylor, Butterfleld. The journal of the last regular session was upon motion approved. COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE MAYOR. Ann Arbor, Mich., October 28th, '95. To the Honorable Common Council: Gentlemen:- According to the charter I hereby appoint subject to your approval Joseph Blackburn to the offlce of Poundmaster in the City of Ann Arbor vice James W. Green resigned: Warrkn E. Walker. Mayor. Adopted as follows : Yeas - Aid. Moore, Maynard, Koch, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Fergueoa, Shadford, Prettyman, Coon, Cady, terfleld, Pres. Hiscock- 12. Nays- None Aid. Taylor entered. MATOR'S OrFICE. Ann Arbor, Mich., October 28th, 1895. Té ike Honorable Common Connal f the City of Ann Arbor: Gentlemen:- That portion of the proceediugs of the Common Council of October 21st, 1895, relative to the report of the street committee upon the matter of payment to the city of twenty-five ($25,000) dollars for earth ■ belonging to the city and used George W. Bullis, I desire to disapprove of tshe same, for the following reasons: lst. That it does not appear that the amount to be paid was arrived at fromanydata furnished from disintere9ted persons. 2nd. As I deem it, sufflcient tigation has not been had in justice to the city or to Mr. Bullis. If your honorable body is of the opinión that it would be better to compromise the matter, and that it be settled as a regular, legal business transaction, then I would suggest that it be done in a bnsiness like manner; that the city engineer be instructed to carefully estimate the amount of earth necessary to make the flll to its present grade and of that portion lying outside of the legal or customary line of street ülling and to report to the Commen Council the number or cubic yards therein contained, the Council then to base their settlement thereon, allowing no claim of offset for fllling said to have been put there by other than at the city's expense, except such as is so conclusively proven. 1 am sure that there is no desire on the part of the Council that the City proflt at Mr. Bullis's expense. We are all in duty bound, so far as lies in our power, to protectthe city's interest, and we should insist that its officials do their duty. Prostitution of office should not be tolera ted. Warren E. Walker, Mayor. The report failed to be passed over the veto of the Mayor as follows: Yea8- Aid. Moore, Koen, Brown Ferjfuson, Taylor, Shadford.Coon.Cady Pres. Hieoock- 9. Nays- Aid. Maynard, Snyder, Laubengayer, Prettyman - i. The resolution ordering a crosswalk built on the north side of South University Ave., across Washtenaw Ave. I also disapprove, for the reason that the kind of material to be used in its construction is not specifled. Warren E. Walker, Mayor. Yeas- Aid. Koch, Coon- 2. Nays- Aid. Moore, Maynard.Snyder Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Tay lor, Prettyman, Cady, Pres. Iliscock OOMMTJNICATIOXS AND PETITIONS. FROM THB BOARD Or PUBLIC WORKS. To the Common Council : Gentlemen:- The Board of Public Works herewith submit the following bids for removing the earth on the north side of Washington street along Felch Park. Zenus Sweet $135, M. M. Wheelock 90. The Board recommends that the contract be awarded to M. M. Whee lock he beingthe lowest bidder for the same, Board of Public Works, Glen V. Mills, Clerk. