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Prices For Richard Mansfield

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Manager A. J. Sawyer, of the (rand opera house, has reoeived the following letter: Ann Aeboe, Micii., Nov. 11, 1896. Me. A. J. Sawyee, Grand Opera House, City. Deaii Sie - Hegarding prices for the engagement of Mr. Richard Mansfield at your theater on Wednesday evening, November 18th, I beg to say that 1 have, after carefully considering the matter, reached the conclusión to charge $1.50 per seat for the orchestra and for the two flrst rows of the orchestra circle. The balance of the orchestra at $1.25 per seat. The flrst two rows of the gallery, which contains 100 seats, at $1.00, the balance of the gallery, 75 cents. I trust that these prices will meet the approval of your patrons. It was Mr. Manstield's intention before I reached your city to make it $2.00. but after our conversation last night in which you pointed out to me the f act that the tinancial depression has aiïected your business considerably, 1 have flxed the prices mentioned aboye, in which 1 am sure Mr. Mansiield will also co-operate. I beg to cali your attention to the seale of prices at which we play in New York City the Mpnday following our date here. Our engagement there will be at Garden theater for an unlimited run and the prices there for the entire lower lioor have already been fixed at $2X0 per seat, which is the price always charged at Mr. Mansfleld's theater, the Garrick. Our reason for not playing the "Garrick" is that "Secret Service" is on there and doing a large business, and we do not want to interfere with its run. I am sure that the way in which I regard the prices will not only meet your approval but also the indorsement of your theater-going public. Very truly yours, Joskph P. Dillon, Bus. Mgr. for Mr. llichard Mansfleld. Do you know agood farm paper when you see it? Send' your address for a f ree copy of The Kural New-Yorker this week. When you see it, you will want it. 'f hen we will send it and The Ann Aeboe Demockat both one year for 81.85. For the sample, address The Rural New-Yorker, New York.


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