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Daring Expedition

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JaeksonviÜ?, Fia., Nov. 10.- The Bteamer Dauntless, which has already landcd three expeditions in Cuba, is off again with a large cargo of arms, ammunition, medicines and supplies for the insurgehts. The Dauntless was released f rom custody Saturday morning by the collector of customs of Fernandina. She at once took on a supply of coal, but not enough to attract attention of the revenue officials. She then went down Nassau sound, where she lay to until sundown. Three yawl boats, manned by seven Cubans each and towing two flat boats, boarded the Dauntless at 6 o'clock. The Three Friends and Kate Spencer joined the Dauntless, and a number of boxes and packages were transferred to the Dauntless. The steamer, with Captain John Myers on board, then headed southeast. The steamers Kate Spencer and Three Friends returned to St. Johns bar, but had hardly gotten inside when the revenu5 cutter seized the Three Friends on a charge of aiding an expedition against Spain. Lieutenant Hildritch of the Boutwell was placed on board, and the vessel brought to Jacksonville. This expedition is the most daring of any yet undertaken, as the Windom, Boutwell and Colfax have been stationed in the St, Johns river to prevent any expeditions leaving, and the Raleigh arrived off St. Johns bar Sunday night f rom Key West to watch filibusterers. CRUEL SPANIARDS. Outrage Upon an American Citizen and Miissacre of Cubans. Key West, Fla., Nov. 9. - Advices from Havana by the steamer Olivette, which arrived Sunday night, give details of an outrage on an American citizen and the murder of nineteen peaceful Cuban citizens, including four women, by Spaniards. The massacre occurred near San José de las L.ajas, in Havana province. The Spanish soldiers were searching for insurgents, and, failing to flnd them, began raiding houses in the vicinity, alleging the inmates were Cuban sympathizers. The troops entered the housu of Frederick Craycraft of Indiana, who has been in Cuba three years as manager of a sugar estáte. They ransacked the house and took nearly $1,000 in money. Craycraft protested that he was an American and showed his citizenship papers. The soldiers cursed him and tore up the papers and insulted Mrs. Craycraft. Craycraft rushed to his wife's aid, but was struck down by a sword in the hands of en offlcer, and frightfully wounded. He would have been killed but for the arrival of a superior offlcer, who interfered. The Spaniards then fired all the tenant houses on the estate and shot down nineteen "pacíficos," four of whom were women. As soon as Craycraft was able he reported the outrage to Vice Consul Springer at Havana, and that official has cabled the facts to Secretary Olney. Several thousand men from the army of Gomez have invaded the province of Matanaas, and an attack onMatanzas City ts feared. So alarmed is Weyler that he has withdrawn 7,000 soldiers from Pinar del Rio, wher they have been fighting Maceo, and hurried them into Matanzas to stay the advance of Gomez. Weyler Takea the Field. Havana, Nov. 10. - Captain General Weyler has taken the field in person against the insurgents under Antonio Maceo, in the province of Pinar del Rio, and reliable news received from the front indicates that the Spanish columns are approaching close to the enemy. General Weyler left Havana aboard the cruiser Legazpy half an hour after midnight. his destination being the port of Marie], province of Pinar del Rio. From Mariel he will go j southward by the highway to the town Of Artemisa, and along the line of the j trocha. Strong reinforcements are i ing embarked to support the captain general in the operations now in progress against the insurgents.


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