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Keep The Ditches Clear

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The great need of our country roads is daily care. For want of that care a trifling depression which a shovelful of gravel would fill, filis with water instead, and deepens, widens and lengthens with every wheel that dips into it till it becomes an impassable mudhole. For want of that care when a rainstorm comes a little stream of water which the stroke of a hoe wonld turn aside follows the wagon track down a long incline, grows into a torrent, and makes a dangerons gully or a stony hill face. For want of care and a little work loĆ³se stones accumulate in the wagon way and stay there till the annual season of road repair, while fast ones grow out of the ground apace for want of a hanimer stroke to knock off the first point that ; shows; weeds and rubbish choke the j ditches and sluiceways and costly j outs occur, or standing water soaks the j roadbed and tnrns it iuto aquagruire. - General Roy Stone.


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