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Real Estate Transfers

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Geo. W. Sweet & w. to Ella L. S weet, Ann Arbor, $ 1 John Hughes to Thomas Gaffney, Scio 230 Mary O'Hara to F. Kleinschmidt, Freedom 270 Minnie K. Brown to Ann Arbor Savings Bank, Ann Arbor 2,500 C. Martin & w. to M. Fischer, Ann Arbor 1 William Geer to Edgar S. Geer, et. al. will Edward D. Kelly to Thos. E. Wall, Ann Arbor Richard C. and Robert W. Harrison to Mary A. Thompson, Ypsilanti 5 B B. Waite, by heirs, to Mary A. Thompson, Ypsilanti 30 Hiram Cady to Walter B. Cady, York 3,612 Olive A. Lewis, by admin. to Jason W. Biship & w.", Superior 1,500 Nettie A. Harrison to J. W. and Sarah J. Harrison, Ypsilanti 1 J. W. and Sarah ,T. Harrison to Nettie A. Harrison, Ypsilanti 1 Herman O. and Sarah O. Walters to James F. Quinlan, Ann Arbor 285 George W. Bullis to Camilla Hege Ier, Ann Arbor 2,000 John Mckinnon, by admi. to John Mckinnon, Decree William Mckinnon to James P. Mckinnon, Saline. 100 William Mckinnon to John Mckinnon. Saline 100 John Mckinnon et. al. to James P. Mckinnon, Saline 100 James P. Mckinnon, et. al, to John Mckinnon, Saline 100 Margaret Mahony to Mary Dolan, Dexter 1 Henry P. Ralston to Lucy Rice, Ypsilanti 1 Lucy Rice to Henry P. Ralston & w., Ypsilanti 1 Delia E. Sparks to Wm. F. Haten, Chelsea 4,000