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Circuit court stands adjourned to Monday, Nov. 23rd. Jimmy Blytheman has been bonnd over to the circuit court. County Clerk Dansingburg has issued 34 deer hunting licenses. C. II. Major is decorating the new Odd Fellow rooms in the Henning block. George Bisehoff has liis new greenhouse on Chapín street about completed. Foley Guild will give a reception to Bishop Foley, this evening in the school hall. Chas Albers is engineer on the road roller, during the temporary illaess of Engineer Sweet. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Seyler will move into their new house on Thompson street, next week. H. C. Exinger has sold his house on 13th street to Mrs. Liddell. Transfer through the Bach agency. S. A. Corbusier is leader and Dan Zimmermann manager, of the new High School mandolín club. B. F. McLouth of Cleveland, who is connected with the Central Magazine, is visiting friends in the city. Harry Clark is acting superintendent of the hospital since bis father's death, and as applicant for the position. The Elks are busy with initiations, their fine new club rooms proving quite an attraction for new members. Ann Arbor's railroad is prospering. They will put on two more large steamers for the transfer of freight across the lake. Tbe Sherwood Grand Concert Co , in Normal Hall next Tuesday evening, should draw quite a number of Ann Arborites. The late candidates, no matter how safely they think themselves elected. have been watching the canvass of the votes by the election board with great care. J. A. Frazer of Detroit, will lócate in Ann Arbor. He will open a cigar store and factory in the rooms on Ann street lately occupied by the republican committee. The county clerk of Wayne county last week issued a marriage license to William E. MoKindrey, of Delhi, Ontario, and Alphene Carkins, of Ypsilanti. The meeting at the T.M. C. A. rooms tonight and tomorrow under the leadership of Mr. W. II. Venn of Detroit, will be exceedingly interesting. All men are invited. Prof. AVm. ]ïress has moved his flavoring and extract works f rom the third story over Salyer's store, and is now on the ground (loor at Xo. 24 E. lluron street. Ann Arbor Light Infantry's Midwinter circus will take place January 12 to 14 inclusive. The circus this year will be an improvement over the good one given last year. On AVednesday evening last Fraternity lodge conferred the first degree upon a number of candidates. This evening they will work the third degree. Visiting brothers welcome. For beauty of form and elegance of figure, D. W. Springer on a bicyrle, one leg sticking out in front stift' at the knee, the other vigorously working the pedal, is said to take the cake. The different Masonic bodies of the city have their hands full of work for the winter, and members can flnd something of interest at Masonic Temple almost every evening. C. W. Johnson and Philip Schaufner successfully passed the examination hef ore the state board of pharmacy, at its session in Lansing last week, and are now entitled compound medicines. At the first ward election last week during the first seven hours an average of one vote a minute was cast. The board considered this a remarkable circumstance for a national and state election. The funeral of Fleming Busenbark, aged 58, one of the well known farmers of Ann Arbor town, was attended f rom the Leiand church last Saturday. Ilis death was caused by heart disease, and was very sudden. The Athletic board has allowed the protest of Manager Springer of the High School foot ball team, against the Thursday game with '99. The High School will therefore play '98 in the elass ehampionship series The regular monthly inspeetion train on the Ann Arbor róad passed through last Friday. The party on board consisted of Gen. Mgr. H. W. Ashley, Gen. Supt. "NV. F. Bradley, Master Mechanic Kobert Tawse, Roadmaster John Laughlin, Trainmaster M. D. Fohey, and State Kailroad Commissionêr Bilings. Frank Hill and John Schumacher were brought bef ore Justice Gibson on Wednesday.charged with having stolen some tools from Contractor Sauer, in August last. They admitted having sold the tools, but claimed to have found them along the river. They plead not guilty and were remanded ior hearing. James A. LeRoy,'Ü6, has a readable article on Intercollegiale Athleticá in the West. in the October number of the American l'niversity Magazine. Délos Wik-ox.a, well known alumnus, now of Columbia College, spoke entertainingly on the municipal government of New York City, before Prof. Iludson's class this week. Bruno Paulus, the tailor who has been under arrest eharged with criminal intimacy with his adopted daughter, has been discharged, the ortícers finding they could not convict. Faulus has always stoutly maintained his inno cence. Glen V. Mills is delivering a handsome new directory of Owosso and Shiawasse county. Canvassers are now hard at work on Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, and he will probably be able to deliver them by Jan. lst. The books are issued f rom The Inland Press. The semi-annual apportionment of ' primary school money has been made by Superintendent of Public Instruction Pattengill. The amount per capita ! is 77 cents, which is 31 cents more than was apportioned in May. The amount apportioned to Washtenaw county is .?lJ,49C.41. The number of school children in this county is given at 12,233. Glen V. Mills of Ann Arbvr, is in the city today, delivering the flrst installment of the new city and county directory. The book is certainly a work of art and reilects great credit upon the printers, the Inland Press of Ann Arbor, and as a directory it cannot be excelled, and is thoroughly up-to-date in every respect.