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Mrs. Ilenry Nieman is on the sic! list. Miss Trances Iligley has returnei from Detroit. Mrs. JsTancy Pullen has gone to Ge neva, Jí. Y., for a visit. Mrs. A. Lodeman is suffering with a severe attack of the grip. Miss Laura Jenness was the guest ol Detroit relatives last week. Mrs. C. J. Cook of Howell, is the guest of Mrs. Geo. A. Cook. Mr. C. J. IIupp of Detroit, visited Mr. B. M. Damon last Friday. Miss Sarah Pardee is quite seriously ill at her home on Cross street. Mr. Burke Spencer of Detroit, spent Friday and Saturday in this city. Mr. II. W. Miller of Detroit, spent Tuesday and Wednesday in this city. Mrs. J. E. Bellows of Mt. Pleasant, spent Sunday with Ypsilanti friends. Miss Alice Shier returned Friday from a three days visit in Kawsonville. Mrs. Julia A. Sherman and Mrs. D. Eugene Smith spent Monday in Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. E. H.Lemley have gone to Kalamazoo for a permanent residence. Died, on Tuesday morning, the infant child of Rev. and Mrs. E. W. Ryan. Walter Langell of Ann Arbor, visited his cousin, Mrs. Xellie ï. Bacon, Sunday. Mrs. ,1. A. Connell and son Herbert were the guests of Detroit relatives Monday. Mrs. D. C. Batchelder and Miss Florence Batchelder were Detroit visitors Monday. Mrs. Rena Williams of Detroit, is the guest of Ypsilanti relatives this week. George Brown left Tuesday morning for Lansing, to attend the funeral of his mother. Mrs. Frank Joslyn of Muskegon, is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Beach. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Conklin of Clinton, are visiting their sister, Mrs. G. W. Densmore. We are glad to report that Mrs. Mary ï. Cheever is recovering from her severe illness. Herbert Tenny is again in this city, after having spent several weeks at western points. Miss Minnie Walton returned Monday from Niágara Falls, greatly improved in health. Mrs. Dr. Poole and two children of Detroit, spent part of the week with Liss Georgia Cheshire. S. E. Dodge, W. I. Feil and Henry Jlatt spent part of the week hunting quail at Whitmore Lake. C. J. Vosberg of Union City, visited lis daughter, Miss Winnie Vosberg of he C. B. C, last Monday. Circuit Court Commissioner Webb las been conflned to his house by illness ever since election day. Mrs. C. L. Yost is suffering with a broken nose, the result of a violent conact with a marble top table. Mrs. M. B. McGregor left Saturday or Strathroy, Ont.where her daughter, Miss Lillian McGregor, is very ill. Mrs. Adaline Greene left Wednesday morning for a ten days' visit with her daughter, Mrs. L. 11. Bishop, in Cadilac. Ethan Trim returned Saturday night rom Alpena, where he attended the 'uneral of his brother-inlaw, F. S. Steele. Mr. and Mrs. Levi Freeman have noved into the city from Ypsilanti own, and will occupy their house on Eins street. Mrs. Chas. B. Garrison, who has been visiting her father, Capt. Rorison, left Wednesday 'morning for her home in Pittsburg, Pa. Thos. Iwas Tamama, a member of he '96 class in Albion College, and a native of Nagasaki, Japan, was a visitor n our city Wednesday. Mrs. Julia Stebbins-Jennings, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. A. C. jeonard, left Friday for Chicago, where he will spend a few days before going o her home in North Dakota. llev. Mr. Peck of Colorado, preached n the Methodist church last Sunday. Ie preached in the Congregational church this morning, and will hold services there this afternoon and evening, and Saturday. Miss Myrtle Kennedy, a gradúate of he shorthand department of the C. B. C, has accepted a position with the lay & Todd Mfg. Co. Miss Katherine Butler, also of the C. B. C, has this week taken a position with C. E. Thompson & Sons. Mary Emerick, aged 76 Years, was ound dead in bed last Monday afternoon. She had lived alone in part of -he house on the south-east corner of Iamilton and Pearl streets, the other art of the house being occupied by Miss Kate Crocker. Not hearing any ounds f rom Miss Emerick's part of the ïouse Sunday or Monday morning, Miss Crocker became alarmed and notified Marshall Warner, who broke into tha ïouse and found that Miss Emerick had probably been dead about thirty hours. Funeral services were held Vednesday morning.


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