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A Scraped Acquaintance

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On the New York Central 's Chicago limited train, a short distance from Buffalo, three weeks before the eleetion, a healthy looking man, the ent of whos jib postered him an Indianian, dropped into a seat opposite a sweet old gentleman whose face was a composite photograph of Collis Pacific Huntington and Brent Good. " Fine weather, " was his initialobservation as he shifted his quid. The sweet old gentleman, just ttrraing 60, replied courteously: "Very fine indeed; much cooler than last week and no dust. ' ' "ïliings are gettin pretty hot, though, in politics and will be hotter and hotter, ' ' said the stranger meditatively and encouragingly. "Yes, the eampaign is an unnsnally warm oue," was the reply. "I can generally size a rnan's politics up by lookin at him, but you've sorter got me. Look like a Republican. " "No, I'm not a Republicau. " "Palmer and Buckner man1.'" "No." "Gosh! Never wonld have taken yon for a Bryanite. What do you think of the prospects? I hear this fellow Gage, this bauker in Chicago, is raisin h - 1 with the silver question. I think he's makin a fooi of himself. Don 't yon?" he doiug now?" "Well, you' know, and everybody elss knows, that Gage is for silver in his heart, but he's somethin tip his sleeve against the party. You know he's a redhot Democrat - the redhottest in the west - and he's tryin to hurt Bryaii and Sewall all he can. " "Indeed?" "Sure as I sit here. He even denies over his own signature that he helped 'Coin' Harvey write that book of his, 'The Financial School. ' He says the arguments in that book are not his and throws the whole burden on Harvey. He says the arguments are fallaciousl What do you think of that? I don 't like Gage. He's big, rich and all that. but he ain't square in his politics. He don't know where he's at. I believe he's an Altgeld man through and throtigh. " "What makes you believe that?'' "He said oue night ihat Aitgcld had given Illinois the cleauest :::A r.ioc economical admiuistratioji ever knowu iu the history of the State. " "Does that niüku hira au A!ield man?" "Powerfnl nigh it. And, anothcr thing, Gage headcd a lot cf .ro;:;i:ic:ii; business men to go to Spriugfield and cali on Altgeld to congratúlate bino. Gage did the talkiil. L.P sa:n to Ahgeld: 'Goverucr, if yon wcukl cii'y shut your mout'.i, we wcul.! bï you. You are all tight u:itil you begin t.i)kin, when your weids ure mf firebrands. If yon wouïd only Leep quier. we wóuld be satisfied umi would support you for re-electicn. ' Yes, s;rree; that 's what Gage said to hina. What do you thiui of that?" "Pretty plain taK:, I shonld sr.y, (o a governor - to ;n:y goveruor. But Altgeld hasn't shut up. " "And he won't He'd rather talk than be governor. Know this fellow Gage?" "Very well. " ' ' What do you think cf him?' ' "Like hira about as well as any men I know in Chicago." "What might be your name?" ' 'Gage is my name - Lyman J. Gnpo. " "Gage! Gage! Well, I'll be duruedt lf'_ "Buffalo!" called out the brakemaa as the train stopped. "I get off here, Mr. Gage. Hope I haven't hurt your feelin's," stammered the Indianiau excitedly as he bolted for the door. But he did not get off. He sneakecl into another car and remained there till the train pulled into Chicago. - New York Press. Lookiug Ahead. "Do you think, " he said with much embarrassment, "that - er - that is to ü!y. if we were married, you 're father wonld be wiliiug to assist us in any. way?" "He might,." was the thoughtful reply. "He is gettmg to be ever so successfnl now in divorce cases." - Washington Star. A Geutle Reniinder. Mistress - That was a veryuice'letter of Patrick's ofFrriug you marriage, Mary. What shall I say in reply for you? Mary - Teil him, mum, if you plaze, that when I get my wages raised uext nionth. mum, I'll begin to save for the wedding things. - Tit-Bits. Just the Place For Theiu. First Sport - I see it stated that the air is so elesr in the arctic reigons that conversatioii cai: be carried on easily by persons two miles apart. Second Sport - Why don't some one teil Corbett and Fitzsiinmous about that: - Youkers Statesman. Business Schenie"We will never sell these cloaks at 15," said the clerk. "We don't expeet to, " said the manager. "They are marked $15 ïiow that they niay be marked down to f 8. 50 nest week. " - Cincinnati Enquirer. Au Opiniou. "Is he a seientific fighter?" "Scientiflcl" echoed thepugilist oaatemptuously. "Why, he couldu't parse a single seutence of his challenge!" - Washington Star. A Hopeless Guest. Ethel - You raay ask papa, Mr. Van Ishe. Van Ishe - My darling, 111 never be able to find hini. He owes me L25. - Tit-Bits. Charity. "Did Mrs. Flyhigh send in anything for the poor?" "Yes, sht: gave two dozen Japanese fans." - Chicago Record.


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