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What Abe They Good For ?

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The question is sometimes asked, what the Young Women's Christian Association can do in a town like Ann Arbor, and whether there is a work for them that wilt justify the means expended. A case in point came under our observation a few days age. A lady' from a neighboring city was in Ann Arbor looking for work, and went into the rooms of the association for a few momeritsS' rest, While there she was taken ill, and grew so inuch worse that a physician was called. He prowounced her in danger of pneumonĂ­a and as she had no place to go, Mrs. and Miss Crippen of the association, took her home and cared for her during the night, for she was very ill. The next day a carriage was f ound, and she was sent h jme, A letter received from her since her return expresses her thanks for the kind treatment, and said that she did not know what she could have done had it not befen for the association, as she had no money but had simply a return ticket home. Other incidents of this kind are kuown, and are more than justify ing the association for the efforts they are putting forth, aside from the religious part of the work. Bear this association in miad and help it as you have ability.


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