- The Daily American, Owosso. II. M. Clarke, for seven years State Secretary of the Michigan Y. M. C. A., has resigned to accept a position with a Providence, 11. I., bank. Mr. Clarke is well known in Ann Arbor where his official duties have called him a number of times. He has been a great favorite with the young men of the state, and his resignation is accepted with great reluctance. Mr. W. M. Chandler of Texas, now a memberof the law department, comes back from the campaign with high testimoniáis. His campaign speeches, both for argument and oratory, have been counted as gems wherever he has spoken. Mr. Chandler has spent some years in Europe in study. and will do some platform work, speaking on his European experiences during the winter. A meeting of those interested in forming a church on the North Side was held in the Chapel, Monday evening. About twenty were present, and signified their willingness to join. The meeting was adjourned to next Tuesday evening, when they will elect trus tees. The buüdnig fund now amounts to aDout $300. About $200 of this has been secured within the last three weeks. "Washtenaw Chapter, R. A. M., held a very pleasant meeting last Monday evening. Probate Judge-elect Newkirk and L. L. James of Dexter, and W. G. Palmer, Fred Rentsehler, E. S. Gilmore and Wm. Golden of Ann Arbor, received the Past Master and Most Excellent degreos. About seventy-five persons witnessed the work and sat down to a pleasant banquet. Toasts and speeches made a pleasant ending to the evening. An article reHecting on the treatment of some laborers by the Ann Arbor road, may be worth alittleexplanation. The whole story is that when the work was completed the time of the men was taken and sent in for pay cheeks in the customary way. The men tried to get their pay the next morning, but of course had to wait a reasonable time for the return of the cheeks, which came promptly. There was no cali for anger at the railroad company. The week of prayer for young men has been observed this week by the Y. M. C. A. Meetings have been held each noon and evening, at their rooms on Main street. The noonday meetings so farhave been in charge of members of the association, while the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening meetings have been under the direction of Rev. W. M. Forrest of the Church of Christ. This evening and tomorrow they will be led by Mr. W. H. Venn of Detroit. All men are invited. The Demockat is receipt of a copy of M. M. Dickson & Co's pocket map of "Washtenaw County. It contains a list of county ofricers, census tables, and a list of resident farmers, who own the land they occupy. The county map is full and complete, showing the different townships, roads, schoolhouses. churches &c, and the farms, with the names of the owners, and the location of the residence. The' book is a valuable one. Sold by the company, price 75 cents. The Democrat man visited Miss Ailes' room in the Fourth ward school last week, and witnessed the dumb bell exercise, that is used twice a day to break up the monotony of school work. On a cold day when it is dangerous to open a window directly upon the scholars seated at their work, this exercise with open Windows f reshens the children and stirs up their blood, without danger from the draft. Other means to the same end are used in different rooms of the schools, and we recommend that parents visit the schools and see_ some of these things for themselves. I Evart Seott says the election board I on Nov. 26, will be giving thanks that I tliey aro still working away at (3 a day, and tlie end of their j b not in sight. ]). F. Schairer, Robert Phillips, Geo. W. Bullís, W. D. Harriman, E. F. Mills, Dr. Vaughn, W. W. Wedemeyer and A. J. Sawyer. have letters in the Detroit Journal compliment ing that paper on its campaign work. Jack son Patroit:- 15y tlie election of John Atkinson of Detroit. A. J. Sawyer, of Ann Arbor, aud W. R. Bates, of Flint, the Republicans have secured the services of three able members of the next state board of representativos Report says that so far as therecount has gone in the first ward, Sheriff Judson, oh straight tickets alone, gains eighteen votes over the total reported by the board. At this rate his majority would climb considerably in the county. Remember Gilmore's Band at Ypsilanti, December lst. Of their recent appearance in Augusta, Ga., the Chronicle of that city says: "The like has not been heard in Augusta. From overture to finale the vast audience sat as if entranced. and with vehement encores called, like Oliver Twist, for more." John Ilanlin feil from the roof of the building at No. 56 N. Main street, last Monday morning and sustained severe injuries. His left arm was broken at both elbow and wrist. and he sustained a serious cut of the right knee. Drs. Vessinger and Belser attended him, after which he was taken to the hospital. The ladies of the Needie work guild yesterday received the donations of the year, at the home of Mrs. Perryon East Washington street. A goodly array of garments, mostly underclothing, were received. This means a great deal of comfort during the winter to many who otherwise might suffer. There are plenty of opportunities for using all that came, and even more. James H. Eyan, a former resident of this city and well-known here, died very suddenly at Wayne last Sunday evening, just after returning from a visit in this city. His body was brought to Ann Arbor Monday, and the funeral was held here Tuesday afternoon. Interment in St. Thomas' cemetery. He was a member of the K. O. T. M. and the A. ü. U. W. The latter organization sent a delegation from Wayne to attend his funeral.


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