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The First Roadbuilder

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It would be interesting to know how mnny of those that clamor for good roads know the history of roadbuilding. Good roads and the desire for them began with civilization and have kept pace one with the other ever since. It was recognized long ago that good roads meant the life of a nation, for once there were nomeans of transportation other than through the medium of good roads. For one of the good roads of the olden times the world is indebted to Cheops, one of the greatest of Egyptian kings. He, with others of his time, believed that 3,000 years af ter he died he would return to earth again in the flesh. He therefore began the construetion of the pyratnid of Gizeh, which is 450 feet wide and stands intact today. The pyramid was constructed of great blocks of stone, which had to be transported frora a distance. To facilitate their transportation Cheops built a road of polished stone from the quarries on the Nile to the pyramid. In the construction of that road 100,000 men were busily engaged for ten years. They dragged the great blocks of stone over the polished road by fastening ropes about the blocks and hauling on them. The road of polished stone was 12 miles long. That was the beginning of the good roads raovemeut, which has continned ever since with more or less ardor, but always advancing.


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