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Real Estate Transfers

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Mrs. Marena Freeman. to Jas. 1) Freem n. Ypsil mti Geo. 15. DeMosh & w. (o Joseph ('. DeMosh. Ypsil ititi .$ 1900 Men iit V. Blake & w. to Mary ' ïcotten Ann Arbor 700 C. "iuderer & w. to Michael Ilinderer. Syivan 2,660 M. IL .1. Leighton, to Luey Leifrliton. Decree .'. "The o. Grather, et al, by sheriff, to Caroline Jiennett, Ypsilanti 340.83 Chas. a,nd Christina Doss by sheriff, to.Io' n and Elizabeth líead. Augusta 3439 John F. Barth, to Ch istina 15arth, Sharon 1.00 Johanna Heeney, i-t al. toThos. Jr.. and Ang'us Heeney, Salem 1.00 Bernard TIeeney. et al. to Johanna Heeney, Salem 1.00 John 6. staibler, to Emanuel Hilber, I.odi 350 L. O. Tho pson by Adm'r, fo John O. '1 hompson.Dexter 15.00 Elsie A Jones, to Daniel E. Holcomb, Vork 800 Lucinda M. Yanson, by sheriff, to VVm. H. Weed Salem 5G3.69 Jane Billings to Manon U. arner. Fittsfield 3,200 Auditor General, to iludson T. Morton, Yp'silanti 'J hos. and Louise J. V"an Gie son. to Ira L. 'an Gie Ui idgewater 500 Ira L. 'an (iieson.toThos.and Lo' ise .). Van Gieson.i ridgewater 5.00 Carne U. Reade. (o ilnbel tí. and Dora íl. Reade, Webster. 600 Mary C. Wilsey, to Edward Doll, Lyndon 2 500 II. and L. HhodfS by G'dn, to Chas, t'aryen saline 79.50 Ascah luuidson by heirs, to ('has. Carven, -aliñe 350 ChHS. (ox. to stephen Cox, Degree nf Assignment Bernard Wai e, to John Wade, et al, sharon 200 Philip Exinger to Crispy ExinT gr x Leamon ü. Thompson, by admr, to Richard W. McCain Üex„ter 30 1 psilanti I umiier Co. to Chas. W. Al an. Aumisti i00 c. w. Alban, by heira to Martha M. Alban, Augusta 1 G. II. Grimston & w. to J. K. TutHe, Ypsilanti 300 Rohert II. Norton ,; w. to Ypsilanti Lumber Co. Ypsililnli 3,000 Milt n i. teffy& Junius i.Iïeal.Ann Arbor 3 000 l'elle Scholier to Robert 11 scholier, Salem 1,000 Michael Alber to Dora Barbara A lber, Saline 1 llinun Tiene & w. to Ralph II. Tiercé. Lima 4 250 Sophia Hntzel et al., to A. ient líale Keceiver, Ann Arbor 10oo