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Moore, Maynard, Koch Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown. Fergu son, Taylor, Shadford, Coon, Cady Pres. Iliscock- 12. Naya - None. Aid. Prettyman excused from voting. To the President and Honorable Com mon Council: Gentlemen:- The Board of Public Works recommend that the building of a brick crosawalk across Willarc east side E. University Ave. owing to the sewer passing be deferred until next year. Board of Public Works, Glen V. Mills, Clerk. Adooted. To the Common Council : Owing to the fact that the report of the street commissioner presentec to your honorable body is in some paticulars erronons as to description we therefore submit the herewith attached sheets as a correction thereof. SIDEWALKS BUILT BY THE CITY YEAR 1895. Along and front of the following described property to-wit: Sigma Phi Society, lots 1, 2 and 3, B. 5N. R. 12 East $ 22 42 Wesley Guild corporation, lot 8 and the N. 32 feet of lot 7 B. 2 5 R9 East 19 60 Mrs. Philip Duffy, East i of lots 7 and 8 B 4 íí R 10 East 19 75 SIDEWALKS REPAIUED BY THE CITY DURING THE YEAR 1895. Along and in front of the following described property to-wit: Mary Ann Keating, East 4x8 rods of lots 7 and 8 B 2 N R 13 East 3 71 Lucy W S Morgan estáte, O C Johnson, executor, lot 12 B 1 N R 14 East 374 C Baluss, a piece of land 54 feet wlde on the gouth and 56 feet 6 inch on the North off of the west side of lot 7, Wilcoxson Plat 6 38 Frank A Thompson, si lid to Dfi Clark, South 294 teel oí lol 2 and the North I8i teel of lol 3B3SIJ8 Kast - TS Miranda A Lukins, lol 10 B 2 i: s Smit lis :td add Sylvia E Smilh, -lot 9 B 2 I! S Smit bs 3 add l 38 ulia A Street, lot 8 1'. 2 H S Sniillis:! add 69 ilrs. James Gallet, Nuri ii 4ii feel oí the Kast 82i teel of late 7 B i N K il Kast 2 58 W D Harriman, lol 16 B 5 S I! 1 Eaat 2 18 Dr. Oeorge A Ilendricks, lol 17 B5S li i Rast 3 20 Mrs. Martin Lang, lot is ]? -t s i; 1 East 5 73 Franklin L Parker estáte, Mra. LucyDSexecutrix. lot 4, 5 and 6, B 6 S R (i Bast, also lots I and 10 B7 S R Bast d: Board of Works, Glen V. Mills. Clerk. A petition signcd by II. T. Morton and 13 othere Askiag for the grading )f S. Universily Ave, and Walmil street was read and referrod to the Street Conimittee. A petition signed by George Bemp] and 6 -others asking for thé grading )f Prospect and E, l'nivorsit y Avenue was read and referred to the Streel Conimittee. A petition signed ty Charles Kingsey and 5 others asktng for the building of a sidewalk on l.'tt.h streel was read and referred to the Sidewalk Committee. A petition signed by A. H. Pattengill and 4 others asking tor the lowering of the Sewer on YVaslitenaw e. was read and referred tq wie Sewer Committee. A petition signed by J. T. Jacobs and 5 others asking tor a brirU crosswalk across Washington si ree: on tin west side of S. 4th Ave. was read referred to the Sidewalk Comm&tee. A communieat ion from II. S.Town send & Co. was read and referred to the Ordinance Committee. A communication from the Headlight Engraving Company was pre sented to the Council. Aid. Pretty man moved thai a special committee of three be appolnte to the repreeentative o such Company. Adopted. President Hi8cock appolnted Aid Prettyman, Moore and Brown as sucl Committee. A communication trom the Ann Ar bor T.