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Take Care Of The Highways

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The greatest enemy to a good road is S negloct. Drains becomeclogged, washea begin in the wagon tracks, freeziug and thawing loosen the surface, overloaded wagons tear up the ballast and start chaimelsfoi water, and every suoceeding flood sweeps down the roadway, instead of throngh the sluices, often requiring the labor and taxes of an entire year to repair the loss, whereas a little attentiou at the proper time woukl have preserved the whole intact and have kept it in good condition f or public use. Lack of atterition at the proper time is the great defect in our present systern of public roads, entailing loss to the taxpayers aggregating millions of dollars, and wbich, if coutinued, will effectually prevent the possibility of good roads for all time to come. Any road law that does not provide for the constant and intelligent care of our highways after thsy have been constructed is defectivo in its most vital part. - John Hamilton.


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