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Mrs. Alonzo Jones of 106 Kast Ormsby avenue, Louisville, was robbed of $1,600 worth of Aiamonds. The fainily had been absent from the house for a couple of days and during that time the robbers got in. The complete returns of Rhode Island unofficially tabulated show llcKinley's plurality tó be 23,750. A telegram from Lick observatory to Harvard observatory announces the discovery of a faint cornet by Perrino, an assistant at Lick. Consul General Fitzhugh Lee was a passenger on board the Ward line steamer Vigilancia which arrived at New York Wednesday from Havana. Miss Viola Thompson married George Fredericks at Dixon, Hls., to pay an election bet. Had McKinley been defeated the engagement was to have been declared off. Both are residents of Franklln Grove, Hls. The sultan has decorated Sidney Whitman, correspondent of the New York Herald, with the second class of the Osmanlie order, and Mrs. Whitman with the Chefekat order. An old woman of Liverpool named Bridget McMullen is rivaling the record of London's Jane Cakebread. She has been brought before the pólice court 355 times for intoxication and has spent half her life in prison. Frank Hearshley, a Republican, In rejoicing over McKinley's victory at Greensburg, Ind., called Dan Camden, a Democrat, an anarchist, whereupon he was struck with a beer bottle, and died later. A shout for Bryan and some bandying words resulted in a fatal assault at Omaha upon James McGuire, 18 years oíd. William Campbell, colored, has been arrested by Policeman Baldwln and Kussell and charged with the murder. Nearly 120,000 barrels of apples have been shipped to Great Britain this season from Annapolis and Cornwallis valleys in Nova Scotia, and 400,000 more will follovv within the next few weeks. Ex-Queen Isabella II of Spain reeently celebrated on the same day her 6Sth birthday and her golden wedding. James French, indicted for the murder of his wife at Rockford, Hls., July 19 last, who, it was expected, would be tried at the present term of court, was granted a continuance by Judge Crabtree until the January term. Insanity will be the defense. William Jackson, a colored man who cut Clara Rambo, also colored, in Loekport, Hls., Monday, was arrested for murder, the woman having died. Harrison Tiffln, a well-to-do farmer living about ten miles northwest of Marshall, Hls., was found dead in his barn with his throat cut from ear to ear. It is not known whether it is suicide or murder. Joseph Rosenthal of Peru, Ind., a well-known capitalist and mar-ufacturer, was stricken with paralysis at Kokomo, Ind., and is in a critical condition. Bert Cumins, an employé on ex-Congressman Yaple's farm, near Lagrange, Ind., committed suicide while temporarily insane. ♦ Montana produced 21,530,013 pounds of wool this year, and leads all other states as a wool grower. William Hudson of Peoria, Hls., was arrested at Joliet on a warrant sworn out by his wi-fe, charging him with bigamy. Hudson has been living at Joliet with a woman, the two conructing a small restaurant. The latest rumor about Bishop Keane is that, on the recommendation of Cardinal Gibbons, he is to be appointed coadjutor archbishop of Baltimore, with the right of succession. D. Miller, a Germán, residing at the Great Western mine, Iron Mountain, Mich., was mistaken for a deer while out hunting near Sagola, and was shot dead by a companion. Mr. Swithin Fleming, a close friend of Daniel O'Connell, and the oldest solicitor in Ireland, died recently at Midleton, aged 100 years. A piece of meat lodged in the windpipe of Richard Nash of 201 East Seventy-third street, New York, and he choked to death during the evening meal. Among the curiosities in the Richards free library museum at Claremont, N. H., is the anvil on which was manufactured the flrst scythe in the United States. One of the features of California lifc which is not often noticed in print is the large decrease of the Chinese laboring population of the state. The Mississippi negroes are said to have had a very prosperous season in cotton raising. They will have more cash money this winter than ever before in ten years and are paying up their debts rapidly. Captain David P. Thomas, who has just died at New Haven, Conn., was widely known by the older newspaper men of the country through the fact that he was for many years P. T. Barnum's press agent. Women constitute two-thirds of all the church members of the United States, but only one-thirteenth of all the crimináis. Joe Zlmmerman, dealer in dry goods, clothing, etc, at Jackson, Tenn., has assigned. Liabilities about $18,000. John E. Wilkes, one of the oldest dry goods dealers at Grand Rapids, Mich., has filed mortgages to the amount oí $30,000 to secure creditors. N. W. Northrup is the heaviest creditor, for $12,291. William Hayes, a coal dealer of Phildelphia, cut his wife's throat and his own, and both were found dead in their bedroom. Colonel Walter Raleigh Gilbert, C. B., chief constable of Cornwall, who died in England the other day at the age of 83, was a descendent of Sir Humphrey Gilbert, half-brother of Sir Walter Raleigh. The Japanese government has printed 14,000,000 2 and 5-cent stamps to commemorate the Princes Arisugawa and Kitsharakawa, who feil in the war with China. The latest name for the sultan appears in London Truth. It Is the Royal Rippur.


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