-II. Klectric Company relaiivi to lighting the Court House clock wa read and referred to the Lifihtint, Committee. A petition signed by A. E. Qibson re lative toa eer tal nbill assigned to hin was read and referred to the City At torney. EEPORTS OF STANDING COIIM 1TTEES FIXANCK. To the Common Couneil: Your Committee on Financé woulc respectfully report that they ñáveha the following bilis ünder thetr consid eration and would recomménd tlioi allowanee and that warrants be oi dered drawn for the same. Respectfully submitted, H. J. Brown, C. 11. Cady. Emmett Coon. . Committtee on Plnance. CONTINOFNT FITNI). Glen V Mills, salary Cti i Patrlck O'lloarn. " 83J Charles H Kline, " :.:, i Mack & Schmld, rent 8 0 OlayA Green, asslgnd to J LEose 29 i Eli W Moore salary 12 6 Henry H Dodsley ■' 35 n Aun ArborT. II. Electric Co. Itghtlhg. ii ,t .. .. . Charlos H Manly, salary :t Jonn Kapp " 3ï a Mairln Davenport. " i', ■. Minute A Welfs. typewrlting Mrs. Coleman, janitoi1 work ; :, Dr E A Clark, salary a5 Dean & Co suap . Washtenaw Evunine Times, rtótices. 3 00 Georif E Darrow, labor to Glen V Mills 50 John Andrés, ice ir i S. A. Moran, assigned to Ann Arbor Savlngs Bank IS ( Engineering News, subscript ion 6 ( Washienaw Abstract Co., abstract work is ( Henry Stuit li. labor V) Siti VV Millard. sopplles 13 ( Cbaa F Stabler, sfgns i :. The Ann Arbor DeraoCrat, printing... "" I N DCorben, work on ordinaiHc 41 1 Total S1UH4 h SKWEBI KI'MJ. OKNK1ÍA1-. Andrew Muohllg, shovel 7 Chas A Ward, inspector H." ' Total t District No. 1. LawrenceHuhs, laDoi ags'nd Browïi :; 1 State Saving Hauk accounts assigm! them: George Crossby, labor 2 62 O Wrlght, ■ .... 83 Christlan.Tetter. " .... 1 50 WUliam Moran " g 00 12 7 James I) Snialley, drayage. Louis Khode 80 2 . Total $ M4 District. No. :. George F Key, salary $ ?: 1 E W Groves, assistaut englnees ■'■' i Frank Sutherland, labor 25 ."( George H FisclitT. " Parru S Banlickl. inspector .":: Si J Rice Mincr. A A Terry, " 60 1 Wm. E Stocking, " 60 5( Wllliam O Fletcher inspector 151 WUUam O Fletcher, assigned toState Saving Ban k 'L r Henry Collins, assigned to PadBera and Mechan es Bank 5L28 6 Total (5682 i STUKKT FUNU. Anu Arbor Savlngs Bank. accodnta assfgned ' bon : Richard Hurns, labor.... ü T" Martin Adamshank, "'.... ;.. George Bealy, " Illchael Williams, " .... 4 ".n Abrani Voorhies, " .... 5 17 P Dltars. - .... 4ü 15 MichaeT Wllllams, " .... SOM Henry Marsh, "... I Charles Wlnkle, " .... 17 fis Baruey Morrison, " .... :: Mii-hafl Kuster, Richard Burns. ' .... Hl ciirisihui Jetter,' ;■ vt :j.i Wllllam Euehn, lo 212 01 The Stat; Savlngs Bank. accounts asslgned them: Wm Enkorman, labor II Ui Frank Beyier, " h ui Charlea Wlnkíe, " .... e xi Wra Moran, " .... 4tt Ellas Baddler, .... 9 ia O Wrliilit. ■■ .... ,., 37 os Fred Rruwn, accounts uslfrnd liini: Lawrence Hughs, ut w) Hichael Koster ;: Georce Hialy :i 00 .lohn McHuuli. uravel 4ii i" George Kirn, sldewalk Henry Richards, cual i m Uuo Klrn, laytnR sldi-walk... in i.. Geo F Kcy, salary i' (Ml Frank Ui-vier, labor '. 7 .