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Mrs. O. F. Underkircher entertained her aunt from Chicago the last of títe ; week. Hebron Rogers and family are preparing to move into "Mrs. Fosdick's , house very soon. The Woman's Foreign Missioriary society, of the M. E. church, met Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Mattie Allen. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Marshof Lansing, spent a portion of last week in Saline. He is in the auditor general's office at Lansing. Webster Ruckman, of the patent office at Washington, was home a portion of last week visiting Iris parents here. The annual Epworth League business meeting was postponed Wednesday for one week on account of the severe weather. A large number of Mrs. S. A. Biddle's friends gave her a happy birthday surprise party last Saturday. She was actually surprised. The Germán school opened here last week with the usual attendaDce. Rev. Lederer is acting as teacher until a regular teacher can be secured. Mrs. E. Berdan is having her house on McKay street repaired, having rented the same to Dr. Traver, of Somerset Centre, who expects to move here soon. The Wilde Family, who made quite a favorable impression here last year, wiü appear at the Presbyterian church Friday night under the auspices of that church society. George W. Harris, the popular agent of the Homer Electric Stove company, who has been at home here for severaL weeks, is again on the road, as the result of election. The Saline farmer's club held their regular meeting at Chas. A. Cobb's last Friday. The program consiisted of papers and general discussions on practical farm topics. Monday was ' chicken day," i. e. tbe day that George Nissly and Alfred Ilumphry buy and ship poultry. On this day the wagons on the streets are principally conspicuous for their chicken crates. Mr. and Mrs. F. Condón spent a portion of last week visiting Mrs. Condon's granddaughter at Jackson. The latter, Miss Eva Rothe, has recently returned from England where many favors have lavished upon her by a kindly aunt. Last Thursday afternoon at three o'clock occurred the marriage of Miss Marietta Fellows to Mr. Harry D. Kies at the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Fellows. They will live at Mr. Kies' place near Bridgewater. The Ladies'Aid society held their regular monthly meeting last week Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Alfred Miller. The society is diligently at work piecing quilts for the poor and needy. A number have been sent to the Ontanogon sufferers.


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