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Situation In Crete

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London, March 24. - In the house of commons yesterday the parliamentary secretary for the foreign office, Curzon, answering a question of Sir Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, Conservative, said the government was not aware of any desire upon the part of Grecce or Turkey to enter into direct negotiation for the settlement of the Cretan quostion. Therefore, he added, the powers had not objected to any such negotiations. Belgrade, March 24. - A leading statesman in an interview yesterday with a reprfisentative of the Associated Press on the eastern question said: "While S irvia sympathizes with Greece, the Servían government does not regard the present as a favorable time for the settlement of the Balkan question. If the eastern question is now reopened it could be settled only in a way antagonistic to the interests of Servia, Bulgaria and Greece. It is therefore the intention of Servia not to do anything to increase the existing complications or add to the danger of war, but to do everything to preserve, for the present, the status quo. Canea, Island of Crete, March 24. - The French transport Auvergne has arrived at Suda bay with 450 marines on board. Part of the French troops were landed yesterday morning. The band of a Rupsian warship there played the Marseillaise and the French sailors responded with cheers. Sonie More Offices Filleií. Washington, March 23.- The important positions in the departments are now being rapidly fllled. The latest appointments are: Jnseph L. Bristow, of Kansas, to be fourth assistant postmaster general; Binger Hermann, of Oregon, to be commissioner of the general land office; Ernest G. Timme, of Wisconsin, to be auditor for the state and other departments (fifth auditor). The senate has confirmed the following: Powell Clayton, to be minister to Mexico; W. M. Osborne, to be consul general at London; J. K. Gowdy, to be consul general at Paris. Iowa Speaker I Ëxonerated. Des Moines, la., March 23. - The house committee to investígate the charge that Speaker Byers was improperly influenced by a building and loan lobbyist in the appointment of committees last winter, reported yesterday corapletely exonerating Byers. O. B. Jackson, the lobbyist who wrote the letter claiming to have exerted influence in legislation by dishursing $2,400, is severely denounced for seeking to make people believe he has trafflcked In the honor of members, so as to get money íor himself. Evidence shows Byers did not know of influences alleged to have been brought to bear upon him. General Harrison at Aun Arbor. Indianapolis, March 23.- General Harrison has returned from Washington. A denial is authorized of the Washington reports that he made one request of President McKinley, and that was that he reappoint ex-Public Printer Palmer, of Illinois. Politics was not discussed, and General Harrison made no request in behalf of any one seeking office. It is understood that the ex-president has followed wihtout exception the unwritten code by which an ex-president makes no application in behalf of offlceseekers. General Harrison went to Ann Arbor, Mieh., last night. He wil! lecture there tonight. rstmasters' Tenure of Ofllce. Washington, March 23. - Postmast'irs at offices which have been raised from : the fourth-:lass to the presidential during the last administration will hL,ve their four-year tenure of office date from the appointment prior to the charge af class and consequent reappointment.


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