ïii James Donegan, repairs "'i SS C E Godfrcy, freighl 62 Geo Kim. I ay Ing sldewalk.. .. ii 88 Chas A Ward, Inspectlon of. sidewalk n ihi Frank Butherland, lalior Joe Hut.el, labor i , ,,n Leonard Bassett, salary Frank Iït'vicr, lahor 2 70 Charles Wlnklc. " ï S Ahram Voorhew, " s ,:, PatHcOabe. " :n Mlclmel Wllllatns, labor ■_ m Mat Ltilvold, " -,:, Blchard liurns, " 8 79 H T Sweet, engineer "mhi E W Grovi-s. assi eng is ui Wm Enkcnnun, labor ,.. f 06 George H Plsoher. labor Zean Sweet, teaming m n Total mis s BRIDGE, CULVERT AXD CKOSSWAI.K. AM Clark 00 Andrcw Muehlig supplies 1 90 John Banmgardner, stone slaiis. gg 80 C E Godf ruy 1 00 Melme laboT 4 os , Hujühs oe Huí ■' 6 00 lal l.ui]'iii " '■' atrlck McCab " toarles A Ward " Rohdo, supplles 103 57 .1 Rogers, polnts and tmlis 9 i 1 1 m Ai'txH' Baving líanU accountsas.NÍirin-(l i hem : Martin Adamshank, labor M m Lawrence H irj h. m Mlchael K usier " í 60 Mtclmel Williams " i " Barncy Uorrlson " B 70 livd tio1V: " 7 70 'm Kuehn ■ I 50 Abram Voorhets " 8 25 Geo l ' 0 00 ] n s Hoffman " 15 7" l'nil á Hoffnian " :.' 75 rosby " 1 "11 Abram Voorhels " !' 75 Mlchael llUams " I 80 Barnoj Morrlson " 8 ■■ Inkle " w Mlchael Kuster '! C'hrlstian Jet tor, " U 86 Bonnet! lomrh " .....48 Wllllam Kuehn, " 9 7" 171 85 i ;i 1 Ba ' ilm li; Qk, ::i"f ■ asslKued thexn: 1'iiMik Bevier labor 1 SO w ni Enkorman " I'r.-inK Uv ler ■' : Win Enkerman " 1 M Wm Eakerman " l ■ll E Sad '■ 4 88 V m Mol ;l n 4Í p i) Buchlln ■■ 14 08 (l WrUIH " ." K Wm Lamborn " 2 40 o Wriu'lit ■■ 5 Michael Kuster " 4 50 Frank Bucklln " U i ChomasJ Smlth " 10 Charles Wlnkle " 150 Til 15 Pred Browii accounts :tirnrcl hlm: Michael Kunter 9 .." rrence Hughs 6 00 15 T5 Tota] I l'OI.H'i; ri'Mi. MOPeterson, salar; í 68 00 ,..n id CoUlns, ■ 50 00 John ü'Mara, " ■') m George [sabel, " 50 (X Kouben Armbruster " DOOI James Murraj . special i 1 1 Parrls Banfleld " 8 01 W (■ Snow, üvit.v Total S 273 00 FIKK Kl'MI. Km I Slpley, Balar; RO 00 C A Ed "' V II McLaren, " 50 O Ma? v. liiti Inger, " M O Albert West, " "■WK Eugene Williams, " %n Herman Kim. " 50O Samuel !'■!.; rön, " 39 l Louis Hovlzele, " 18 8 Ed. Hoe " 8 01 w I. Schnli i-Ie, ■■ 80 M e Ryan, " 8 i Wm Bettlch, " 8 i H i: i Schwab carrots , . 7 i I' Glbney, hay l '■! D Hiscoct Son, ooal 10 0 Allmendlnger & Schnelder,tats [51 9 James Donegao, horse shoelng 5 2 Louis Rhixle, lime and coal '■' "■ Mis Rcam, wasbing 50 Total $ l52 : rooi: itmi. Ferd Sipley.salary fin ik Arm Axbor K U i". freighi r;i 6 Claronce Lamber Co, rood 88 ■" il .1 Browu, medicine i (ti I otj & l'i-iiicr. slioi's 17 ' Dwyer, grocerles I t Ed Duffy, groceries John E)isele, groceries '-' l) Mrs. Evans, aid 5 0 John. Goetz, Jr.f grocerlea ." i John Goetz & Son, groceries - S n i; Hoefer, groceries 1 & Henne & Stangor, coffln V F XiOdholz, groceries 'i '( E I' Mason, ro :erles 7 iM il McTnty re, groceries 5 8 O'Iiara, Boyle & Co, groceries (X e. KIn 13 fi Hinsf. t, groceries 13 5 11. Kir ! :, m L Rohde, coal W F Stlmson, groceries ' 16 e v Vogel. 1 1 1 ■ - l 1 i i Wahr & Mi! lei', shoes l ï e Zuern, meal 7 ; l lll'Any KIND. Oeorgo wc -k-i. gravel 148 (K RSQAPITULATION. Contingent Í 1095 ( SewerFund Main SS e Dist. Nol :; 5 Streel Bridge, Culvert and Crosswalk 142 7 Pólice l'ill' Poor 180 i Cemetery is ( 'I'. .1 al $:S91 Adopted as follows: ias - Aid. Moore, Maynard, Kooh Snyder, Laubenger, Brown, Perguson Taylor. Shadford, Prettyinan, Coon C'ady, Pres. Hiscock - 13. Nays - None. Sri'LKMKNTAKY HEPOKT. Chairman Brown presented the fol lowing bilis without regommenda Uohs. Charles H. Manly journalizing sew eraccouni $100. Adopted as follows: Yeas - Aid. Moore, May