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Real Estate Transfers

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Leman O. Thompson to Ora 0. Thompson et al , wil i. Vh:. II. Kempf $ w. to J. S. & b. I,. Cummings, Chelsea...$ 576 Robt G. Barnes & w. to Herbert II. Smith Ann Arbor.... 1 Ilerbf-rt II. Smith & w.toEobt. G. and rsettie E. Barnes, Ann Arbor 1 Angélica Fliehman, by heirs, to Frederick E. Layher, Bridgewater 35o Frederick E. Layher & w. to C. F. Kapp, Bridgewater 350 Timothy Kennie & w. to Eva K. Ariderson, Ann Arbor 1 000 Geo. lïudman, by exr, to John Rose, Aun Arbor 615.50 Juniua E. Beal & w. to Emma V. Freeman, Ann Arbor 500 Caroline Sorg and Osear Sorg to Arthur Brown, Ann Arbor 6,500 Catherine Haugsterfer to E. V. Bangsterfer et al., decree. Frank Dunlavy & w. to John Dunlavy et al., Webster 1 Frank Dunlavy and-w. to Annie and Edward' Dunlavy, Webster 800 "William Court to Esther W. Court, Ypsilanti 500 María Bradley to (eo. E. Bradley, letter administration Eunice M. Lambie, Fred Wanty, jr., land contract. Chas. M. Stoup & w. to Thos. 1). Kearney, Ann Arbor Twp 1 Thos. P. Kearney to ('has. M. Stoup & w., Anii Arbor Twp 1 Jason W. Rogérs to Karl A. Bruck, Ann Arbor Twp 305 Johanna Heeney et al. to Jas. Ileeney, Salem 1 James Baker to Sarah Baker, Ann Arbor Twp 1 James Baker to James Berch, Ann Arbor Twp ] Hudson T. Morton to C. S. Wortley, York 100 Margaret Salsbury to R. Salsbury et al., York 1,600 James Ryan et al. to John Byan, Ann Arbor 300 Chas. Thora, by heirs, to Thos. J. Thorne, Manchester 1,200 Frederick Burkhardt to John A. Miller, Manchester 254.70