aard, Koch Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Fergu son, Taylor, Shadford. Prettyman Cocn. Cady, Pres. Hjscock l.i. .Nays - None. ■i. F. Kéy repair'oi transii $23.30 loptcd as follows: Yeas - Aid. Mooro. Maynard, Koch Snyder, Laubenjrayer, Brown, Fergu son, Taylor, Shadford, Prettyman Coon, Cady, Pres. Hiscock - 13. Nays - None. J. w. Bennett services in case o Lennan va. Banfleld et a I Adopted as follows: Yoa:-; -Aid. Moore, Maynard, Koch Snyder, Lauhengayer, Brown, Fergu bod, Taylor, Shadford, Prettyman C i, Cady, I Vo. Hiscock- 13. Nays - N i Chairman Brown presented the bil ofC.H.Kllne for services n the cas of Loney vs. Annbrusu-r for $50 with out recommeinlai ion. Aid. Cady moved that the City At tornejbe requested to'glve an Item Ized account of expenses at the aex sessioil (if the (. 'onheil. Adopted as follows : . Yeas- Aid. Moore, Mayiüird, Krown Taylor, Shadford, Coon, Cady - 7. Ñays ld. Kocli. Snyder, Lauben (fayer, Ferguson, l'rettyman, Pres. Jlis cock - (. Aid. Taylor and Koch excused. OBDINANOB. ' . An Ordinaiicc relativo to the use o Streets and other Public Places was givcn lts third reading by section and placed upon its passage. AJd. Brown moved that the worda "of tix substantial [ron rings in stom sidewalka oí a greater width t lian tei f eet in licu of sald posta" of sectioj in t)i' st rieken out. Adopted. Aid. Ferguson excused. Aid. Brown moved thai "nol more' be Inserted in place r "nol les-:" anc "property Line" in place of "sldewalk line" in sèd ion 21. Adopted. Upon the completion of the reading oí i hr rdlnance the quesi ion waa Shall thls Ordinance pasa?" Adopted as follows: Yeas - Aid. Moore, Maynard, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Shadford, Prettyman, Coon, Cady, Pres. IILscoek - 10. Nays - None. A ld. Ferguson entered. The Ordlnance relative to thé Police Porce wasgiven its third reading by Seetions and placed upon its passage. i'iion wiiich t lie question was ''Shall this Ordinance pasa?" Adopted as follows: 'eas- Aid. Moore, Maynard, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Shadforil, Prettyman, Coon, Cady, Pres. Hlscook - 11. Nays - None. An Ordinance relat Ive to t he Public Health wasgiven k third readingby, seetions and placed upon its pon whloh the question is: "Shal iiis (rdinance pass?" Adopted as follows: eas- Aid. Moore, Maynard, Snyder, jaubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, ShadDi'i. Prettyman, Coon, Caay,Pres. Ilisock- 11. Naya- None. tnontbly reporta of the City Üerk, City Treasurer, City Marshal, 3hief of the Pire Department, Superntendeni ofthe Poor and Streel Comaissioner were readand placedon ftle. Tho State Savinffs Bank. Ann Arbor, Mich., October 30, 1885. To the Coiutnon Councll of tlio City of Ann Arbor: We heroby eertify that thore was to ihe credit of the city treasurer, C. H. Maniy. en Oct. 31 st, 1895, $43,009.31 In ;his bank. Etespectfully submltted, State SavlnffS Bank, Ann Arbor, Mich. John Wal.. Gen. Bkr. criv ii:i' vsi BBB s ur.i-ouT. CITY FUNDB. MONTH ENDINO OCTOBER 31, 1895. To th'e ( 'omnion Uounoil ol the Cityo Ann Arbor: Balance on hand; last rrport MOXKY BBCB1 V BD. Oontlngeni fund interest f uad8tateS. 1! $158.81 Ulun V. Mills Llcense Ï7.00 B. O. i Glen V. Mills .80 Dog Tax, Glen V. Mills 7.00 Streel Fund, Ren1 ol Boller 7.M Pólice fund A. E. Qlbsun, r.iM 508 8 Total L13,862.6 HONET DISIU'KSED. Contingent tund í 1,019.89 Streel fimd 1.561.96 Poor fiiml 187.M Bridge, Culvêrt, and Orosswalk tund 587.28 Pólice fuml 333.85 Pireroen's rund lïi.ï.- (iv i lemetery fumi 9.00 Boldler's Rellof fund -io.oii .IJlüKtW 4.1TO.03 Total (89,702.04 IIALANTK ON 1I. M). Contingent tund f4,808.30 Main Sewer l'und Bond fund 3,500.00 Street fund 8.172.05 Poot fund 2,670.48 Bridge, Culvert, and Crosswalk fmul 4,159.42 Polloe tund 3,075 3 Plremen'a fuiid 6,040.62 City Cemetery Uimt 170.86 Boldler'a Keilof fund 919.90 Water fund 5,497.40 Dog fund rjti.00 rslty Bospltal Aid Hond fund I.-J.W.OO Deliquent tas fund 1,354 84 Oncollected City Tax 11,985.38 13.:9.7. City Building site 5.000.00 141.76 {18,389.7! 13,339.72 Total $S9,702.04 Respectfully submittetl, C. II. Manly, Treasurer. CTTY TREA8CRER'S REPORT. Month Endino Outoher 31, 1895. To the Common Council of the City of A mi Arbor: Balance on hand, last report .?17,W1.19 MONEY REOErVBD. : I Sewer Ltcense,Qlen V. Mills $ fiC.OO Labor act J-. S. i. Ño. i Transfer (rom General Sewer rü.oo Tas ac'l Bewer, Dist. No. l.. 5tS8 Tas ac'l Sewer Dist. N. ::.. 16.58 Tax ac't Sewer Dist. No. 3 824.82 Tax ac'l Bewer l'ist. Na i.. i : Bonds Bold Sewer Kisi. Ne :; 7,003.00 7,568.91 Total , 134,685.18 miinky DISBURSCD. Matn Sewer fund 117.00 Labor ac't Lateral Sewer Dist. No. 1 853.OT Labor ac'1 Lateral Sewer Dist. No. 9 7.109.02 Labor ac't Lateral Sewer Dist. No. i i,:í Bonds Dist. No. 1 1,1 00.00 Interest m Hond 36.06 I! in.] Dist. NO. :.' l."i(X).OO I on Bond 49:"8 11,889.1 Cltj tunda u.!iiu. 29.702.04 lal $43,918.08 Respectfully submitted, C. H. Manly, TYeasurer 6TREET COMMISRIONER'S REPORT OF MONEY BECEITED PBIOB TO NOVHMllKll Ist, 1S'.I.". To the Common Council of the City of City of Ann Arbor: Becetved of Chai c fop stom C23.SQ Recetved f I,. Rhode for stone 172) ed oí Geo. W. Bullís for dlri a.00 Stotic sold Clinton ;-n der and !kji p;ül for Sand Bold Clinton Snyder and nu! j;i id for ' 4.(K S.50 10.00 88.61 Total í;,;.:,u Respectfully aubmitted, Leonard Bassett, Street Ceraissioncr. RESOLUTIONS. By Aid. Cady. Resovled, thai Mr. Pratt bo granted permission fco bulld an 8 inch sewer In i he alley In t he rearof i be April building, in the procesa ón construction, wilh Liberty streel sub lateral. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Moore, Maynard, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Shad(ord, i'ruttyman, Coon, Cady,Pre8. liicock - 11. Nays - Xone. By Aid. Jirown. Besolved, that f330.07 be bransferred trom t lie maiii Sewer l'iind bo i üe Sewer Fund of Disi riel No. 4. Adoptod as fólloivs : Yeas.- Aid. Moore, Maynard, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Ierguson, Shadford, I'rettyman, Coon, Cady, Pres II Iscóck - 11. Nuys- None. By Aid. Brown. Resolved, tha1 the Board ol Public Worka are hereby directed to construct a bemporary walk across North 121 h si reet on t be Nort h side of Cal berine streel beginning al ilie end of the walk already built by Mr. Stevens. Adoptad as follows: Yeas - Aid. Moore, Maynard, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Perguson, Shadford, Prettymaii. 'oon.( 'ady, Pres. Hiscoek- 11. Nays - None. By Aid. Brown. Resolved, th& $50, Is hereby apprci prlated f rom the Bridge, Culvert and Urosswalk Fund tor a plank crossing tQ be built across N. )lh Avenue nn the nori b side of Cal berine also across the public alley between N. 4tli Ave. and N. Main streel and tor repairing four gut ber crossing on said si reet. Ado]n-d as tollows: Yeas - Aid. Mooré, Maynard, Snyderi Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Shadtord, Prettymau, Coon, Cady, Pree. EUs cock - 11. Nays - None. By Aid. Snyder. Resolved, tbat Andrew .1. Sawyer tfanagerof the Grand opera House be granted permissionto place a bulletin board at the corner Main and Aun l n front of siioh Opera Houw on the oi at i he outer eqye of the sldewalk, LOSi BS fnllows: Yras - Aid. Synder, Laubengayer, 1 'rei t ytiian. i.'oon l. Naya Aid. Moore, Maynard, Brown, Lison, Shadford, Cady, Pres. Hiscocfi t. By Aldorman Coon. Mesolved, Tliat the following approprlatlons be made from the bridge, culvert and ci-osswalk fund, and the Board at l'ulilic Works be and aie bereby directed to build brick crosswalks and intersection walks as foliovs: Sevont y-flvi' dollars torcrosswalkon and along the aorth aide ol Washington ftcross Main street. Seventy-five dollars torcrosswalkon and along tlie north side ol Liberty acrosa Main si reet. Seventy-five dollars forcroëswalkon and along the snufh side of Huron ocrosa Fourth avenue. Seventy-flve dollars for crosswalk on and along north side of Huro across Fouitii avenue. l'ilty dollars for crosswalk on and alcng the north side of South Universlty avenue acrossWashteoaw ave. Seventy dollars for crosswalks on and along the weal side ol Fouri i Avenue across Washington street. Alsii n 825 for a plank orossing alon( the south side of soutb University Avenue ncrossForest Aveuuo. Adoptadas follows: Yeas - Aid. Moore, Maynard, Snyder Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguaon, Shad ford. Prettyman, Coon, Cady, i'res.His sock-10. Niiys- "one. ByAld. Coon. Resolved, Thai Mrs. Moore be giycn an extensión of t [me to build her side walk in front of her place on E. l'ni vprsity Ave. corner of Willnrd. 01 consideration thai she bulld a cernen walk iiext season. Adopted. By A11. Coon. Resolved, Thai Monday, the 18thday oí Xovembeiyit 7 p.m.,it thischambe be ftxed as i he i Ime aod place for th sittingoí iliis council asa Board o Review for the consLderatioo oí ili special asaessment, of sidewalks con si meted by the city during i he vea L895, and thai ao1 Ice of i bis i Ime am place of such sittlng be glven pabli caí un in the official newspabers o said city ai least ' days before sait date. Adopted. Aid. Prettyman moved tliai ili vote adopting the Journal of Octobe 2lstbe reconsidered. Adopted. Aid. Brow oved tfiáí the resoli i Ion i' Aid. Snyder relatlve to assesa ment of sidewalks be recpnsidered. Adopted. Whereupon Pres. Hiscock declare the resolution out of order. Aid. l'ivt tyinan moved that the re port of the Street Coomniissioner re lative to sidewalka built bythecil be expunged trom the record of Octo bor :iist. Adoptod. Aid. Prettyman moved that th substitute offered by the Board o Public Works be Inaerted In the ree ordof October 21st and referred to th Board of Review. Adoptod as follows: Yeas Ald.Moore, Maynard, Snyder Laubenifayer, Brovvn, Feiguson, SI a ford, Prettymaa, Cooa, Oady, Pre Hiscock- 1 1. Nays -None. ( )n motion the Counoil adjourned. City Clei-k.


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